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  1. aimee0715

    What now?????

    There's not a lot of cruises to Cuba. I assume this is because they require a passport and a lot of cruisers cruise with just a birth certificate and DL. We wound up going on Azamara because the selection of cruises on other lines was not great and most just stopped in Havana. RCI had a great Cuban itinerary though.
  2. LOL @ "until they get tired of it then they stop". This is so true! We were in Havana for 2.5 days and they actually go annoyed by the end when we tried to show them our passport. If you take anything (and if you can even go at this point), some gum or candy may be good. A guard in one of the museums in Old Havana approached our guide and asked him something. He turned to me and said "She wants to know if you have any gum." I gave her the rest of my pack of gum. I was just relieved she wasn't telling him that I couldn't take pictures. (In the museums in Trinidad (the one in Cuba), you have to pay extra to take pictures.) That was really the only opportunity I had to give anyone anything.
  3. aimee0715

    What now?????

    No one expressed that to me. It was just evident. A doctor in Cuba makes the equivalent of $40 USD per month. I gave our guides nearly that in tips. None of the tour guides that we had were all that shy about talking about their government and their thoughts about it. The only thing that I recall all of our tour guides said to us was the explanation of the word "paladar" and why privately owned restaurants are called that in Cuba.
  4. I also booked with Yosel back in November and had a great experience. I didn't actually meet Yosel but we had Reneil (I probably spelled that wrong) one day and Rey the next. Both very knowledgeable and both took great pictures. Reneil takes a more traditional, posed picture and Rey is more of a street photographer. Really can't say enough good things about them! We actually had almost 900 pictures for the two days.
  5. aimee0715

    What now?????

    I cannot even put into words how pissed off I am about this. We had the most amazing trip to Cuba on Azamara in November. I have thought every day of returning there. Really the most amazing place I have visited. We have another trip planned on Virgin in April of 2020. I watched John Bolton say today that allowing Americans to travel to Cuba has not improved the lives of Cubans. That is 1000% false. There are so many entrepreneurial Cubans benefiting from the tourists. So many paladars (privately owned restaurants), Air BnBs, taxi drivers, tour guides (although most call themselves taxi drivers because tour guide is a special license over there), shopkeepers, etc. I am so disappointed for the hardworking Cuban people. Trump's first set of restrictions really made things difficult for the Air BnB people and private tour operators because people just went on cruises and booked excursions through the cruise line to make sure they stayed within the rules. I so hope that you all are able to go on your cruises and see Cuba. If you do, please look on Trip Advisor for a great tour guide. We stopped in 3 ports and had wonderful guides in all 3. The cruiseline excursions are on big, government owned tour buses (it is ironic that Trump's restrictions pushed cruise passengers to government owned tour companies 🙄).
  6. I'm booked on the inaugural (sort of, I guess) cruise in April. My birthday is July 15 though so I'm kind of bummed I didn't book this instead!
  7. We took a cruise on NCL Jewel several years ago. They had a few rooms in one of the lounges that had Karaoke machines and game consoles that sound similar to this. You could sign up for them for an hour. They were pretty busy.
  8. To buy the package on Princes is $70.79 and Royal Caribbean is $74.34-$82.60 per person, per day and both people in the cabin have to buy it. These prices include the 18% gratuity. On an upcoming RC 3-night cruise, the drink package would have been $184 per person and that was with a buy one, get one half off promotion. That's a lot of drinking. $27 is not bad.
  9. I am always amazed that people buy the drink package. We booked several cruises on Princess once under their "Sip and Sail" sale. We got the unlimited drinks package for free. We took a 15 day transatlantic cruise with 10 or 11 sea days. Not once did we drink enough that we would have come out ahead financially--even on days that we made that our personal goal. Also, we had to sign every time we got a drink--just in case we wanted to add extra tip, I guess. Also, at the end of the trip, we had to go to guest services to get several drinks removed from our bill because they rung them up incorrectly. I was not impressed. When we got home, I rebooked the remaining cruises under the new promotion they were offering for free gratuities and onboard credit. It would stress me out to no end to know that I had to drink "x" number of drinks every day to break even. We've been on 16 cruises and we get a drink whenever we want one. Never had a bar tab anywhere near what a package would cost us.
  10. We were on the first cruise on CB when it came out of dry dock and had the buffet area redone to the current configuration. My only complaint about the buffet change (and I heard a lot of passengers talking about this) is that the food on the buffet was never really more than room temperature. I didn't know if they had gotten all new buffet equipment and it was defective or if had not been re-installed correctly or what. It was kind of strange but seemed like something they would definitely need to get fixed. Also, toward the back of the buffet area, there was a section that just had very little food there. It was just odd to see so much buffet area with less than a half dozen food things to pick from and the rest just empty space. I also attributed that to the fact that it was the first cruise out of dry dock but maybe that's just how it is. I would be curious to know from recent cruisers if those issues still exist. Otherwise, I thought everything was typical Princess. I thought the new interior design changes in the buffet were really nice. It looked great in there. We have sailed on CB 3 or 4 times. I would not hesitate to go on her again.
  11. I think it would be pretty obvious if they forgot to change out the duvet cover. It gets pretty rumpled looking by the end of the cruise.
  12. I am glad to see that they are good through August. For some reason, I thought they expired in March of this year. I have one that I need to use up and we're cruising to Alaska in May. I really hate that they changed the coffee card program. Given the amount of time it has taken me to use these punches, I know that I will not come out ahead purchasing the new coffee package.
  13. I called back today and let the Seriously Suite go and booked a Central Sea Terrace for the April 1 sailing. I found that yesterday the guy gave me a total that was $500 too high and today I got a total that was $500 lower than my actual total. I think that the $500 pre deposit is messing them up. The only cabins left (for the 'first" (sort of) cruise) appear to be Central Sea Terraces and suites.
  14. I have a Seriously Suite on hold for the April 1 sailing. $7050 with taxes and fees. I am nearly certain that I will call back tomorrow and book a "sea terrace" instead for $4300. At $7050 that is substantially more than the 10-night Cuba Intensive Azamara cruise we took in November.
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