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  1. Update: I forgot that I booked my cruise with a non-refundable deposit. The TA would have to cancel original booking and rebook this. I started out with an OO guarantee because I was originally traveling by myself. At the time the balcony rate was higher than I wanted to pay. Recently I decided to bring someone and the more I thought about it the more I wanted a balcony. So I called in asked. My thinking now is that the 200 obc cancels out the list 175 lost deposit. I might still go ahead and switch. I would be paying approximately 3500 for a category VC on the Mozart deck. Im absolutely NOT upset with the travel agent or Holland America. Both did what I asked them to do at the booking. And the non-refundable deposit was clearly explained.
  2. I’m excited. A balcony on an Alaska cruise will be awesome.
  3. This particular travel agent has been consistently good. This is the best I’ve gotten. Usually they get a competitive rate and select a good cabin for me which is great imho. They excelled with my cruise on the NCL sun. Great inside cabin I. That small hallway where we were located was quiet.
  4. I called to find out the cost of upgrading to a balcony on my 8/1/2020 cruise on the Konigsdam. I paid additional 500 to upgrade from OO to a balcony, 6171, on the Mozart deck. I get 200 shipboard credit too. So I’m pretty happy.
  5. I understand that the toilets on cruise ships are different than hotels. If it is not operating as expected, I think it’s reasonable for the cruise line to fix it or explain why it’s ok to appear to do nothing(flush twice, declare it fixed, and leave.). The issue isn’t the existence of an issue, it’s his for how the issue is addressed.
  6. It’s definitely not rude or obnoxious to expect a working toilet in a stateroom. A toilet that isn’t flushing properly would cause most people to be concerned about a clog and the resulting over flow. I definitely would report repeatedly until it’s resolved to my satisfaction. Otherwise I would constantly be worried and feel that I have to use a different toilet to avoid the possibility to Of it flooding.
  7. Thank you. We enjoy the dining room dinners. Hopefully we get window seats and dine with a view.
  8. We are booked on the Konigsdam. As I reviewed the itinerary I noted that we were in Juneau from 1p.m. to 10 p.m., Skagway from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., and Ketchikan from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. We selected the anytime dining plan. Are these port times going to cause unusual crowding patterns in the dining room?
  9. Amazing. I that’s the best value I’ve seen on a cruise ship. Lol.
  10. I was looking through the various parts of HAL's website under my cruise booking and I saw the option to purchase this for my Alaska Cruise. 49 dollars unlimited wash and fold laundry for the week seems too good to be true based on what I have paid in the past on Carnival and other cruise lines. I also noted that I could purchase onboard credit ahead of time. It would be nice to have the entire amount paid off before the cruise. Are there potential problems that I need to be aware of in doing things this way? As always, thank you.
  11. I am most intrigued by the bear tour out of Ketchikan. I’m going to go for that one.
  12. I haven’t been on HAL yet. But I can tell you right now I’m gonna love breakfast in the main dining room. I really like the choices. Texas French toast, English breakfast, eggs Benedict.
  13. This is my first Alaska cruise. I am on the 2020 August 1 sailing if the konigsdam to Tracy Arm, Skagway, and Ketchikan. If there was one excursion on this itinerary that was a once in a life time experience, what would you pick? I will spend a lot (400) on one excursion and then be more economical on the others.
  14. I’m getting lucky with United’s frequent flier miles availability. Booked a 25k business class ticket back to Chicago. Yes, the flight leaves at 10:30 pm but I get to hang out in the maple leaf lounge at the Vancouver airport after a day of sight seeing. And I can take a shower in the lounge. So it should be a great end to a great trip.
  15. I agree. But the flights to Vancouver from Chicago were an eye watering 1100 each way in coach. Thankfully I found a good mileage redemption.
  16. I appreciate all the help that I’ve gotten here. United’s Award booking window opened up and I have decent connection through Phoenix on 7/31. Depart Ohare 10 am. Arrive Phoenix 11:59. Depart Phoenix 3:20 pm and arrive Vancouver at 6:30 pm. It’s a long day of travel but a decent departure hour from O’Hare and longer layover in Phoenix gives some cushion for delays. Best part I end up in Vancouver using only 12.5 k miles.
  17. Sounds like this is going to be amazing. I understand that because I have some cruise history on Carnival I’ll be able to eat in the dining room on embarkation day. That should be relaxing.
  18. My understanding is that HAL is significantly better then Carnival and NCL. I never had complaints about Carnival. In fact only compliments because I had realistic expectations. I found NCL Sun significantly better than Carnival on a Baltic cruise. So I am looking forward to this. I like the cookies at the Dutch Cafe. They sound good. My big craving is Lox and cream cheese on a bagel. And pizza slices. I’m looking forward to eating in the steakhouse.
  19. Thank you for all the replies. It’s reassuring. I understand the frustration about cutbacks. I’m a railfan. I have ridden Every Amtrak route. The cut backs made to the dining car on some of Amtrak’s eastern trains are devastating imho. I am am excited about this cruise. Only paid the deposit on an OO guarantee. But as o make payments and it gets closer I’ll feel the reality. Lol.
  20. I booked on the Konigsdam on an Alaska cruise out of Vancouver at beginning of August 2020. I’ve been on 6 carnival cruises and 1 NCL cruise. I enjoyed them all. I am pretty low maintenance as a traveler. I will eat at standard dining times and graze in the lido deck, etc. On my 1st solo cruise on Carnival I would get up, eat breakfast in the dining room, nap and then find some activity or read a book if nothing was interesting. I booked this cruise as a solo because I am determined to check Alaska off the bucket list. Im surprised at the number of complaints about cut backs on service, etc. How will the Konigsdam compare with Carnival dream and NCL. These are my two best cruises.
  21. I appreciate the heads up. I’m not interested in a 5 hour bus ride period. I now plan to fly into Seattle Friday morning the day before the cruise. If the flight is on time then I will take the light rail downtown. I will have time for late lunch/early dinner. Then I will catch the 7 pm train to Vancouver which arrives at 11 pm. I go to the Hilton Metrotown. The day of the cruise I take the sky train to the port arriving early enough to board and still follow HAL protocol. If my morning flight is delayed i still I still have most of the day to get to Seattle to catch my train. I intend to buy cruise insurance. If flights gets get canceled it will be much more challenging. I appreciate the feedback.
  22. I’m familiar with the light rail and process for getting to King street Station. If I catch an early morning flight out of Chicago I Can go to Kings St., Station store my bags and then have lunch at Ivars seafood restaurant and then catch the train to Vancouver.
  23. Greetings, i am definitely flying in a day early. I think I am now going to take an early plane to Seattle and take the evening Amtrak to Vancouver the day before the cruise. Then I can head down to the cruise terminal at my own pace. I have the Hilton Metrotown boomed. I too too would rather get on the boat earlier rather than later.
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