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  1. Thanks for your prompt response. Hope next year's charter works out the way you want as well.
  2. When you get back from your charter perhaps you may be able to confirm this one way or another. We were told on charters that even though you are in a suite that Michael's Club/Retreat Lounge will not operate as it does when it is a Celebrity sailing. We were told that this venue will be open to all guests. Please keep us posted. Thanks.
  3. When my hubby had his beard trim it was all part of a shave/beard trim. He said it was wonderful and worth the price. Very relaxing. Perhaps the information you obtained is for a service similar to this and NOT just a beard trim, hence the hefty price tag. To all the other posters who will state my words, "it was worth the price" please don't shoot the messenger. Everyone has a different idea of what an OBC is "worth". Thanks. :-)
  4. Enjoy your Labour Day weekend and don't worry about your cabin assignment. It will happen. Think positively.....perhaps you won't even find out until you check-in and just think of the surprise if you were upgraded to a category better than what you booked. Move-up offers are offering everything from CC, FV, AQ and suites. So rest assured you will end up with the minimum being what you booked and the possibility of a higher category. Please come back and let us know what you are assigned. Enjoy your Summit cruise.
  5. I know it can be done between family members; I've done this....mostly recently in June. However I cannot see any reason that you cannot assign it to someone else. Good luck. Come back and let us know how it works out.
  6. To the original poster: As others have suggested you may see exactly where the Retreat Sun Deck is by viewing the deck 12 plans. Yes the Retreat Sun Deck is for suite guests only. Very, very limited shade. As well, unless you have a drinks package beverages there are extra; including water. Recently some folks were shocked to find this out when they were presented with a bill to pay for their beverages and water. Just a "heads up".
  7. If anyone is presently on Reflection or just recently disembarked could you kindly advise who the Senior Officers are from the "Spotlight". In particular I am looking for Captain, Staff Captain, Hotel Director, Guest Relations Manager and Captain's Club Host or Hostess. Interested in knowing personnel who will be on the July 20 and August 1 cruises. Thank you very much.
  8. Listing of Senior Officers and Staff would be appreciated. Also, if you can find out if there is to be a changeover soon in this positions that too would be helpful. Thanks in advance.
  9. Thanks for those directing me to other posts for information. Jenn was kind enough to report back while she was on the ship. However there has been some changeover apparently....for instance the Captain who was on board signed off yesterday. So I am asking anyone who is presently on board if you could kindly provide the "In the Spotlight" information of Senior Officers. As always thanks in advance for providing this info.
  10. Yes I was. I was notified early in the morning on boarding day.
  11. If you are on this sailing could you please advise the Senior Personnel: Captain, Staff Captain, HD, GRM, etc. Thank you.
  12. Thanks. Again, enjoy your cruise and your "goodies".
  13. Congratulations. What ship are you on? If they recognized all 9 Zeniths with a floral bouquet and wine this is a very nice gesture. Perhaps it is something that this particular Captain's Club Hostess chose to do. Enjoy your flowers and wine.
  14. Are you willing to share your negative thoughts/feedback? What was it that you did not like about the IV room? We all understand it is your personal opinion but perhaps it will assist others in making a decision. Providing the actual stateroom number would also be great. Should you chose to provide this information I thank you. Hopefully you still were able to enjoy other aspects of the ship. :-)
  15. Thanks for the Senior Officers bios.
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