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  1. Sun, but both are old with recent refurbs.
  2. Which ship? Dawn and Star changed to seven a few years back. Jewel Class still eight.
  3. How old are they. The sofas are small.
  4. I'm wondering how that will work with staff as Seaside and Meraviglia will both be sailing out of Miami for a period of time. My guess is the split some from Seaside to Meraviglia.
  5. For US Citizens nothing more than a DL is needed at Nassau. Kids nothing required. Water same as other ships. Some bunkered in ports and some made from sea water. Nothing to report here.
  6. Get rid of Marketing Dept would make sense with same promos. But heck, they sometimes throw out a laugh in the daily email when they promote the two out of three oldest ships in the fleet.
  7. Since 2016 I think the only place on ship they have added staff is the annoying Cruisenext area. Maybe those folks could multi task and make up some towel animals while telemarketing.
  8. We've done car service many times but uber actually better. You don't know how long it will get from ship to sidewalk.
  9. We never asked but were also never offered a few weeks back. Let us know how your cabana snacks go. I think Vishnu needs a well deserved vacation as do many on Seaside who seemed to have gotten extende terms..
  10. Last year sailing Haven we were starting at 10:50. Earliest ever for us on NCL and quite nice.
  11. I should have added that Dawn used to get probably the most reports in the fleet about plumbing issues, mostly for leaks, but the last few years have not had many.
  12. We had 10006 on Dawn to Bermuda a few years back. We never had any plumbing issues or hot water issues so must be a larger problem. Their response, or lack of, is not acceptable. The room was overhauled recently during the drydock but I was curious about things like tile and light switches. There are a ton of switches in the room and when we were on they were beat up. Their avoidance seems similar to the fogged windows in suites on Deck 12 Star situation.
  13. I have no idea where the hot water comes from on a ship but we've stayed in the very front rooms on away class ships on 16 and 17 plus OS on Dawn on ten and never had any long wait. Hot water at my home actually takes longer and there I know how far it has to go.
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