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  1. No Milford Sound for us-we had to hightail it to Sydney missing that as well as Hobart due to the port strike so I agree with ya-both ships have had disappointments and exciting times…I believe all of us should feel very lucky to have had this wonderful adventure!
  2. We had 24 folks play LCR today and Kim left with an extra $69 dollars in her pocket! Come join us tomorrow (3rd Sea Day) at the Pool Bar at 3:30. No experience necessary just a willingness to laugh and 3 one dollar bills (Kim will be there to make change if needed😁)
  3. Was anyone else surprised to learn that they had more river passengers in 2023 than ocean guests? I know they have a lot more river boats but I had no idea. https://cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/2024/04/viking-700-plus-per-passenger-day/
  4. Well the thought did run through my head that Neptune is feeling the way Sky did when we were docked in the hinterlands rather than in Melbourne and at the other pier rather than Circular Quay😂
  5. Fun afternoon at LCR this today. Steve made $51! Join us tomorrow (2nd Sea Day) at 3:30 at the Pool Bar. All you need are 3 one dollar bills and a fun attitude.
  6. I thought y’all were scheduled to overnight in Walvis Bay? Did that get canned due to the late Cape Town departure also? FWIW-immigration was a breeze for us-we went to Star Theatre 5 min before our scheduled excursion time (9:15am for us), got our group number in the hallway as usual, scanned our key card, walked up on stage, Viking put a sticker on our card, one of the four?five immigration officers looked at our passport, stamped it twice and filled in info by hand, we walked down the other side of the stairs, gave our passport to Viking folks, and headed to our excursion. I hope it will be as smooth for y’all as it was for us. Hate hearing yall aren’t getting to see as much as us.
  7. So Neptune have you left yet? If you haven’t already booked an excursion, folks enjoyed the included but we really loved the Dunes to the Ocean. Video on the Sky thread. oh and how many are onboard now? We are reportedly 555
  8. IMG_5229.mov IMG_5238.mov Great day in Walvis Bay! While we didn’t get the grill surprise that those on the included tour got, we did get a surprise when offered the chance to sand surf! Mike says he felt like a 10 year old again! Highly recommend the From Dunes to Ocean optional excursion! We saw lots of springbok, an ostrich, flamingos, pelicans, oryx, and a clear gecko. And the ride up and over the dunes was better and any roller coaster!
  9. Come join us tomorrow, April 12 (first sea day after Walvis Bay) for LCR at 3:30 pm at the Pool Bar. Not experience necessary-all it takes is 3 one dollar bills!
  10. According to the Restaurant Manager, there are currently 557 guests and 20 contract (lecturers? guest entertainers? repair workers) folks on board. I know there are at least two people leaving tomorrow in Walvis Bay so I guess our numbers will be reduced further as we head towards London.
  11. The information we received prior to the cruise required their be 6 or 7 blank pages. To date, I think we have only had stamps in three or four countries
  12. No need to apologize, your English is much better than my spanish! Welcome to Viking-hope you will enjoy your first cruise. If between you both you will have at least 6 drinks a day you will break even. We typically don’t buy the package on port intensive cruises as we find the wine or beer at meals is typically sufficient. Our travel agent provides onboard credit which typically will cover our gratuities with enough left over for our small bar tab. On cruises that have few ports, we find we drink more and therefore either buy the package or at the first duty free port we will buy a bottle of liquor and make our own. If you haven’t discovered it yet, you might want to check out this thread which provides lots of advice and tips to make the most of your first Viking cruise: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2416372-tips-for-new-viking-ocean-cruisers/page/62/#comment-62141739
  13. Our Trivia Team had our first perfect match today and won the tiebreaker for our third win! Once we left Cape Town the sun came out but the temperature dropped-we could see our breath-quite a welcome change at least for us from the heat of Asia! While sitting on the balcony this afternoon, a friend texted that there were whales off the starboard side-too far to really see well. About them I heard a splash and realized I could see whales blowing off the port. They were too far from the ship to see them but their blows and the occasional breech were visible. We also had a beautiful sunset on our side since we are heading north again😁 Our assistant cruise director, Rosanna had her solo show tonight-she is quite the musical theatre performer! She is newly married to the sommelier onboard so it was fun to watch his reaction to her show too! Sea day tomorrow
  14. We had a wonderful time in Cape Town. The included tour to Stellenbach was enjoyable although unbeknownst to anyone the museum there was closed-likely due to the many downed trees. But the town is artsy and enjoyable and the winery beautiful. Our tour finished near the ship at a beach club (think twenty year olds in Miami Beach) and some sparkling wine and really great musicians. Afterwards, Mike and I took an Uber to a Cape Malay restaurant for a delicious traditional supper. Affer we got back onboard we went to hear the University of Cape Town Choir. Really great performance! Our plan for today was to go to Table Mountain if the clouds lifted or to the V&A Waterfront if that wasn’t the case. Unfortunately, we had a more when we got to the room that the port authority was not going to allow anyone to go out in order to address the many ships waiting to enter due to the delays of the last few days. So after our 20 minutes ashore at 8:30 to “exit” immigration we have been back onboard enjoying the sunshine and wonderful weather. We presumed that as soon as all had cleared immigration we would be leaving, but that isn’t the case, didn’t leave until 1pm….seems like we could have had time to explore a bit this morning afterall. #nexttime Neptune-enjoy the beautiful weather hereafter missing Richard’s Bay y’all deserve it!
  15. as Cory said, 4 hours late but currently on our included tour to Stellenbosch. Unfortunately the tablecloth is fully covering the mountain. #clearskystomorrow🤞
  16. Almost to Capetown aboard @vikingcruises Sky. It’s 8am which was our original posted docking time but we are currently on a one hour delay due to winds. Hoping the pilot boards at 8:30 so that delay doesn’t get longer🤞
  17. Two stops??? #NeptuneGetsEverything. We only get Walvis Bay-where else are y’all going? did yall miss Reunion due to weather or was that the plan all along? If so, that’s too bad-it was beautiful.
  18. Can’t speak to doing it in a regular 3 meal a day basis but on our Ocean’s cruise in the before times from Bejing (Tian) to Hong Kong Viking did a great job of feeding four or five busloads of folks on our excursions. China had an abundance of event halls which is what we experienced, so I could imagine them contracting with several to handle all 900 guests?
  19. That is awful. So what’s the revised itinerary? Are we both gonna end up in Capetown at the same time? speaking of which, when/how did Neptune go from being three days after Sky to only two?
  20. So sad that they’ve missed both ports. Hopefully they will be able to make it up in Port Elizabeth with an overnight? Or two? Though our guide said it looked like they were gonna have four days of rain😢 Nice fixed course meal on the pool deck this evening. Made for a nice end to this great day!
  21. Great day onnour Sibuya excursion. The 1.5 hour trip there was well worth it! Lunch was good too. Lots more pics (and videos) on Instagram
  22. Thought y'all might like to hear Patricia! https://www.instagram.com/reel/C5a6BjrqFCLCd8sPDBM82iPuU0HsS2HYbhjsBo0/?igsh=MXZlODg4ZjF4ZGg1Zw==
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