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  1. Yup, I have one I'm working on right now... I need to get it finished before I link it up :)
  2. #3 all day long, seems to me that Saturday morning/afternoon traffic has been getting worse & worse over the last couple of years... so unless you want to be driving at 6 am... well... dinner & beer sound better to me, plus free parking in L.A. is like finding a unicorn.:) enjoy!
  3. loving your review, thanks so much for taking the time to come back & finish up :)
  4. Hi, I'm not the poster that you're asking, but Celebrity ships only have female massage therapists.... & yes, Canyon Ranch made quite a few unpleasant changes when they took over a few years back. -Massages went up in price by about 30% over what Steiner charged -Persian Gardens was no longer included before your massage -much more pushy sales pitch of products. hope this helps
  5. thank you! I've never laid out this much money for excursions, we've almost always done exclusive DIY or private (in Europe, where it's easy to DIY & the private excursions can be had pretty cheaply) so it's a bit of sticker shock, but looking at the photos & videos I've seen online, & reading the reviews, I think we're going to be happy with what we've booked.
  6. Just a little update: I ended up booking G-Wind w/Captain Shawn. :) Reading the kayak trip reviews, it looks like they are often cancelled due to bad weather, while the small whale watching boats can still go out ( I don't mind rough water on a small boat) Thanks for all the help everyone!
  7. wow, thanks everyone, super helpful info! I'm going to look into booking ahead. I already have Jayleens small boat whale watching tour booked for Juneau, so I'm looking for something more active here, hopefully a kayak tour :)
  8. Hi there, we'll be in ISP next May for 3 pm to 10 pm. I understand that when we leave the ship there will be a ton of vendors selling excursions, my question is, do we need to book ahead? We're interested in whale/wildlife kayaking tour. Thanks in advance :)
  9. She was flying from Hawaii, all bags go through a pretty thorough Ag check.
  10. You do realize that there's one thing the internet hates, & that's common sense, right ;) I think you've given a good, logical rundown of the direction most cruise lines are taking. I've happily traveled in guarantee balconies, concierge class, aqua & suites. Been happy with all of them, as I received exactly what I paid for :) Going in a suite again in May, because we enjoyed the perks & privileges. We're not retired, so we only go on one big trip a year, so for now suites make sense, when we can go more often I'll have no problem just going back to Aqua or balconies.
  11. Love this hope we can sail together sometime in the future. You & DH would get along swimmingly :)
  12. Sounds good to me, 4 pairs seems to be my happy medium. Last time I flew with socks with birks... even though I have TSA pre/global entry, none of my flights were compatible, & we took 6 flights in all.... so lots of taking on & off shoes in airports, the birks worked, were comfy, & the socks kept me semi sanitary :) Have a wonderful trip, I love those couple of weeks ahead of time & the anticipation !
  13. Last cold weather trip I honestly packed too much outerwear....brought a wool peacoat, a trench rain jacket, a puffy vest, & a practical, stretchy breathable hooded rainjacket, & a long sweater coat I would have been fine with just the vest, practical rain jacket & sweater coat, but vanity got the best of me ;) I'm gong to try to be more practical next May in Alaska... shoe wise, I usually do pretty good, it's not as much of a temptation for me :)
  14. I totally agree about having a back up pair of shoes, somehow, I feel like my feet need a little change up every few days, even with the most comfy of shoes. BTW, your review of your Alaska trip has been invaluable to me :)
  15. I feel the same way about cold weather, some how it's easier for me to pack lighter. We're going in May & right now my list includes 1 pair goretex hiking boots, my gizeh birks (for evenings) my old tall brown boots & a pair of cheap flip flops for the pool & spa. Trying to decide if I need to bring my running shoes or not.... I'm thinking I just might need those for some lighter hiking. :)
  16. I'm wondering if the problem/resistance here is that Celebrity is perhaps using a shoddy product. I know the ones I use at home & at restaurants around where I live are fine, no weird taste, they don't disintegrate (just had two margaritas with our Wednesday restaurant night, & my paper straw lasted through both) I do agree (sadly) that you won't convince a certain segment of society to change... just like the all the anti-vaxers, climate science deniers, young earth believers....people like to deny things that inconvenience them. But as NDGT says: The good thing about science is that it's true, whether or not you believe in it,"
  17. & right after everyone is done using their plastic straws that they brought on board they can have themselves a nice long smoke on the balcony, because, hey, microplastics aren't that much worse than second hand smoke, right? Seriously, we've been using paper straws around here for a while & they are fine for one drink. If it's that big of an issue, bring a stainless steel straw & the little tool to keep it clean.
  18. Thanks everyone, I did hear back from Jayleen just a bit ago, looks like we are able to book for next May1 Very excited & looking forward to it :)
  19. I really like the color blocked one, & think it'll look cute with the top you described. The nice thing about it being a little longer, without being a duster is that you could wear it backwards for sleeping on the plane (kind of like a blanket with arms)
  20. Thank you! I've emailed twice & also just filled out the contact form. I've read such good things about her, I'm hoping she has availability. Since we're going in May, I feel I need to book now.
  21. can I ask how long it took her to get back to you? I emailed her yesterday & haven't heard back yet. -Debbie
  22. Personally, I enjoyed the commercial. & yes, I'm old enough to know the song :)
  23. Are you on S class? We definitely didn't need them on our last cruise, there's a ton of closet & drawer space, we actually had empty drawers! Ended up dedicating one top drawer to the buff we needed to take with us each day. Enjoy, we absolutely loved the suite perks :)
  24. Hi, in 2017 in Auckland people were allowed to board & then disembark, no problem :) Interestingly enough, we overnighted in Sydney, & obviously people were allowed to come & go as they pleased. ( I understand that this is different than embarking there) I will say that Australia had super strict immigration rules & screening.
  25. Thanks for all the replies everyone! I had ended up switching to an an Aft C1 on the 9th deck, however, Celebrity cancelled the Suez canal cruises :( They did off a small credit, & I'll be looking to book either a Northern Europe (Russia & Sandanavia) or S. America when the new itineraries are released
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