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  1. We're booked on a Princess Cruise that goes to Turks and Caicos. One of the excursions they offer is the Bajari Beach Escape. I tried searching on the Grand Turk board, but there wasn't much there. Thanks
  2. Can you rent an umbrella and lounge chair once you are on the island, or do you have to reserve it ahead of time? Are there enough for everyone who wants one, or do you have to get there as soon as you dock to score one?
  3. We have reserved a mini suite on the Dolphin deck (D321) on the Sapphire for an Alaskan cruise in 2022. Will that have a fully covered or partially covered balcony? Where on the ship are there covered balconies? Thanks!
  4. A friend gave me her copy of the Alaska Cruise Companion by Rachel Cartwright, but the map is missing. I'd be willing to pay for it, if it's a reasonable price.
  5. There doesn't seem to be as much info about the Sapphire as there is about the other Princess ships. So if you have any info you'd like to share, I'd love to see it. Thanks!
  6. So what is the better way to tip if you want it to go to your room steward, server, etc.?
  7. For an Alaskan cruise, where are the best places on the Sapphire to view the glaciers?
  8. This trip will be an Alaska cruise where we'll be off the ship for most of the day when we're in port. We'll bring refillable bottles for water for when we leave the ship. We'll bring the allowed 2 bottles of wine with us and we'll have a drink sometimes before dinner. We usually have tea with breakfast and dinner, and water at lunch and dinner. If we got the beverage package we'd drink a little more than that, but for what they charge, we can live without it.
  9. For the cruise I'm looking at, they give two options - Best Price which includes specialty dinner, a location upgrade, and a $50 onboard spending credit, or a Best Value option which has the same as the Best Price, and adds free wifi package, premium beverage package with tips, and full onboard gratuities. But that package costs $280 per person more. We are not heavy drinkers and we can live without wifi for a week (especially since we can get it in port) so the only advantage for us was the gratuities. Based on what you told me above, our gratuities would run us $105 per person for a 7 night mini-suite, so we're better off with the Best Price option - unless I'm calculating it wrong.
  10. I've searched the thread on cabin reviews using "Sapphire" as the search term and NOTHING came up. Is it possible that there are no reviews for the Sapphire? Also when I do a search of the entire Princess board on "Sapphire" AND "cabins" (under "FIND RESULTS THAT CONTAIN and clicking on "all of my search term words") I get a list of posts that contains EITHER Sapphire or cabins. That's a LOT of posts to wade through! Does anyone have some insights on the best balcony or mini-suite cabins on the Sapphire? Thanks!
  11. Thanks Voljeep! That's exactly what I needed!
  12. We have the choice of not taking the "best sale ever" and since we're not big drinkers, we're trying to decide the actual value to us, since not taking it is cheaper. Do the standard tips differ according to your cabin (larger cabin, larger tips?) I know you calculate it by number of days and number of passengers. We're looking at a mini suite for 2 people for 7 nights. What would be the standard tip for that?
  13. We had a reservation on the Coral last summer for Alaska, which would be our first choice for sailing Alaska, which of course was cancelled. So now we want to go in 2022, and it seems they are not sending the Coral to Alaska in 2022. We want the 7day Voyage of the Glaciers that either starts in Whittier or Vancouver and our only choices are the Grand Princess, the Majestic or the Sapphire. Which would you choose and why?
  14. Are there any verandah rooms with a larger balcony on the Oosterdam?
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