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  1. Out of Miami? Mera? They going to do this until August if Mera?
  2. Around 2019 they reduced the menus. Around that time there were complaints about slow service so only a guess to simplify menu to speed up service. Not really a complaint but observation that YC is not first on ship. Similarly, embarkation and disembarkation they move you through crowded public areas vs NCL who has dedicated entrance and exit. Please keep us informed where Arthur will be. Glad he is back in YC. Anyone know who YC Director will be?
  3. I think they have a mistake on the September 15 sailing. Think they meant September 13 as the length would not match the September 18 departure.
  4. Unfortunately that issue with not being able to see cruises when logged in but if you put in booking number it will show has been going on for years. There was even separate thread on it awhile ago.
  5. Kernow should be able to answer that as I believe the were just in YC.
  6. I have not seen any definitive restrictions for the few lines I follow. With the info posted by DC that Florida won the case vs CDC I wouldn't think there would be any restrictions including mask requirement but maybe the lines will start slow for testing and assurance that things start well. That being said, I see their short trips in August out of Miami as the start slow plan. Those I could see limited capacity.
  7. Fitness centers usually have a vending machine with some sodas and sports drinks.
  8. Grand Cayman said long time ago they could care less about cruises. I want to say last year they said at least through all of 221.
  9. I've posted either here or another thread it took ten months from March 2020 to get fees and taxes back. It was 14 months before FCC kind of showed up, but only 100%. We've been through what, three different versions of terms for FCC. Ours was very generic and no real limits. Now we are being held to as more stringent set of terms in use.
  10. We tried both emails and got same thing which I reported at the time. CS - the issue is not on our end. It is either not right email or being blocked on their end. Other email address never responded.
  11. Thanks for the info. Another miss - It took them 10 months to get the fees back to credit card. Dropped snail mail to Ken couple months back and have heard ZERO.
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