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  1. Viking Star arrived in Bermuda an hour ago and is docked at Heritage Wharf at Dockyard, next to Crystal Symphony (King's Wharf). Orion is docked in Hamilton. Unsure about how long the Star will stay in Bermuda, but she has to vacate the berth by Monday morning when it's Orion's turn.
  2. The mechanical issues were completely fixed while in dry-dock in Rotterdam last year July 2020. They had to cut a hole in hull to take out the damaged engine (yeah, a big one) and put in new one. It was a major dry dock.
  3. Black? They are navy blue in the picture. Here in Bermuda the knee high socks can be any colour - to co-ordinate with the colour of shorts, shirt and tie. The navy blue is the most common colour.
  4. Sorry, but I (and DH) hate the corn "nuts". They are so hard on the molars! The first time we saw them was on the 2015 Escape inaugural TA and I went "oh my god they switched the bar snack to these". Well, I complained to the Beverage manager about them, calling them "chicken feed". Fortunately they didn't make those chicken feed fleetwide and we have been able to enjoy the usual bar snacks on the ships after 2015. Phew!!!
  5. We were in Haven only once - on Breakaway - and it was an upgrade - we bid and won it. We had a great time there - loved it as it was DH’s 70th and the staff treated us very well. This said, we will never be able to book Haven full price unless we bid for an upgrade. For port intensive we book ocean view (obstructed) and for TAs mini-suite (now Club). Depends on ship and itinerary. As for Epic, we were okay with going on her again due to her departing from Southampton and stopping in Bermuda on way as we have personal effects in storage in the UK and wanted to bring some stuff home. It was NCL who cancelled it. ☹️
  6. I checked out the Apple AirTags and read that they’re not compatible with iPhone X or below. I guess I’ll have to wait a bit.
  7. Epic has the most number of Teppanyaki tables. I can’t remember exactly how many but maybe a dozen. With reduced pax capacity the OP shouldn’t have issues with booking spots.
  8. Breakaway still heading to NYC. Bliss heading to Gibraltar, ETA 13 Sept morning. Escape arriving at Civitavecchia in a few hours' time (12 Sept morning). Pearl is now out of Caribbean Sea, heading across the pond to Gibraltar, ETA 21 Sept. Sky finally left Colon Panama, heading to San Juan, ETA 14 Sept. Lastly, Miss SPIRIT's WEBCAM IS BACK ONLINE!!! After a year and a half!
  9. Sorry, the orange route isn’t running this year.
  10. … and color-coordinated ankle socks and you’re even better.
  11. Breakaway is on her way now from Funchal ... and it will take her 9 days to get to NYC. Current speed is 13 knots. Very unrealistic for cruise ships to do 20 knots - unless it's an emergency. Burns fuel a lot more.
  12. If you did not do this last week, please get up that early and go to forward Exploration lounge for the pilot pickup and the cruise into Hamilton. The sail in is fantastic - better than the sail out. We are locals but got the kick out of both the sail out and in of Hamilton - amazing from the Bermudian's perceptive. I took about 100 pictures and some videos 😁 How's the sea?
  13. Orion is now backtracking back to Hamilton Bermuda, ETA tomorrow morning at 9:30 am. Hopefully the passengers will be able to make their booked first flight out of island tomorrow late morning/early afternoon. Waves ...
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