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  1. @slidergirl oh my gosh, Kat, the stuff you've been through! Sending cyber hugs (with a mask on of course lol) thank goodness they found it, & hopefully now your eye will truly be on the road to recovery. I'm super behind on this thread, trying to catch up on my work... hope everyone stays safe ( & sane) & no more medical issues for anyone :)
  2. I have not... I've called a few times, but given up in frustration at the wait time :)
  3. ok, apparently I've been doing it wrong, maybe that's why I end up with a weirdly shaped blob.... I always filled up a big sauce pan with about 8 inches of water, boiled it, & then dumped the egg in, going to try this method sometime soon :) thanks!
  4. good morning Ladies! Sharon, good to hear from you again :) I love those peaches, finished off a pack last night, & hoping they will still have them when I go again... I don't have any discussion worthy viewing recommendations, but if you need something ridiculous, funny & silly, then the Will Ferrel "Eurovison" movie on Netflix is horrible & wonderful at the same time.... Kat, the asparagus benedict, yum, sounds wonderful... I think we'll do fish tonight... maybe with a little Hollandaise. Melody & Cynthia, the fireworks here were like nothing I've ever experienced...& at our old house we had nightly views of the Disneyland ones.... it finally died down around 3 am & we were able to go to bed... We stood in the front yard for a bit & watched, but by 12 it was starting to get smokey... watched the news helicopter footage, & it was insane, you can google it to see clips :) Lois, I get you on the egg poaching thing, I can make one that's edible, but not very visually appealing, it's one of my favorite things to get on a cruise because they manage to do it so perfectly... & Hi, Sailor Sally, we actually didn't watch Hamilton yet... maybe tonight :) Going to be lazy today, as I really need to focus tomorrow & catch up on my back log of work :) Fashion wise, currently still in sleep tee, but will put on shorts & long sleeved Columbia spf shirt, sun hat & knee socks... later on swim suit :)
  5. Happy 4th Ladies :) Plan wise, zero plans lol.... probably work on yard, FaceTime kiddos, & watch Jaws (which I do every 4th :) ) pretty much everything is closed down this weekend... & no fireworks shows... except that apparently everyone within 2 mile radius of us owns a secret horde of black market fireworks which have been going off for the last month or so, but reached a crescendo last night (probably will be topped tonight) Kat, love your tee! Cruise Mom, I pretty much only shop a TJ now, mainly because they do have a line... for ours that line means they limit the amount of people inside at one time, check everyone for proper masks, & everyone's hands get sprayed with sanitizer before entering.... I'd rather wait outside, 6 feet apart & have only 40 people in the store.... for me that feels safer.... Just my two cents, anyway :) Lois & Kat, I don't know what happened to some of our posts??? oh well.... fashion & cruise wise: Wearing a sleep tee that says: Brunch Before Lunch... will put on a bathing suit & cover up & sun hat & work in yard soon :) stay safe, & happy 4th to your all! should add: my food plans today include many Mango Cart Micheladas :)
  6. Lois, yes I'm worried, we try to be so careful, but people in my little area are now testing positive... just praying the hospitals don't get overwhelmed in a few weeks.. Melody, glad that salad was as good as it sounded, & that you were able to eat it! Kat, Hamilton is tonights plan, so excited, we've never seen it! & edit to add: I will add Jicima wraps to my TJ list along with the Processco :)
  7. Cynthia, good to "hear" from you :) & sorry about the knee, thank goodness it's not something that will require surgery! Melody, that salad sounds so good! I think for us it will be a take out night. Kat, I'm going to buy some Prosecco & make some fries & try it one day... sounds like it would be something great to have on a "down" day :) I love the TJ salted caramels so I'm with you on the sweet & salty :) Lois, good job on the morning walks... for me exercising or doing "projects" is the one time my brain isn't squirreling into a downward spiral :) Our numbers are up here, like really, really up & I think we have a long road ahead of us... Oh, & I"m wearing the damn Target dress again... it pretty much goes in the wash every night now :) Sun hat on & going to work on the garden a bit :) stay safe everyone!
