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  1. Embarkation in San Juan is usually at the Pan Am for NCL. We sailed out of there a few years ago and the traffic getting in can be pretty bad plus the waiting area is small and I was concerned when Epic was going to sail out of there it would be a mess. It was initially but from what others had posted over time is NCL had additional methods to get people onto the ship and when I was watching traffic there over the last period Epic was there, traffic wasn't looking too bad.
  2. Not sure what they told you when you submitted form, but ours said ANY cruise so if they are adding restrictions, that is rubbish.
  3. Have no idea as MSC has not issued it to us yet despite them telling us it would be 60 days.
  4. I wouldn't but then again, it isn't me. The going size for Dawn interiors says 141 vs. BA at 129 sq feet so it should be bigger than what you had. If you do an interior, I'd do one of the ones on 12 as they are newer having been added 2012 IIRC. Also, of the interiors on Dawn that can sleep 4, only the ones on 12 have the two beds on the floor plus two on the wall vs the others which have three on the floor and one on the wall unless you prefer that. With 3 I guess it wouldn't really matter though. Also, the area on 12 is very quiet as it is surrounded by suites and is only a partial deck of rooms since it is in front of the pool and is also a quick walk to the buffet since it is on the same deck (if they are still using buffets by then).
  5. Maybe the big announcement will be an apology how badly they've handled the refunds, the cancels and moves with many no notice on the late year/early next year Florida sailings, and the other ship delays and moves with people having to find out here on CC.
  6. dexddd

    FCC Roll Call

    That would be roughly what our TA was told as far as refund after first two rounds of lies. However, with my luck I'll be in the 10%. Not sure why that would be such a magical date either. As I've said before, they must be using some type of Unicorn calendar.
  7. Hello MSC! 107 days! Can you possibly open your piggy bank and give us our money you said we'd get 47 days ago??
  8. We are in US and at 105 days give or take. MSC has given us three different times and one middle finger so far.
  9. They've been treating loyal customers like doormats for years, but particularly so in earnest starting roughly seven years ago. We've only got $150 tied up and happy that is all.
  10. We are at 104 days and one of the first to cancel. Been told 60, then, 90, then another three weeks. What a bunch of lies on the part of MSC.
  11. NCL now charging more for rooms on 17 that are also same type on 18. For your convenience, of course.
  12. On cruise lines I've seen mostly two types. One is like a mini brat and the other like a Jones Dairy Farm type which sell frozen. I know when we ordered pizza with sausage one night they used the Jones type. It wasn't what I was expecting.
  13. For us, most I've checked for YC are up quite a bit. Is this for New Years 2020-2021? I'd have to check but is that part of the cancelled Mera but moved to Seaside timeframe? I was checking Celebrity the other day and part of their program is they'll honor rate, date, and room if they cancel. That is exactly what others should be doing.
  14. You got lucky. Waiting 100 days for MSC refund and FCC. Told it would be another three weeks. This was for first round.
  15. dexddd

    MSC OBCs

    For the past five years we've sailed MSC OBC is rarely a perk and when it is, it is usually small.
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