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  1. When you wait to purchase on board, all you do is open your device and it asks you to purchase a plan, so you don’t have to wait in any lines or deal with any humans-LOL! It’s easy-peasy!
  2. Agree. I see it with new teachers being exposed to ‘kid germs’ when they first come to work. It’s happened to me when I change schools-different germs. We all have tolerance for the things we are exposed to, so putting all of these people together from different environments creates a ‘germ soup’!
  3. I have done it and it was great, just as promised. They did not have the $100 option at the time. I would have done that if I could. I did not purchase a package on my last cruise and regretted it as I had technical difficulties connecting to FaceTime to check in at home.
  4. We do advent calendars too!
  5. You can buy something called poster putty at the Dollar Tree that is easier than tape. It sticks to anything and comes right off! I also think hunk you can order a cake without the ‘celebration package’. If you are close to his cabin, you could hang little treats on his door each day in a gift bag. My mom did this for us once and it was so fun to see what we would get- candy bar, coke, notepad, etc.
  6. I think it will be fabulous!! Could you ‘pretend’ you need their passport for a special tour in B.C. or the Yukon? I’m so sorry that so many have offered unsolicited opinions instead of advice, our world is a argumentative place right now. have fun and do it your way!
  7. I regret not purchasing Stanley Nesting Dolls as a gift when they were in the gift shop. I went back to buy them and they had put them away! A friend got them for me on a later cruise, but taught me a lesson that while most stock stays the same, some changes! i also regret not going to Skywalkers.
  8. Deck 16 had a covered area by the bar- think it was Mermaid’s tail and a small standing area on Deck 7. Also in the Casino and cigar lounge. I loved the Deck 16 area as they had coffee and juice in the morning in 2018. On Ruby in 2019 it was only coffee.
  9. I just like to know that everything is covered and I can just enjoy my vacation. I usually make the payment a few weeks before I cruise when I purchase my water.
  10. You get them in your stateroom. You may drink them anywhere. (I think)
  11. I’d order the bottled water for your room. Less than $8 for 12 bottles- you must prepurchase and can buy more than 1. Then, I’d probably get the coffee card for unlimited brewed coffee. I am not a big drinker so I would do pay as you go for drinks.
  12. I did chase her down for tissues once. I did try to handle it onboard. That’s when I was told ice melts. I felt corporate should know about the level of service. It was certainly different than my last two cruises. I didn’t want anything except an apology and for them to know they have serious gaps in service and customer relations even on the same ship within four months.
  13. What a trek! I’m sorry you had so much trouble. Thanks for sharing your adventure. P.S. you didn’t miss anything on the Air Canada flight to Seattle. I made that trek once, never again! The walk at both terminals was horrendous and I think the train would have been faster!
  14. That is ridiculous! I would call, write, and tweet! Good luck!
  15. I would have done so if I had a chance . My steward was elusive...... she didn’t even service my cabin on the first full day until the evening. Maybe it was an anomaly, but I had ice on the last 2 cruises and a robe waiting for me on one, and delivered early the first evening on the other.
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