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  1. Fun, fun, fun review best I have read in forever! I have been debating on a Carnival cruise for winter and now I want to stalk all your reviews to figure out the best one for us!
  2. Be sure to get through TSA as quickly as possible when you arrive at the airport. The TSA lines can quickly back up for hours....last December I flew in with my brother to see our Dad we both are TSA pre check, no checked luggage so nothing but the TSA line and still waited an hour plus...March cruise with hubby no issues no wait, we breezed right in. It can go either way!
  3. It is a nice port and very safe! When you tender over just expect that process to take some time both coming and going.
  4. Great review, very fair and balanced! We enjoyed our winter trip on MSC Seaside and will be happy to go again if the pricing and details work. We did find some of the port times a bit strange and there are certainly some growing pains but based on your review it sounds like adjustments continue to tweak the product.
  5. Rubyroo20, Gosh I have been hoping you would pop back on! Thank you so very much for the details! We actually ended up booking a private tour for 2 hours with our airport transfer. We know and understand it will be a drive by quickie tour of Rome and just a couple of sights. I did not do my normal pre booking research on this trip and had no idea of the distance and challenge on port and airport in Rome. They have a 24 hour cancel policy so very happy to have kind of a back up option in mind if we change our mind! Thank you again, I hope you had a fabulous trip!
  6. Oh no! We are packing lighter and lighter and our summer trip will be the lightest to date! We will each have the barest amount of clothing and no possibility that hubby will be toting a jacket or suit. I can always squeeze in a dress and sandals but his dress shoes alone take up half a bag!
  7. Inside and spend the money on the expensive excursions. I would also add in thermo spa if and I can’t recall there are areas to see outside either from the spa chairs or another area on Ruby. We did an inside, got the spa pass and great excursions and still came out ahead on our Alaska trips. I really enjoy the bit of luxury of the spa space and the escape from the outside cold weather if needed!
  8. We saw a husband become physical with his wife or girlfriend last summer in the dining room but he was quickly removed. i don’t believe any location or establishment is immune to violence and in close confines it is always something to be aware of.
  9. Thank you for the replies. I was not aware it was a requirement to have the passports in Italy. I ordered a wallet necklace yesterday and will see how that looks and feels. I have some time to get something else if it doesn’t feel secure enough and or screams steal this!
  10. Hello, Posting the question on the Italy board since it seems the most active of the Europe boards. Hoping that someone will be able to answer on the topic of bringing passports when on a stop in Europe. We are going from Spain with stops in Gibraltar, France, Italy and wondering if we can place passports in the cruise ship room safe as we have always done. We can carry either US Drivers license or copies of the passports. We have never actively carried the passports and I have always felt better leaving them locked up onboard. if we need to carry will we need to present or safe to say the can remain securely some sort of a neck wallet. I need to do some cruise shopping and if I need to carry them I will need to plan accordingly. Also, I have read several concerning posts of late regarding pick pockets and theft. As a side note, I travel frequently for work by myself in major cities so am certainly not generally fearful but I am wondering on my packing now. Is it safer to leave all my jewelry including wedding rings at home, will I be uncomfortable wearing them or concerned? We try to dress low key and not call any attention wherever we go but I love a backpack for tissue, a sweater, snacks, purchases, is that a no no as we wander in port? Nothing of real value just more about storage and ease when out and about. On the plane I have my pillow, wrap, kindle anything kind of general comfort items and access make some the pack a perfect carryall. Thoughts greatly appreciated just trying to determine my packing.
  11. Be careful to check for blank spaces on the maps of rooms. I always do the floor above and below to make certain it is a room and now side to side. There are some access spots that can get kind of noisy in the morning as the carts start being pushed out by the stewards. We like an inside for the darkness and gentle rocking of the shop equals great sleep especially on the new magical Princess bedding package!
  12. Go into the trip with an open mind and you will be fine, in fact more than fine...I had such concerns and the boards did not help at all...we couldn’t book YC even if we could sw8ng the cost it was fully booked. Yes there were differences but I was expecting them. We found MSC to be a new alternative nothing scary!
  13. Sad they switched out the loungers. Hubby and I shared a double this summer and it was a delight! Thick and comfortable all day. I will say there was chipping on the medal but so much nicer than your photos looks. I will really need to consider if worthwhile this summer! I do love the quiet and service but in reality it looks like a downgrade!
  14. Part of the appeal for cruising has always been for us to be unreachable....last summer when we were on CB the data mining and tracking was the very first thing that popped into our heads. We had thought our floor would not be up and running since they were in the middle of installation. I concur with the glorified cruise card for the most part until one morning when it wa raining. We walked to work on our daily steps to get our 10k in early to enjoy the rest of the daily eating drinking and being a sloth...pouring rain equals no outside stroll so we decide to do some laps floor to floor and use the stairs...FYI we are very quiet and don’t speak to each other when we do this just a single file lap around the floor then on to the next one so please don’t flame me on noise...we were both stunned and kind of scared as floor after floor in various areas our Medallion would open a cabin door. There is a parciular noise that is made and there was no one around in the hallway...one or two maybe I would chalk it up to just folks inside moving but it was not...it was many. Husband had the chance to speak with the techs who were onboard and who were rolling this new product out floor by floor over several weeks and asked only to be given a sheepish smile with a statement that they were a work in progress. While it frightens me to think that it is possible and reminds me to use the safe I am not shocked as I know that it is the same with garage door openers. Not intending to slam the product or intent and I am certain the cards had the same risk but wow it was strange to walk the halls and watch the doors green light for entry. it will be interesting this summer to see it more in action since we used both the cards and new Medaillian all week.
  15. Amazing photos, thank you for sharing!
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