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  1. Maybe the "always working to raise prices" machine is broken today and working in reverse.
  2. On NCL soda, water, and three bottles of booze plus champagne are included for OS, DOS, and six bottles for GV. Typically NCL more expensive but the room categories VS MSC vary widely. The RS on last and next trip are similar to pricing to what we've paid for reasonable NCL DOS or OS.
  3. Plans show two squares which means it has two Pullmans so that is a good thing. 13181 looks like normal balcony. One room aft appears to have large, angled balcony.
  4. I haven't seen any line ask for immunization records and last try at kids club on MSC was 2016. We've done Seaside twice and Mera in March. From all the research, Mera similar to Seaside but more enclosed than open. Buffet is On 15. Two for fee cirque shows.
  5. Seems kind of like a cutback but a full size bottle would be nice and a better selection would help compared to what they are offering. From past three trips the little bottles seem to be a thorn for the butlers. Trying to get what you want VS the normal gin, vodka, scotch. Probably a cost savings too and less waste. Charging for snacks is cheap.
  6. I have seen a deviation on the Dawn to Bermuda where people had to pick it up last night at shop. Line was super long.
  7. The buffet on Sun is very small and people tend to camp out there. There is a great outdoors just aft with seating and food. Also Moderno serves limited lunch and breakfast items next to buffet. Forward lounge is nice. Mini suites are probably best in the fleet.
  8. MKing - I think with 4 of us Plat Plus in one room they'd waive the two category upgrade limit plus based on all the optimism on the "...what did you bid..." thread, I really think we can make the poor bid of $25 and make it all the way to the GV, for our convenience, of course.
  9. How old are pax 3 &4? If older, I'd do two insides.
  10. Come on MKing, you don't want to take me and DW as your kids on next trip, we'd be free, for your convenience of course.
  11. We stayed in a DOS on BA, sister to GA. Note that the GA Haven does not have a roof that closes if you didn't already know that. We've also done Concierge on DCL. As far as things for him to do, depends when you go. Take to kids club and sign up first afternoon. Haven has a small pool (about big enough for 10 people standing up) and whirlpools. Upper sundeck outside may be limited to kids over a certain age now. We've been on BA during spring break and lines sometimes were a bit long but we'd go while in port and there was no one really. The drop slides are 100 lbs (99?) minimum and I don't recall height minimum. There are some posts here with pictures of the slides. The other slides will be o.k. for him to use. As far as unlimited water, unless it has changed recently, yes. It used to be Aquafina in most cases but it appears they briefly changed to their own brand and then to JUST. You'll also get one champagne (they sometimes try to cheap out with something else), canned soda, and 3 bottles of booze. Soda is Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Sierra Mist, Diet Sierra Mist, Mug, Ginger Ale (Schwepps?), orange soda (Fanta?), and Mt Dew. I can say being in the DOS noise leaking from the movable wall from the OS to DOS is pretty bad. Not sure how bad it is the other way around. Have a great trip.
  12. Klaus is the best. Sure things will be smooth with him over seeing things.
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