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  1. NCL thanks you for that so they can continue to send near daily, well under these times less frequent, flyers. For your convenience, of course.
  2. For the last several days BA, Escape, Gem, and Epic were in Nassau. Epic now looks to be in Miami behind Encore.
  3. BA has been there. They may have taken out for a drive.
  4. Thanks. I looked at FAQ and for prepaid items it says in two places credit will be to original form of payment. I haven't seen option on US site to cancel online but maybe I missed it. Glad you were able to. They further say if you want refund up to 60 days but they hope sooner. They also say if FCC that will be in 14 days which many of us have seen come and gone. Maybe they should just say 'we have no idea'.
  5. Right, I think there will have to be quite a bit more flexibility on when you can cancel and if they cancel you due to temp, refund due.
  6. I didn't think you could cancel prepaid items online but I did read a report here about being able to do so a few days ago. Our booking is gone but probably due to end of cruise date has passed and you are June.
  7. Right, POA always years out since it isn't going anywhere else. Up until last year, most dropped mid-December for second year out. 2019 drops very scattered with unusually late release of Northern Europe. Right now, all bets off.
  8. No. I know NCL has been very slow on any refunds but here on MSC I don't think I've read of one refund of anything in all the posts. Maybe I missed one though.
  9. No. Did form March 21. Only initial confirm. Nothing else. Impatiently waiting for refund of prepaid items!
  10. We took FCC 15 days ago. I clearly had thought prepaid items would have been back in a week or so, those are pretty clear cut.
  11. Looking at the cam it has been docked at its normal spot for the past couple weeks.
  12. I'll be honest, I don't like the Sun but many do. We do like the Spirit despite being oldest in fleet so it isn't due to age. It had a major drydock 2018 which looked nice. Buffet is tiny. Front lounge is huge. Other side of buffet open for b&l with a limited menu. Minis on Sun are best in fleet. Aft minis plus forward minis. If booking aft, go 9, 10, 8 last.
  13. Maybe those idled in Nassau could take some of the port fees money, buy some paint and brooms and at least start by cleaning their terminal.
  14. What were your travel dates? We got Delta credits but no email. No refund yet. I posted that senators were asking airlines to refund a couple days back but hadn't seen mandate. AA flat told them to blow it out their ear. Others hadn't commented at time.
  15. Hi Freckles! Yes, it was that one. We too had a great time. Was supposed to be on a MSC cruise last week but we know what happened there. Hope all is going well for your family.
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