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  1. I have to wear one most of the day. Can take it off in my office but I’m really not in there much. I like the KN95 best because it has a ‘pocket’ and doesn’t touch your mouth or under your nose. I ‘feel’ like I can breathe better. My least favorite are cloth.
  2. I’m afraid this is coming. I have a casino cruise booked for mid-March. Was upgraded yesterday from IF to IA. Feels like last time I got a goodwill upgrade....would be cruising in a week.
  3. I can read and understand quite well, thank you. I can spell too! I’m here to talk about cruising, not read poorly worded opinions based upon your zip code “research”. Maybe you should consider your sentence structure because I am not the only one who read it to say that only poor people get the virus. Glad no one you know has contracted the virus. I am sad to say that I know one person who has died, 2 more who were hospitalized, and over 10 who have contracted the virus. Should I give you their zip codes so that you can determine that a) they don’t live in an area where ‘food is not the best’, b) they don’t live with 7-9 other people, and c) they don’t live in an area with poor health care. Keep telling yourself that your fortune, and hopefully your health, will drive the virus away. Not everyone has been as lucky as you.
  4. It gave me flashbacks to my dissertation! LOL Once it is safe, I will Cruise again and I will Cruise with Princess. I like the experience, love the International Cafe, and have achieved Platinum (hey, I can get on the boat faster). As a single cruiser I like some familiarity. I’m sure post-COVID cruising will be different but they’ve earned my loyalty.
  5. I bet it was! She’s something. My PVP booked my last one. Then I called to upgrade and got the lecture. Still waiting to upgrade. Maybe I will one day. You can’t use FCC unless the balance is equal to or less than the upgrade, so I have to do some ‘math’.
  6. There is one I’ve gotten 3 times now who likes to lecture. It’s like she thinks we don’t deserve the offer. Call back and hope for someone else!
  7. That’s what I was afraid of...... may have to book a nice cabin as a single and an inside for others...
  8. I think it is cruise fare only. I hope one of the veterans will come in and answer. I have another question, but I think I know the answer. Are FCC’s limited to their person they were given to? Bad sentence, sorry!
  9. I just got my August ‘deposit’ back today and received all of it in FCC and got the double your deposit. I’m thrilled since I paid all but $200 with gift cards.
  10. Same here but it was Same here but it was Diamond Princess 2006 to Alaska. My next was supposed to be in August to Alaska. Wishing for the next one.......
  11. I couldn’t even tell you about the seats because I was so excited to be there! I remember the scenery but not the seats so I guess they weren’t that bad.
  12. Can’t pick one....... Salmon bake On deck after Ketchikan Share by Curtis Stone and snacks on the balcony!
  13. Thank you for sharing! Nice to have something to watch.
  14. I was waiting for a call too. Tried to call today. Going on Royal California Coastal 1st call- $630 for a balcony, told me I was DOWNGRADED to interior. Said PVPs didn’t understand the rules when I question difference in price for upgrade I’ve seen here and her quote. Then she said they have set prices. Told her I’d have to think about it. 2nd call- seemed nice. Told me to hold on, heard a kid in the background, waited a few minutes, call disconnected. 3rd call- you will just have to wait until we call you. I’m a temp worker and don’t know the rules. Just wait. I told her she was my third call. She told me I had no choice but to wait. i fired off an email. Haven’t heard anything yet. You would think that a company wanting to improve their image would train better and have better contingencies in place before they sent out a mass email.
  15. Check out this article. Maybe it wasn’t the passengers but the produce..... Check out this article from USA TODAY: CDC: Frozen raspberries were culprit behind 2019 norovirus outbreak on multiple cruises https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/cruises/2020/04/24/cdc-report-raspberries-caused-2019-norovirus-outbreak-cruises/3018721001/
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