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  1. Thanks for the nice report Mcpepe. I'll be departing on the SDII TA this coming Monday. Hope it's smooth sailing for us both. Have fun!!
  2. Likewise-we'll see you on the 22nd. Did someone mention the piano bar?
  3. I'm on Deck 2. Even at my advanced age the stairs are no problem. Hell, I need the exercise getting to TOYB. Maybe it's the coming down late evening that will be the problem. And maybe we'll get a swim mid-Atlantic. My hope is for smooth sailing and warm weather. The Bridgetown to Lisbon spring crossing weather is a tough one to predict. But no worries.
  4. I'll be doing the TA Bridgetown to Lisbon on SDII in April. Tickets arrived a few days ago. I'm looking forward to my first TA experience on a small ship. Great to hear your glowing report on the crew. Silvio was with us on SDI in the Caribbean a couple of years ago. He was always there to make it happen. Our TA was cut from a 12 day cruise to a 10 day cruise because it is going into dry dock in Lisbon upon our arrival. That coupled with the March 20th announcement raises many possibilities. Any clues? Was the yacht in good shape? All things on board up to SD standards?
  5. Thanks for the info Zimmy. I'll happily tip for what I'm certain will be service on par with all other SD services.
  6. Is tipping expected in the spa for massages and other services?
  7. BTW and for what it's worth: As of 1/22, MIA tells me only two cabins remain on Deck 2
  8. Helpful insight BeignetBoy. Thank you. Hoping for smooth sailing and warm temps. 50-60 guests sounds good too! RT airfare from Europe back to the states was reasonable; yet I hate to waste the return leg. Your advice is well taken. Couldn't agree more: "the SeaDream experience is what keeps us coming back."
  9. This being my 1st TA experience, has anyone on the board done the EB spring TA? What can I expect in terms of weather? Pool weather, outdoor dining weather, Balinese bed weather? Are the seas relatively calm? Miami confirms SDII going into dry dock at the end of this cruise but only says the expected SD experience will not be diminished. Miami also says the cruise is about 45% booked. Should be a cozy group!
  10. This is my second SD cruise but my first SD TA experience. Previous cruise was aboard SDI November 2016 BGI to SXM. Great trip. From LIS, it's on to Athens, Gr. for a couple of weeks. One way airfares from Athens back to states are double RT fares. Contemplating buying the cheaper RT ticket from Athens back to the states using only the outbound leg. Will I be subject to retroactive penalties by the carrier.
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