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  1. Are there any verandah rooms with a larger balcony on the Oosterdam?
  2. We'll be flying from Sacramento to Honolulu, and then to Sydney. We'll visit Eden, Burnie, Melbourne, Fiordland National Park, Dunedin, Christchurch, Wellington, Napier, Gisborne, Tauranga, and ending up in Auckland. Thanks so much for your time and effort to do this!
  3. Oh thank you!! That is exactly what I'm looking for! Never having been to that part of the world, I can use all the info and tips I can use!
  4. Cruiser_myt - thank you for your very detailed and honest assessment of your cruise. We will be going on HAL from Sydney to Aukland, and I would appreciate your insight on the ports in Australia and NZ- what did you do and with HAL and now from your experience, what would you have preferred to do instead? Thank you!!
  5. We will be there from noon to 10pm on May 22. We've already booked a whale watch from 12:30-3:00, so will have lots of spare time in this port. Any suggestions?
  6. Whoa rdsqrl! I was simply asking a question.
  7. What am I missing? Why not just bring a reusable water bottle and just fill it up on board? Is there something wrong with the water out of the taps?
  8. Thank you all for your insight and suggestions. I will probably use whatever binoculars I get for this trip and then very rarely again. I found these on Costco. Any thoughts? Athlon Neos 8X42 Binocular With Harness ★★★★★★★★★★4.3 out of 5 stars. Read reviews for Athlon Neos 8X42 Binocular With Harness 4.3 (12) Item 1345527 Your Price 89.99$ Shipping & Handling Included* Features: Bak-4 Glass Prisms Reflect More Light For Brighter and Sharper Images Long Eye Relief For Eyeglass Wearers Waterproof Protection in the Harshest Weather Conditions Side Pocket, Clip and Hook Magnetic Fold Down Cover
  9. We'll be taking a cruise from Vancouver to Whittier and then driving to Denali NP and back to Anchorage. Any recommendations for decent quality light weight binoculars wild life viewing for the trip?
  10. Is there a reason not to simply carry on your own reusable water bottle and refill it on the ship?
  11. We'll be needing a transfer from the ship in Whittier, AK to the airport to pick up a rental car. I figure I'm safe in waiting until we get onboard to reserve a spot on the bus to the airport, since there are usually several buses going to the airport, right?
  12. So it sounds like I should cancel my post-cruise transfer now, and then purchase it with my OBC when we get on the ship, right?
  13. There is a $59 per person charge and I’d like to apply the credit towards the charge.
  14. We have an OBC and the transfer on our Alaska cruise is already on our booking document. Is it possible to use that credit towards the transfer?
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