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  1. There was no shuttle in Punta Del Este when we were there, and to be honest, if there was one, not sure where it would take you anyway? It's more of a walk-about resort town. Yes, it is a bit of a walk (but not hard) from the tender to the beach with the hand sculpture. The thing I remember most from this port are the big seals that were laying underneath the boardwalk! 🙂
  2. I am guessing the question being asked is the total budget for an ATW (e.g., excursions, beverages, souvenirs, meals ashore), not just for the cabin. The good thing is that on most ATWs, I think the tips are included, not just on O?
  3. Thanks for your response. I should clarify that the mainstream legacy airlines (e.g., Air Canada and Air France) seem to have two types of "discount" economy fares, one that includes one piece of checked luggage and one that does not include checked luggage so the same airline has these two types of fare conditions. Which type of economy fare does O book for passengers?
  4. Hi, It's pretty standard now to have to pay extra to check in luggage on a domestic flight. It seems that many airlines have extended this practice to transoceanic flights as well, as many mainstream legacy airlines now have a "barebones" economy non-refundable fare for international flights where in addition to having absolutely no flexibility to change flights even for a fee, you also have to pay extra to check in luggage. For those who have used O's air recently for flights across the ocean, do you know what fare you were booked on and was one piece of checked luggage per passenger included in the air or was that an extra cost to you? This might be a further factor in deciding whether to take the air credit instead. Thanks!
  5. The port, while quite close to the city, is still in a pretty isolated area and it would be disappointing if they did not provide shuttles. On our cruise with Oceania a few years back, a shuttle bus was provided. It stopped near the General San Martin Plaza (a park, near Retiro train station), on the south/east side of the park. Not sure if you consider that to be in the "city centre" but it was convenient enough for us. The bright side is that if shuttles are not provided, taxi fare would be quite inexpensive compared to North America, although you have to be careful/alert somewhat not to be scammed by routing and/or fare charge/change. Try to have smaller bills so that you don't get back large value counterfeit bills as change. Buenos Aires was super interesting, I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!
  6. There was a healthy taxi stand without much of a wait when we disembarked on the later side of the disembarkation process. Unfortunately for us, we caught a grumpy driver who was hoping for a fare to Heathrow when we just wanted to get to the train station but we chalk this up to our bad luck.
  7. Good to know, thanks. 3 hours is a bit short though. How much would it be for a full day excursion, say 6 hour wait? Actually, how much would it be to take a taxi from the port in Vigo to Santiago and grabbing a different taxi from Santiago back to the port (i.e., two completely separate taxi rides)? Would it be more than 100 Euros each direction?
  8. Just curious, I assume that the taxis would take the toll roads, so would the tolls be extra or are they included in the excursion rate?
  9. This is great information: There are two functioning train stations in Vigo that both go to Santiago with Urziaz being the faster, generally more frequent station (but is uphill and slightly further away from the port). Just to add to this that the Santiago train station is about 1 km or so away from the old town area where the Cathedral is located so there's that to consider as well (gradual incline from train station to old town).
  10. Is the flight you're getting on at BCN going over the Atlantic Ocean or is it going somewhere else in Europe first, such as CDG, AMS, LHR (maybe no longer in June 2019?), FRA? If it is a flight getting you to a connecting flight in EU, then it's a domestic flight and you have more time to check in before the gate closes. The cab ride from the Barcelona cruise port to BCN is about a half hour in good traffic. If you're connecting in Europe, you are at the edge of the comfort zone - assuming you're mobile - but you are going to need to take a private transfer and will have an early morning and a quick breakfast. If it's going over the Atlantic, I'd take another flight.
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