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  1. That might be like changes to some categories like Jewel Class. Rumors butler and concierge being dropped for some cats. What are you seeing?
  2. I'm not sure if they've changed things at the port, but last time we sailed out of Pan Am pier, you had to wait in one line that eventually went under long, narrow canopy to just before security where it opened up a bit. Bag drop was right at these doors and not some other place like most ports. Maybe a recent cruiser can give latest info.
  3. I haven't seen a ton of renderings on what everything was going to look like, but with the descriptions of all that was being added I kept wondering where everything was going to fit.
  4. So who gets the larger cup for the hot toddy on the shorex? You or Mrs?
  5. While we probably would not have booked NCL, it certainly doesn't help releasing so late. MSC released round two of theirs last week of December and we booked B2B for three cabins.
  6. For me, I'm seeing things pre-paid under "Price Details". I don't have any excursions booked at the moment though so not 100% sure if they show there too. However, sometimes the MSC site when logging in doesn't give you all the panes on the left side of the main screen. If not, log in with booking number and that usually gives you them all.
  7. OS level cruisers? We've stayed in many OS and DOS and other than what came as part of a "deal" or Latitudes program have never had a meal comped by NCL because of room type nor asked to dine with Officers. Actually, they like to point out restrictions at restaurants that don't exist, all for our convenience, of course.
  8. So now they are hitting people up at dinner?
  9. Or a half axxx answer to a real question.
  10. The OS and DOS are very different rooms on BA/GA. The Dos is about double the OS size. In both cases, 3&4 would share bed. Sofa about size of queen in DOS. I'll post picture. In contrast, sofa on Escape DOS like king or bigger and plenty comfy. Don't recall BA/GA being too bad.
  11. It must not be NCL as I've never seen more TV ads then as of late on so many channels plus mailings.
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