  8. Hi Lois, the inside of my garage is now holding giant racks floor to ceiling filled with the things from Steve's business closing...won't be getting a car in it anytime soon :) On the other hand, the outside came out adorable, I'll try & post a photo tomorrow... it came out better than I hoped... now Steve's working on a new gate to go across our driveway, he made the wooden fence around our front yard & he's doing a wood one to match... We moved here exactly 5 years ago & basically rehabbed everything... house was built in 1949 & had everything, & I mean everything original... we kept the wood floors & matched them when we added the kitchen, & we kept the front wood windows as they are historic, but everything else is new.. it's been a long 5 years.. first two we didn't even have a kitchen (floor was collapsing in the original one) we had a bbq outside & a dorm sized fridge & that was it... so this time at home has allowed us to actually finish our remodel. I'm totally jealous of your tidy & empty garage :) & Hi Kat, sounds like you had a major expedition today! Let us know how your french fries & prosecco were... never heard of that combo, but it sort of makes sense. I used my REI dividend to buy new socks last week, my favorite Wright sock style was on sale super cheap & I was able to get 6 pairs dinner tonight: I'm eating spicy ramen with an egg cracked in it... standing up as I type this at the island... Steves working on the gate, & I want to go running a little earlier today. Clothing wise, currently wearing my Target tank dress which is getting very ratty from being washed at least 4x a week for 3 months now :)
  9. Hi Ladies.... Lois I was just going to recommend the cauliflower crust pizza, glad you enjoyed it. & Congrats on your good glucose numbers! Pacruise804, & Anita, I agree about feeling better when eating a "cleaner" diet (sorry that both of you aren't feeling well) I feel like this situation tend to exacerbate any issues that someone has.... Lois, I could happily eat the same thing every day & I'd say I eat mostly healthy... but once in a while I'd like to have a huge, greasy burger with french fries, something I haven't had since about March 6th lol... (last time we ate out) we do burgers at home, but they are lettuce wrapped & we broil a few potato slices sprayed with olive oil as "fake" fresh fries :) On a "happy news" note, I started a little garage door makeover project, bought some magnets on Amazon that look like little windows, & some hardware... I've finished the windows, & am so happy with them, completely changed the look of the door, going to get out the screw gun & work on the hardware today, the whole project is costing less than $50 but so far looks great. Trying to stay as busy as possible in the next 3 weeks of our tougher lock down :)
  10. I know, :( & that's me being optimistic... please keep others safe everyone, & wear a mask :)
  11. back to the OP's original question, I think in late Fall, very limited in Europe, possibly NZ with no-one from the US allowed. For U.S. pax, maybe next February
  12. Hi Kat, they closed the parking lots, so that pretty much shuts us down... bunch of other stuff is reclosing as well, I honestly haven't looked at the list... the mayor is speaking right now about what will shut down in LA county (in addition to what the Governor announced) the kids parade sounds so cute! Our neighborhood has a couple of annual 4th of July block parties as well as a huge pancake breakfast at one neighbors, we always look forward to that... it's cute, they dropped off the usual invitation yesterday, but it's dated for 2021 :) best wishes to you for the continued "defuzzing" of your eye!
  13. you can block mentions as well, I just discovered that :)
  14. good morning everyone ! Melody & Kat, glad to hear that are both slowly improving :) glad to hear more states & counties are slowly requiring masks, but hope it's not too late... all our beaches will be closed this weekend, kind of bummed, as I had planned on going paddle boarding, or taking the boat out to watch fireworks, but all fireworks shows are cancelled as well....so will stay home & work on garden... or as I now call it, the local wildlife grocery store ;) Lois, love those english muffins! Fashion wise, I'm wearing a yoga tank top that says "Balance" Food wise, breakfast was steel cut oatmeal w/chia seeds (I know, high carbs, sorry) A bright spot (for me) I signed up for a 5k race in September with SIL, not sure if it will be able to take place, but it's something to look forward to :) stay safe ladies!
