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  1. Interesting. I logged on and nothing shows under Specialty Dining.
  2. No,it is not due to the ship. Starting late 2015 you'd sit down, waiter would start with some variation of limits like one app, one dessert plus the entree or one above the entree area and one below. This was with the included dining packages not Plat. Then they might follow with a hello. It was rarer then and some would say you were lying but it soon spread across the ships and more reports to today where it is common report.
  3. Yep, you sit down, they spout out limits, and might then follow with a "hello". What a way to start dinner when those aren't even the rules.
  4. I see that. They tend to refund the missed days and 50% future credit so in this case, they are a bit short.
  5. SFO had gobs of rain during that drydock so I do cut them slack and feel they took good care of us even though the refund check took 16 weeks to arrive for some of us. The CEO may have visited but wasn't on the ship although Klaus was there and is probably the best person I've meet from NCL who could take charge and improve things. The outside work lasted the whole trip which seems long compared to the rain delays plus the spa was out of action for weeks after our sailing. Bottom line, NCL recent drydocks have not gone well.
  6. That is a bunch of BS. Once you get onboard anything comp related will be at direction of Miami other than maybe some choc covered strawberries.
  7. That's their MO. If they started with 50% the outrage would be there then people would be asking for 75%. So they start low, up it, then look like they are heroes.
  8. There it is, the 50% but they are giving two years to use it. Normal way for them to play it out.
  9. Do what you feel is right. We have had emails to both lines completely ignored. I can say we've had two great times on MSC and two more booked. NCL keeps putting more nails in the coffin. But if you aren't getting response I can see the frustration.
  10. Sorry for you or family impacted by this and having to adjust so late. We were on trip with grannidi and were already enroute when we saw notice 18 hours before boarding from CC that we were delayed one day. So for excitement of going on trip becomes logistics mode. From past experience, NCL will refund the two days and up credit to 50% of base fare to be used on future cruise in 12 months with some leeway. That will make about 85% of the folks happy and quiet down. The cheerleaders will say they didn't have to do anything. And the insurance people will say you should have insurance. Bottom line, not right. Something must indicate they need the extra time and they had to cut this trip or one after. ETA - our trip I could see some of it being due to weather and cut some slack but they were actively working on outside areas for most of the 10 days we were on. Even the spa wasn't open for weeks after our sailing.
  11. No, but they can all go with you on the Platinum BTS tour.
  12. We didn't get squat way back but do agree the ride which is just under an hour was enjoyable and scenic. I have heard sailing in and out of Stockholm is quite an experience though. I heard they had a dock now, was that the case for you?
  13. So is this upcoming your first MSC? We'll be on our third in just over 9 weeks. Can't wait.
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