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  1. I remember a Blu sommelier that barely spoke to anyone all cruise. On the last evening she suddenly came alive and told us and every table nearby that she was missing her 2 year old daughter who was back home on the last night of our cruise. Previous to that she barely engaged in any kind of chat with anyone. Coincidence?
  2. The new blue hulls on the M and S class ships give them a real industrial look. They look awful! We last sailed on Connie in late 2018. She was in dire need of a refurb then.
  3. Hi, am I right in thinking that Anthem sailings from the UK are currently capped at 65%? Thanks in advance.
  4. It's the best restaurant onboard Celebrity ships in terms of food and service. The lobster, chateaubriand and dover sole are all worth trying. Avoid the venison, it's poor! The chocolate and grand marnier souffles are possibly the best deserts on the whole ship. You'll find that there are offers on the first night where you can book for between $25 to $30 per person.
  5. It's common to have some crew become a lot more talkative on the last night or two as they angle for a tip. :)
  6. This has been happening for a few years now. We've had many staff explain how the rating system works and how they are effectively hurt if they don't receive top marks. The important thing is not to give a damn about how their rating system works. It's important that pax give fair and accurate feedback. If someone goes above and beyond, mention them. Otherwise score honestly. If people score higher than they really should you're not really doing Celebrity as a company any favours and certainly not other passengers. :)
  7. We have FCC's given to us in 2019. I applied them to a booking in May this year which was cancelled. Celebrity very graciously allowed us to apply them to a booking this coming December. That sailing is now cancelled. We were advised that we would need to make a booking by April 2022 with the sailing departing before 30/09/2022 and after that date they would no longer be valid. So we've now booked again for May 2022. My concern is if this cruise is also cancelled will the FCC be extended again? The official line is that it will not be even though we've tried to use it three times now. :/
  8. In theory I'd agree with you. However the post immediately before yours shows what will happen in the real world.
  9. In your position I'd also cancel. Being herded around like sheep really does not appeal one bit! Hopefully this will change soon. I can't help thinking the cruise lines will be enjoying the increased revenue though.
  10. It depends on the type of wine. Many reds will improve with age if stored correctly in a temperature controlled warehouse etc. Whites will generally have a short shelf life and can spoil easily. The staff would be keeping an eye on the dates ordinarily. But with such a high turnover rate on the ship I doubt it would be a problem.
  11. I'd say many of the the best staff across the board sommeliers, waiters and maitre d' etc are placed in Luminae. We did have a lady called Maggie in Luminae on a couple of sailings who was very good. But Celebrity could improve their training IMHO. :)
  12. The sommeliers on Celebrity ships are not real sommeliers at all but ex waiters and waitresses who've under taken a short in house training course. But I suspect passengers all figure that out very quickly once onboard.
  13. I'm in the UK but some of our Celebrity cruises are booked in the US where drinks, Wi-fi and tips are definitely NOT always included. People need to pay attention to details particularly if not booking in the UK.
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