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  1. Are you sure you have the correct ship? We were on the Sun last year Sept and no, there is no hand hair dryer in the cabin, only the box and vacuum hose in the bathroom. I brought my own hair dryer.
  2. Encore is now parked next to the new NCL terminal (looks unfinished):
  3. No negative Nellies here, but we did have things wrong on some cruises but they were rectified and we’re happy. Things happen everywhere, not just on ships. Twice the room safe didn’t work - one needed new battery in the keypad, and another got replaced. One morning on Epic I stepped into the flooded toilet cubicle but held back and reported it to the room steward on our way to breakfast (with a stop in the public toilets). It got rectified within hours. Last month I saw the video made by the guy who complained about the blocked/overflowing toilet .... little did he know that we spotted the culprit in the video - a packet of wet bum wipes laying on floor next to the loo!! There are signs and instructions saying NOT to flush down anything except for the toilet paper provided, and that includes the flushable items that can be flushed down in your own toilet at home, but not on ships. I do not like to read the reviews made by people who complained about one or 2 negative things that happened to them during their 7 to 20 days cruise and have nothing else good to say. Food is very subjective - on all cruises we like the food yet some other people didn’t like the same food we liked. So read the bad reviews at your own risk! Sometimes I laugh at some.
  4. When we booked the Bliss Pacific Coastal (April 2019) we picked MD but got GTY. When they finally gave us a cabin it was a M8 which was a connecting Family mini suite .... with bathtub instead of the large walk in shower. We were so disappointed. now when we book we need to pick a cabin. No more GTY!!
  5. On Epic the MA and MC mini suites have bathtub (high edges and not exactly soaking tub) and MB and MD have large shower.
  6. Got another one upon arrival to New York ..
  7. here is the close up of the Bubble *rap ...
  8. ENJOY!!! They are in the Sugarcane bar. The guy on the right is Pedro and he’s also excellent! We tipped them all 3 well!
  9. Prices have gone up considerably for the a la carte items, so it’s best to buy the 3 SDP package.
  10. We did that in Food Republic on Encore TA for lunch - twice. We took turns using one card for 4 items for the two of us. Then we went back one night and used both SDP and had 8 items. One of our favorite restaurants.
  11. Hey Doug et al, the immigration is now finished and we’re now reboarding the Encore — in case you are interested. Laters !!!
  12. Encore is now moving off. And here is our send off:
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