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  1. I'm in Ft Lauderdale. When I go on the Walgreens website to schedule a rapid test the nearest locations are in Miami.
  2. Zacapa 23 rum. Wines by Kim Crawford, Cherry Tart, and Conundrum. La Fin du Monde beer. There's a cucumber martini (Eurekatini?) available at the martini bar... it's made with gin but I ask for it with Absolut vodka instead. Whoever wrote the recipe for the lycheetini got the balance way off so it tastes like a pina colada...I ask for it without the coconut creme and with extra lychee juice.
  3. We LOVE the Royal and Regal Princess ships! We only wish that they had a solarium and more shaded loungechairs by the pools.
  4. Celebrity is our #1, then Princess or RC and maybe NCL. We went on MSC (not Yacht Club, but on brand new Meraviglia in 2019).... the ship was gorgeous but the music (latin and club music) was always way too loud along the Promenade, which is where the specialty restaurants are, and food and service was awful in all of the restaurants, and it seemed there were always 2 dozen people in line at guest relations. Also tried HAL and Carnival but they are just not our vibe. The more upscale lines look nice but we prefer larger ships.
  5. I took a friend on Infinity and we shared a stateroom. It was her first cruise ever, and I wanted to show her why I love Celebrity, so I brought her to the CC breakfast in Tuscan. We were sailing with a couple of first timers in another stateroom, so we only broke away to do CC breakfast once, but it was memorable and the finest service I've ever had, and Celebrity got a new fan. Royal Caribbean doesn't allow this, so I had to choose between being with my roommate or abandoning her to go to the Diamond lounge, my favorite space on RC ships. So I'm so happy that Celebrity allows it!!!
  6. Both are fabulous but I would choose Silhouette. It's newer and bigger and offers more specialty dining, Lawn Club, Ensemble Lounge, bigger beer or wine bar.
  7. It seems those 125% FCCs are now worth about 50% LOL!
  8. Don't forget about Le Petit Cef and Sushi on Millenium!
  9. You'll have a great selection of food in Luminae, and the smaller venue feels like specialty dining. You can order from the MDR menu also. You'll probably be able to get a nice discount on specialty dining on the first and last night just for the asking.
  10. That sounds really nice. It's too bad that the Sunset Bar on the Edge is so unappealing.
  11. I've been on Silhouette about 5 times and Reflection once. Reflection Sunset Bar is different....it has more lounge seating. Reflection Oceanview Cafe is on the same deck as the pool and solarium, so if you want to bring food to your lounge chair you don't have to go down a level.
  12. The Reflection is my favorite ship. The area between the Lawn Club and the Sunset Bar is nice and quiet, as is the promenade on deck 5. The only outdoor area that feels crowded to me is the outdoor pool, especially between 10 AM and 4:30 PM.
  13. You might not want to go back to RC once you've tried Celebrity! It's so much finer!
  14. Oh thank you for posting. I live in Ft Lauderdale and just booked on Equinox next year so this made it feel like a real possibility.
  15. I love aft-facing hump balconies!
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