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  1. But the Sky underwent an extensive dry dock a year or two ago and she is a different ship now.
  2. Maybe I can help - it's during the night in the UK and he must be asleep and not able to answer until later …. According to Mental Floss: The avatar: P.S. Sorry, but I need to make this clear, we have 27 cases here in Bermuda and most of them were the ppl who came to Bermuda on BA (British Airways) flights from London between 7th and 20th March. We already started the lockdown on around March 13th and the lockdown completion was on March 20th when the airport closed after the last BA flight back to London. So we're hoping the covid-19 is being contained (if not has been) here. The UK need to do a lot better - like closing the Tubes, airports, transport, etc. The passengers off the BA flights from London up to March 20th are still in isolation and being actively monitored.
  3. Didn't you see there was a thread already about this???
  4. Didn't you receive Confirmation invoice (PDF) via email each time you made a payment/final payment?
  5. I would say, 1 - 2 weeks too late. The damage has already been done. And your PM now has the virus. 😷
  6. No, Jewel is sitting in Honolulu harbor, undergoing repairs to azipod/engine/propeller. The ship in the picture is Oceania Regatta, according to the CruiseMapper. That ship doesn't have hull colors/art at all, so it cannot be the Jewel.
  7. I think you need to re-read the letter. The FCC is valid for one year from the date of issuance and can be applied (need to apply within one year of issuance) to any cruise bookings for cruises that depart on or before Dec 31 2022.
  8. According to Marine Traffic, Spirit has left Cape Town a few hours ago and is enroute to … Bridgetown Barbados, ETA April 7th. That's 14 days.
  9. But it doesn't give full list of current ships with passengers.
  10. Do these 30 ships have passengers? As for NCL, almost zero; the Spirit finally off-loaded the pax in Cape Town - yesterday. The Jewel will do the same today in Honolulu.
  11. See my previous post. Suggest you research/read on CC before you post. I suppose you have already cancelled your May 3 Epic cruise and will now be waiting more than 3 months for your cash refund, now that you won't sail with NCL. P.S. The Jewel pax are getting 100% refund (cash) - they spent just over 3 weeks cruising on a ship for free - in great weather and service. You should check out the Jewel Feb 28 roll call thread.
  12. That Jewel cruise began on Feb 28th in Sydney, over a week & almost 2 weeks before NCL implemented the POM policy, then cancelled the March 10-April11 cruises. They (Jewel) were already at sea when the latter happened, and spent the next 2 weeks searching a port that would take them in. Instead, they managed to get in at Pago Pago, American Samoa for refuel - the passengers weren't allowed off the ship. The Jewel has been a perfect bio-sphere until today now that the passengers will be disembarking in Honolulu to meet the charter flights (arranged by NCL) off the island to 5 places.
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