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  1. My wife and I absolutely love Murano and have never had less then a great meal there. It is the one specialty restaurant we feel is worth the splurge. I agree with many of the dish choices already posted including the lobster, the goat cheese soufflé and the Grand Marnier soufflé. Also, I was under the impression Murano was being phased out. Is that correct? I know they have unfortunately left it off the Edge class ships.
  2. Unless anyone here talks me out of it, I plan on checking for that location Monday morning and booking it if available!
  3. Those are deck 12 S2 cabins. I will consider those if the corner S1s are not available (although the website indicates they are at the moment).
  4. I am strongly leaning towards one of the corner aft Sky Suites and am in fact considering one on deck 12. Noise from the Oceanview overhead seems to be a bit of a concern, but not a huge one.
  5. I am grateful for all the responses so far!
  6. My wife and I have cruised many times on Celebrity and other lines, but never in a Suite. We are planning on making a 2022 booking for the Solstice within a few days and are strongly considering a Sky Suite cabin. We are looking for recommendations on which deck and cabins to choose. Thanks in advance for any advice!
  7. I was also booked for the April 10 cruise. I am extremely disappointed it is cancelled, but I think Celebrity handled this situation for our cruise in a reasonable manner (not a comment on how earlier Millennium cruises have been handled). I look forward to cruising with Celebrity in the future.
  8. For now, we will continue to take cruises we have booked, but only because we have flights, hotels and excursions already booked associated with them.
  9. in my experience (multiple times attempting this in Blu on various ships), it depends on your waiter. Typically the answer I get is no, particularly early in the cruise. In fact, now I just drag my wife to the MDR on night one so I can get my prime rib fix. She is a trooper and makes the sacrifice.
  10. Terrifish: Thanks for posting this thread. I did not know about the sale but after seeing this, I booked flights for a Celebrity cruise departing next August. The prices are the best I have seen yet for my flights.
  11. I have been wearing jeans, short sleeve t-shirts and a light jacket and have been quite comfortable. Today was a bit cooler at times then most ports have been. Like everyone says, dress in layers.
  12. It was easy to tell the Rhine is low on Cologne today by looking at the river bank. Also, we walked by a structure which shows the current river level at that location, which is shown in the image I attached. So our ship was moved as soon as we went out on tour this morning to a very industrial looking location. It took about 20 minutes by bus to get back to the ship from downtown Cologne.
  13. On the Viking Skirnir, docked in Cologne today. Last night we were told the ship will move right after passengers leave for morning excursions and move a bit up river due to low water conditions. Excursions will return to the new docking location and passengers will be able to visit Cologne later today via shuttle bus. Weather reports do seem to show rain in the region over the next few days.
  14. The weather has been great and we are having a lovely cruise so far. We are currently docked in Linz, just outside Passau and we were told last night that will swap ships on Monday from the Modi to the Skirnir, due to low water levels between here and Regensburg. That means tomorrow we will take a bus from the Modi (which will move to another spot near Passau tonight) and spend the full day in Regensburg, returning late in the day to pack our luggage and Monday morning we will transfer via a 2 hour bus ride to the Skirnir in Nuremberg. An unfortunate turn of events, but not unexpected. Hopefully, levels will rise and allow any ships behind us to make it through. Regardless, this Viking Cruise has been fantastic so far and I expect we will have the same great experience on the new ship.
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