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  1. Going on the World cruise in January. Many people take several pieces of luggage on world cruises and I know that some of the luxury lines will take your luggage and store them somewhere. Does anyone know if Costa does this? Or can anyone confirm that we can store several suitcases under the bed? I think maybe we'll bring a few duffel bags because they can collapse.
  2. On the World cruise Costa has told me that we can purchase on board; they are not posting prices ahead of time. We almost certainly will buy a package at some point, but I guess we'll mostly keep in touch using terminals and coffee shops . I was hoping to keep a blog and send it to family and friends, but I suspect I'd rather spend my time visiting the ports and not sitting in a portside Burger King!
  3. We have gotten a few quotes thru InsureMyTrip. They are a little lower than AAA and now we just have to decide on one. I'm not so concerned about trip cancellation; I just want to have enough to pay a hospital bill out of the country and evacuate me in the event of a true emergency. Getting excited; seemed eons away when we booked it and now it's almost here!!
  4. We are getting quotes for our world cruise in January. We have to pay the final payment by October 5. Now we are in shock over the premium/quote we have received from AAA and they are usually pretty reasonable. The price is almost 14% of the cost of the cruise and airfare alone!! We didn't even add in the cost of a few hotel nights and any pre-paid excursions that might not be refundable. I did research a few online providers, but few will cover you for a single trip that is more than 90 days. I found that when we were trying to get an annual policy. Anyone have any suggestions ?
  5. We're taking a world cruise in January on the Deliziosa. Costa is currently offering three plans for wifi on board, but it's all based on GB and the biggest plan is 3GB for about 200 Euro. In a phone call, the Costa contact said that there will probably be other choices once on board. My question: haw fast is the internet on board Costa ships? I know many people sign up and then say that most of the "minutes" are spent waiting to connect or waiting for web sites to open etc. We hoped to be able to work on a blog, or email the kids or just keep involved with local issues back home and avoid spending all our port time sitting in a cafe trying to connect. Any opinion is welcome.
  6. I guess I'm a dummy about this technology. I looked at the link and still don't know what it means? ๐Ÿ™‚ WE will have our iphones for photos. But the Wifi on a four month cruise is bound to be very expensive. And we're trying not to have to spend precious time in ports sitting at cafes and fast food places trying to send photos to the kids etc. I even thought I might try to do a blog while on the trip. So am I screwed? I'll have to buy the Wifi onboard and hope that it's fast? Which I know it won"t be . I suspect that our Costa cruise WiFi won't be very fast. I love surfing the internet and have missed it on days at sea on much shorter cruises. Any suggestions
  7. We use T-Mobile Senior service. We signed up with them because of the "free international calls" sales pitch. Well, not so much. We took a three week river cruise in August and now we get a text message on one line/number saying that we may be in breach of contract. According to T-Mobile, our contract (and I'm sure they are right) says that we cannot use international roaming for more than 50% of our usage in any 3 billing cycles over a 12 month period. Well, we're here in the US now, but in January we will be on a world cruise and out of country for 4 months. Any advice? We could maybe ramp up use on one line, which seems silly. Use one phone for 2 months and then the other for second two months? Maybe T-Mobile has a more extensive plan available, but right now I'm upset about a shady sales pitch.
  8. Quite often I have found that even if the ship does have sets, the sets are incomplete . A friend played on a cruise with set of Mahjongg cards recently and said it worked fine. I bought the cards form Amazon (make sure you get the American set) and will take it and my card on a river cruise.
  9. Weโ€™re sailing August 4 on Grand Circle. Weโ€™ve just been told that we have a different ship because our original vessel is stuck upstream I think. Maybe downstream. Anyway,I suspect we may have problems on this Budapest to Prague cruise
  10. We love it. Read, play games, wander around, take a nap, go to an art auction, eat, go to a show. Schedule; get up and go to breakfast. Find a quiet place and read for an hour or so. Or play trivia. Meet for lunch.. Go to the rooms set up for games. I've learned new games, other card games, played Mahjongg, etc. Or go to the library and work on a puzzle. Or sign up with a Roll Call group to join a book club or learn a craft. Go to the pool or just sit in the sun. Nod off. Then go to the cabin and get cleaned up for dinner. Go to a bar and have a cocktail and a bar snack. Go to dinner. After dinner, go to the show or movie or just chat with people you met at at the bar. Some people walk around the decks to get in three miles or go to the health clubs. Not us. ๐Ÿ˜‰ WE really enjoy the trips back from Europe after we've spent several weeks traveling thru Europe. Then you relax, enjoy the time changes (gain back an hour a day during the crossing) and get back home rested and "on the same time". My husband thought he would get bored also. No problem.
  11. Our docking has been changed on our Avalon Budapest to Prague cruise leaving August 4. We were scheduled to dock on the Pest side but the newest info says we'll be on the Buda side. Maybe for this reason? Now I just wonder if the ship will have problems because of water levels.
  12. We are on the Grand Circle "River Rhapsody" from Budapest to Prague leaving on August 4. Does anyone know about the river levels and problems? I have tried to understand the various charts, but ..... no luck. We haven't heard from Grand Circle. Most of the river cruise companies imply on their web sites that the various cruises are still on schedule, but I suspect that doesn't mean that you won't get put on a bus for large portions of the trip. Any information?
  13. Just off the Carnival Victory. The only "snack" I ate was the potato sticks at Guy Fieri's Burgers. I just get a plastic cup, fill it up and eat them while I have a drink.
  14. Three days. Taking two grandchildren on Carnival Victory on Monday. Got the soda package and we're ready for a kid -centric cruise rather than our usual relaxing "over age 70" days of taking a nap, trying out fancy drinks, playing trivia. Instead; locating lost 9 year old who went back to the buffet for cereal and managed to leave the Lido deck and end up in the brig, finding the 13 year old girl who has found her true love at the club and doesn't want to spend any time with us. Or hates the kids club.. Or hates all the food. Or only wants chicken nuggets. Or...... whatever they want.
  15. Any more tips? Taking grandkids on this next week? How crowded was the buffet? What did you do in Cozumel?
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