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  1. On Aruba, we loved our tour of the island with trikes Aruba. Very easy to drive and lots of fun. https://trikes-aruba.com/
  2. My biggest problem is that the flight out of Atlanta is the last flight of the day to my location. The later flight that I was originally booked on was dropped. It appears we may have to redo the entire booking.
  3. It is a Delta ticketed trip. The last leg is on a Delta flight. I will contact my TA. Thank you.
  4. We have a KLM flight from Amsterdam that arrives into Atlanta at 9:25pm. The connecting flight departs at 10:40pm. Is this enough time to get through customs and immigration and still make the connecting flight? We have Mobile Passport, but not Global entry. Thanks.
  5. Shore power requirement is one of the issues with the proposed modernization/expansion of the Charleston SC. cruise terminal. What I read and hear is that one side says it is needed to reduce pollution. Others say cruise line companies say it is more expensive for the ship than running on their generators. The currently approved project will be heard in the SC Supreme Court. Only one Carnival ship uses Charleston as its home port.
  6. We are driving down and planning on staying 2 nights before the cruise. Any recommendations for a resort type hotel where we could spend the day relaxing by a pool or on the beach? Since we are driving, we can expand our search to include the Ft. Lauderdale / Hollywood area.
  7. I was looking for a thread like this one. Thanks to all posters. Will there be signs directing me to my ships parking area? I have a Thursday departure. Should I be concerned that the parking areas will already be full?
  8. Are there any recommendations for a resort type hotel? We were thinking about spending a couple of days either before or after our cruise on the beach. We are willing to think out of the box if some one has a unique place they like to stay.
  9. I recently booked an October Med cruise on the Constellation. Some of the listed shore excursions for Portofino, Italy state that we can only book on board. Is this normal, or will it change to earlier booking at a later date?
  10. We were looking at this cruise out of Rome, Stopping in Livorno, Portofino, Nice, Provence, Sete, Vallencia, Mallorca, and Barcelona. We know that the weather will be cooler, but we are going to see sites, not to be on the beach. However, should we be worried about it being too cold or rainy? Thanks for the advice.
  11. What times are the headliner shows for the Constellation? Do they still have two shows a night for traditional early and late dinner seating?
  12. If this keeps up (either by accident or design), do you think the cruise lines will somehow seal up the balconies or put up a barrier to prevent this from happening in the future?
  13. Rolls and coffee are not good for those that are gluten free. We end up going to the buffet and bringing our plates back to the room.
  14. The SS Norway sail away party where we threw steamers over the side.
  15. We had to leave a cruise early and fly home from Cozumel. Two pieces of advice are to contact the insurance provider ASAP and keep receipts and documents for everything. The Insurance paid for first class air tickets. hotel, rental car, food, etc.
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