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  1. We had booked a guarantee Oceanview on the Splendida for May. With the Coronavirus we were thinking of upgrading to a balcony. At least there would be fresh air if there was a quarantine 😀. While checking on prices we spotted that we were already upgraded to a balcony. We're happy campers (cruisers) 😀
  2. Check out the Eastern Bays Mail Run in Akaroa. You ride with the local mailman as he delivers mail on a fairly remote mail route.
  3. I've only sailed one MSC but was completely comfortable in slacks and a long sleeved collared shirt (no tie nor jacket) on the formal nights. All other nights I wore slacks and a tropical short sleeved shirt. The cruise was from Durban to Venice so I presume it was more dressy than the Caribbean. Over the years I've stopped going formal and in the last coupe years I've even stopped bringing a suit. Less weight and still fit in with the majority.
  4. Sounds like we'll have no wait for immigration but the other part of my original post was...we are scheduled to arrive at 0900. Is it reasonable to expect to be off the ship by 1030 if we carry off our own luggage?
  5. I learned something 🙂 As much as I've traveled I had not heard of the Schengen area. Looks like I'll be good to go. Last port prior is Norway. I'll already have my entry stamp to the Schengen area from Amsterdam.
  6. We will be on the MSC Splendida for a Kiel to Kiel cruise of Norway. The ship is scheduled to arrive back at Kiel 0900. What is a reasonable time to expect to be off the ship if we set out the luggage the night before? We have a ride scheduled for 1030. Do you have to set out your luggage the night before or can you do your own walk off? Any customs, passport checks, etc. in Kiel for US citizens?
  7. I speak four languages... English Sarcasm Sexual Innuendo Drunken Sailor ...but I a feeling I should stick to English This will be the first time in a long time that we'll be on a cruise where we know nobody. On the positive side it will be a good chance to make new friends.
  8. We are on the Splendida. Just the two of us. We are Fantastica Ocean View. We like share tables to meet new people but we only speak English. Guess we'll have to talk to the maitre'd. This is only our second time on MSC. The last time there were ten couples so we all sat together.
  9. We are booked Fantastica - not Aurea. We like to do shared tables with different people each night. Are we stuck with assigned dining? Does assigned dining also mean an assigned table?
  10. I must be a glutton for punishment. I just booked my second MSC cruise. On top of that I'll be on the Ovation of the Seas again in two months. To be honest I wasn't impressed with MSC nor the Ovation but that doesn't stop me from having a good time. I'm on the cruises for the people and the ports. The food and service is secondary. I still don't have to make my own bed nor cook my own meals - I'm happy.
  11. No shower caps here - maybe for my wife but not me - I shave my head every morning
  12. We're booked on the Feb 20, 2022 Antarctica. Expensive way to do it but wanted to have boots on ground on the continent of Antarctica. One more thing to cross off
  13. If it doesn't we'll find a pub nearby, drink beer and eat meat pies
  14. We will be spending two weeks in New Zealand in April. Lodging, car and some attractions are already paid for. We are staying one week in Rotorua and the second week in Wanaka. Have a couple questions. What would be a realistic budget for food and misc spending for two weeks? If we bring cash, what is the most common denominations most people carry and accept?
  15. According to the staff, Holiday Inn reservations will be honored. Here are the new emails in case you want to contact them. Dear guest, Please be advised that as of the 15th of January, this hotel and all inboxes will be managed by Rydges Sydney Harbour. Please address all future e-mails post this date to : FIT and general inquiries Email: reservations_rydgessydneyharbour@evt.com ; Contact Number: 02 9255 1855 / 02 9255 1860 Group Reservations Email: groups_rydgessydneyharbour@evt.com ; Contact Number: 02 9255 1855
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