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  1. This was our H5 on the Bliss last February. We have another booked for our March cruise. Plenty of space in the cabin and as others have said, Deck 17 has a bigger balcony. Location, location, location is my motto. If your going to pay Haven prices you might as well stay in the Haven complex. :) If there was one thing that I would nit pick about this suite, it's the bathtub/shower which you will see in my video below. I would prefer a walk in shower rather than a bathtub with a shower head. Other then that, the suite was fabulous!
  2. Thank you! Yes the Rebel Yell was booked through NCL. I highly recommend this excursion! We've done it 3 times and it never gets old.
  3. I hope you enjoy our YouTube rewind from 2019! We sailed on the Bliss and the Escape.
  4. I hope you enjoy our Youtube Rewind!
  5. What time did you arrive at the spa on the cold sea days? Were you able to get a lounger? I want to make sure that we can get 2 loungers for our cruise in March without having to fight for them.
  6. This was our video from our Caribbean Bliss cruise this past February 2019. We are booked on her again for March 2020!
  7. We were able to purchase ours pre-cruise for our March 2020 sailing on the Bliss. I just went back to look and it now says unavailable, check back later or once onboard. Just wondering, do they only sell a certain amount of these passes?
  8. Thanks so much for the photos and great info! Just curious, is the Ocean Front part of Silver Cove?
  9. Same for us. We have one reserved for our March cruise. There was no option to pick and choose. They only thing I can think of is they will assign the villas accordingly once we are onboard.
  10. Thank you so much for clarifying that! We are Platinum Plus and even though we will most likely never reach Ambassador level, I still want all my points earned! :)
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