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  1. I realize that not everyone is able to walk, :) just pointing out there are lots of options as long as you do a little pre travel research. Happy sailing to you
  2. Or just walk :) it's a flat, less than 15 minute walk to the town.
  3. I finally received my notification... they are offering for me to rebook into aa 2020 cruise, with an additional $300 OBC... of course we're already booked for 2020.... I'm going to call the Captains Club & find out if I can book a "placeholder cruise" & then switch it out when the full releases come out in November. & yes, lack of communication IS the issue. I received an email telling me about these great new itineraries out of Tampa, days before they notified me that my cruise was cancelled. :( yes, I know, first world problems... We'll get to Petra some other way eventually. :)
  4. We still haven't been notified :( From what I can tell on our roll call, it looks like those who booked with a TA are being notified first, followed by non U.S. based pax, guessing that's because most other countries have more stringent consumer protection rules. safe travels to you as well. :)
  5. Yes, I wouldn't exactly call trading Dubai, Oman, Jordan, Cyprus, Rhodes & Athens with Tampa expanding anyones borders... & still zero communication from Celebrity :(
  6. I booked with Celebrity last November... still no notification whatsoever. I have no idea what I should be doing.... thinking about emailing the Celebrity one touch team. & you're right, this is laughable
  7. yes, I'm sure that those of us booked aren't exactly the let's cruise out of Tampa types... so disappointed in this, I understand that redeployments happen, I totally get that. However, give us time to at least exchange our cruise like for like... I'd be ok switching to a spring 2021 Scandanavia/Russia cruise, but those won't be released in time if this time limit applies to all of us (we don't know anything for sure yet, as no one on our cruise has been officially notified by Celebrity yet)
  8. Well, no one on our cruise has received notification yet that anything is amiss. A good deal of people combined the cruise Iā€™m scheduled for (Suez Canal) with the previous one... people plan exotic cruises like these years ahead of time. I hate being up in the air like this
  9. Luckily where we live some of the nearby streets are so steep that there are stairs to connect the streets, so I'm pretty good with going up stairs, super steep inclines... actually find going back downhill more difficult, so it sounds like this will suit me šŸ™‚
  10. Bleh, we're booked on the April 2021 Dubai to Athens, booked last November when it opened up... pretty disappointed about this. Caribbean holds zero interest for us, & any cruise I'd want to switch to won't open up until this November (looking for Northern Europe if we can't do Suez canal) Obviously I haven't booked air yet (it's not available) but I had already booked a private guide for Petra... The cruise is still showing in my planner & I'm hoping this is all just a bad dream :(
  11. Yeah, I'll be one staying to the right, lol ;)
  12. Hi, & thanks for your reply! The Grouse Grind sounds terrific, & I'm going to put it on my short list, thank you :) I'll also check out the more "vancouver specific" area of the boards :)
  13. Ha! I'm not actually as geographically challenged as it might appear, I figured that the majority of Alaska cruises depart from either Seattle or Vancouver, so I posted my question here :)
  14. Hi all, we'll be in Vancouver for 4 full days before our Alaska cruise in May... hoping for some tips on what to do on my own for one day while DH does a fly fishing solo day... I'm into hiking up hills (the bigger, the better), museums, history & beer :) if that's any help. I have no problem being on my own in a new city, but looking for something different and interesting... We'll hit up Granville Island & market, Gastown, Stanley Park together... probably Gastown in the evening after our solo day... any tips would be appreciated :)
  15. Thoroughly enjoying your report! Hope you'll continue... it's worth the wait, & thanks!
  16. Some of the spring cruises have been posted for quite a while now... we booked the Dubai to Athens April 2021 last November... I think that S. Pacific, Asia, Australia & New Zealand & the Carib. are already up and available.
  17. We've done both, & like others stated, only suites in Luminae (but they can bring a guest for a fee) Suites can also dine in Blu on a space available basis. For myself at least, Blu is a huge step up from the MDR, especially in terms of service, noise, quality of meats... & Luminae is a huge step above Blu, in terms of service, Sommelier service, overall food, etc... yes the menu is limited each night, because frankly, you can't do quality food on a cafeteria style quantity, which is what the MDR offers. We did Blu on one night last cruise, & I was shocked at how much closer together the tables were, level of noise, & a bit of a chaotic atmosphere compared to Luminae.... but too be fair, it was the end of three days in Iceland, with everyone probably wanting to dine at the same time....& it was lamb night which was delicious :) We booked a suite again for next May's Alaska cruise, at a substantial uncharge over Aqua.... hopefully it will be just as wonderful as the first time.
  18. Oh my goodness, such stunning photos, loved your blog! Thanks so much for sharing :) I'm on the 8 night Solstice out of Vancouver next May.... your posts were so helpful! I'm a fan of Mickey as well, & I'm going to look into booking the same excursion that you did in Juneau Thanks again
  19. I don't always take out trip insurance, but I do always take out a medical & evac policy as well, I can afford cover trip costs that my credit card policy won't cover, but over seas medical care & helicopter evacuation are another story.
  20. Day 3 continued, After St. Giles I just wandered up High St. & then up around a few side streets, I visited two really beautiful libraries, & around that time I realized that my camera was really giving me problems... I'm currently shopping around for a new one :( so sorry, no really good shots of those libraries. I briefly stopped at the little coffee shop where J.K Rowling is said to have written much of her Harry Potter series (I'm a big fan, used to wait in line with the kids at midnight for the books to come out :) ) I was headed for the Greyfriars Cemetery https://greyfriarskirk.com/visit-us/kirkyard/ on the way I stopped at the little monument to Bobby, the faithful terrier who guarded his master's grave for some 13 years. One interesting aspect of the cemetery (among many) is the remains of The Flodden Wall, which once guarded Edinburgh from the threat of English invasion https://www.atlasobscura.com/places/the-flodden-wall-edinburgh-scotland Being a Harry Potter fan, of course I had to get a snap of Tom Riddle's grave:
  21. Hi there, I originally booked a king deluxe room, the room they upgraded us to was a king executive corner view room... it was lovely! One caveat however, is that to get to it you go down about 4 or 5 stairs, & then there are also some stairs in the room to an upper landing area. PS: I"ll be working on the review a it more tomorrow, but we have company coming in tomorrow, so it may be slow coming.
  22. Hi there :) we're booked in an aft sky suite on deck 12 on the Solstice next year for Alaska... I thought that cabin would have at least a bit of cover from the outdoor buffet seating from the deck above... going to be disappointed if I've made a big mistake, but I still could switch to a side cabin if needed. This will our 3rd cruise on Solstice, so you'd think I'd know this, but I honestly never paid attention to the aft cabins on S class :) thanks in advance if you have any insights. :)
  23. Day 3, continued Having happily abandoned my bike riding to Roslyn plans, & more appropriately dressed, I set out to explore Edinburgh, with no set plan , if you knew me, you'd understand that this is a big deal. My opinion of surprises is on par with Mr. Knightley's :) I basically got out & just walked. A little aside here: in my research for this trip I had decided to purchase a joint membership to Historic Scotland https://members.historic-scotland.gov.uk for us. Definitely a good decision, it included entrance & parking to almost all the sites we visited in Scotland. One of my first stops was the beautiful St. Giles Cathedral, where I paid the photo fee ( & got a cool sticker) As far as I'm concerned the most amazing thing about the Cathedral is that dogs are allowed in :) however, if you want a little more info on St. Giles, here you go: https://stgilescathedral.org.uk
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