  15. LOL & thanks for posting... we all could use a laugh these days.
  16. Happy Monday Ladies! I'm attempting to grow some eggplant, however, I"m afraid it's going to end up as fodder for the growing community of squirrels ;) I counted 5 little babies this morning.... going to have to check how many weeks till they are old enough for me to remove the zucchini so there is enough room for the pumpkins... Lois I love eggplant w/olive oil & cheese :) Had fun paddle boarding yesterday, I did it for hours, & DH slept on the beach... going to visit the local hispanic market in a bit & get some take out soup as it's a bit cool & gloomy today :) IMG_9506.MOV
  17. I'd head back to New Zealand in a heartbeat (after a vaccine of course) Also, even though we've done a land trip there, I'd like to return to Scotland for a longer road trip... We only had a week there, & it wasn't nearly long enough... trying to convince DH to do the coast to coast bike ride :)
  18. @awhfy that weather is crazy, hopefully no damage to your home or garden... one thing I've learned is that during these times it doesn't take much to send me spiraling in either direction, discovery of a box of Otter Pops that I forget I'd bought, & you would think I had just won the lottery.... on the other hand, discover that I ran out of frozen strawberries for my nightly diet margarita, & I might start crying...ridiculous I know.... especially when I read about what you're going through, & Lois & Kat. I need to tell myself to "Buck up Buttercup" ;) I think next week will be better when I'm not stuck at home alone all day. continued wishes for your healing, & don't pick anything too heavy!
  19. good afternoon ladies, for those of you who are feeling "fed up" & down, I totally get it, it was one of those weeks for me... numbers are up, I didn't get to see the grandkids, husband is gone all the time as he only has until tuesday to finish his business close down, & get the building emptied... talk about being a Debbie downer :( Kat, I love your boho style, & I love the Sundance catalog, but usually will only buy from their clearance website, they have some nice linen knit tank tops that I love, although my color schemes tend to not be as bold as yours are, pretty much everything I own is grey, black, blue or white. I did go to a TJmaxx last week & bought a cute washed silk tank dress for only $19 (it's a grey blue) & a white linen blouse that ties at the waist & has roll up sleeves...only $15... now with numbers up, that's it for shopping for me, I'll only be doing the grocery store every 10 days or so. We'll go paddle boarding tomorrow though, that's something we can do & stay far away from people . Melody, so glad you're healing so well! Sailor Sally, hang in there & continue with doing what you know is right, even though it's hard! Lois, even though our governor is making good decisions, there are people who just won't follow the rules, I'm sticking to only our Trader Joes & a particular Costco that has guards to enforce mask rules... although tomorrow after we paddle board I will probably go into Gelsons & get some Poke... they enforce masks there :) Pacruise804, hope everything is well with you, & cruisemom42 as well, I know you still have your big work project keeping yo busy :) Hope I'm not leaving anyone out, stay safe everyone!
  20. You can sign up here: https://pages.email.celebritycruises.com/optin/reg?allowMobile=y&ecid=em_23039764&rid=142869645&mes=Celebrity LOY Power Up Point 24 Jun 2020 EM&emsc=CCC_ELT_OUR_HAW_MH_USA_CA_9_CVP&empf=Y&emct=E&lnkid=SIGNUP
  21. I'm still missing about $500 from my refund :(
  22. I'm making a trader joe's run later, I'm going to see if they have bologna, I feel so uninformed lol :) I ate a lot of cottage cheese as a kid ;) (& my mom sprinkled bran on it, CA, what can I say??) Trying to figure out what to make for dinner.... think it's gonna be a bbq fish night.. & on topic OOTD: right now it's flannel boxer shorts & a tank, but going to put on my Amazon black tank dress for the trader joes trip :)
  23. good afternoon! Apparently it's Tuesday, but HGTV changed up their schedule, so now my days are messed up ;) Lois, the grilled cheese place sound sooo good! & weird confession, I've never had Bologna... I've been doing a lot of avocado toast though, Thomas Bros. has english muffins that are whole wheat & only 100 Cal. I use half & top it with avocado, & chopped tomatoes...a little lemon & salt, soooo good! Kat, I need to google the CA gov. video & the lightning storm... we are in our usual weather pattern of no weather lol ;) however it's warming up here. going to attempt to post a video of one of our wild bunnies... we have fake grass in the back yard around the pool, so they make their way to the front to munch on the grass there :) IMG_9494.MOV
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