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  1. I have been trying to cancel our October trip for several weeks. Azamara advised my TA that we should first transfer the FCC we had applied toward this trip to our 2021 sailing before we cancelled which makes sense. The TA has been following up weekly, and was told the following this week: “I just called Azamara to check on the status of things. They advised they are super backed up, and it can take about 4 weeks for the FCCs to be transferred. They said they are hoping by 5/22 to have all of them completed.” AZ also offered to waive the cancellation fee if we transferred the 2020 deposit to the 2021 trip. I declined, I’ll pay the $150 total cancellation and pocket the $950 deposit balance. I know many on this thread are in a far different and more tenuous position, but I just wanted to share the communication received on FCC.
  2. That’s good news, and I’m glad to hear Pursuit still has a happy ship. With all that’s going on, there’s no doubt the onboard crew and management will continue to provide the best experience possible. Safe travels home!
  3. Finally, but like Royal Caribbean, only for US departures? https://view.email.azamaraclubcruises.com/?qs=fc27bb508e7269841d46de90ce883ed2667f21c47276bc84545b98dbae8452c309f0ddf7a96f29efbe06ba90fcb851a2dcc2d4d326b024b0afced0e986424da6d132c4996041cd675e125b77f45b3a99754ee220a4f1c6d0
  4. I agree, Phil. We have a Quest cruise booked in October, and I was taking a wait and see attitude before cancelling, but I’m seriously questioning that now. They have over $1,000 in deposit for that trip (and the same for a 2021 cruise), and I’m about ready to cut my losses and cancel. I’m not sure how they’ll recover from this horrific PR nightmare they’ve created.
  5. I just noticed AZ has a new advisory - https://www.azamara.com/travel-advisory. Boarding will be denied to passengers who have traveled to or through mainland Europe in the past 15 days.
  6. I totally concur. Hopefully, everybody who has decided this is media hype will self-quarantine for 14 days when they return home. While they may have decided they are not personally at risk, they could be carriers who transmit the virus to others who ARE at risk. The media is not the enemy here.
  7. It’s a “false hope” that coronavirus will be seasonal and subside in the summer, like the flu, the World Health Organization said Friday. “We have to assume that the virus will continue to have the capacity to spread,” Dr. Mike Ryan, executive director of WHO’s health emergencies program, said at the agency’s headquarters in Geneva. “It’s a false hope to say, yes, that it will disappear like the flu.” Earlier in the outbreak, U.S. health officials said there was a hypothesis among mathematical modelers that the outbreak “
  8. cpgrneyes


    She might also speak to her doctor, as he would likely recommend she not travel there. With a doctor’s note, travel insurance may kick in.
  9. Did you try logging in and going to your account settings to verify your address is correct? If that doesn’t work, perhaps clearing your cookies might?
  10. cpgrneyes


    We just booked a 2021 Greece and Turkey cruise I’d been watching for a few weeks. With the current special, our TA got us a CC suite for just over $800 total per day. Not as good as we’d paid several years ago, but for us and for what is a great itinerary, we pulled the trigger. I’ll definitely keep an eye on the price going forward, but It’s in a range that I’m comfortable with, particularly as we don’t enjoy the MDR and eat at the specialties every day. I wouldn’t have heard about the special if I wasn’t following this thread, as I received nothing from AZ.
  11. We did a Lisbon to Barcelona cruise, but the only port that’s the same on your itinerary is Valencia. We loved it, and the Hemispheric evening is our favorite Azamazing event yet. Valencia is a great city to spend a day walking. The covered market is well worth a visit, and if you stay around the old town, you’ll be busy for a day. In Lisbon, which I understand you have a guide for three days, it’s also easy to do on your own. We did a walking food tour that was more than just food, and I highly recommend it - www.tasteoflisboa.com. Also, don’t miss spending a day in Sintra! Enjoy your trip.
  12. We just returned home this morning after a week in Paris, five days in Provence (L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue) then a few in Piedmont, Italy. Brings back Parisian memories, although this was our fifth time there. Let me know if you have any questions about Provence! We spent a day in Avignon, but chose to base ourselves in a smaller town. It’s lovely everywhere there. Enjoying your detailed posts!
  13. Since we’re in Provence after a week in Paris, this certainly resonates! I can’t count how much foie gras I’ve eaten, and I’ve certainly enjoyed the wines of the area in the last few days.
  14. Have a wonderful cruise! I’m sorry we weren’t able to join you as planned, but look forward to hearing about the cruise. Enjoy!
  15. My DH does that, as he enjoys a steam too. As you say, not in the morning, but after a busy day OR a nap. The Veranda cabins do have a small shower, but it’s not something that impacts my vacation.
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