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  1. On 5/12/2024 at 1:36 AM, D. B. said:

    Hoping you find a cruise line you are comfortable with is not Snarky.

     End of post.

    Blees your heart, D.B.!


    As Elite Plus just like you, we are comfortable with Celebrity! So yes, your comment was snarky because basically that throwaway comment is one often made to other Celebrity thread posters who list complaints about their cruise. It is an insult, kinda like the one with which I began this post


    As an investor with RCCL, I was concerned to hear "random cruisers" say one and done with Celebrity. Unhappy Summit cruisers will not hesitate to complain about this cruise line ot friends and on social media. While bottom line may not be significantly impacted, their "never again" statements do bother me.

  2. 12 hours ago, D. B. said:

    To bad you put so much stock in “Random People “.

    I don’t think anyone could blame Celebrity for Not tendering at Catalina?

      The sea conditions were just too rough to do it safely.

      The late arrival at Victoria was not just for Celebrity but also for an NCL ship That had to wait outside the harbor and was only allowed to dock just before Summit at 8:00pm. I watched that from the Sky Lounge between 7 and 8pm.

      How could That be Celebrities fault?

    I hope you find a cruise line that you are comfortable with.

      I have 11 future cruises booked with Celebrity as well as 1 each with Silversea, Oceania and one with NCL.

    @D. B.

    My Comment about random people did not imply I put stock in them, although as an RCCL stockholder it is a tad concerning. Your comment about me finding a cruise line I am comfortable with was an assumption on your part since there was nary a complaint on my part- merely a question about refund of Catalina Island port fees. Did you check my signature before you misinterpreted my post?
    Please reread my post carefully and then kindly repost with a less snarky comment, thanks.

    Mea culpa for not adequately conveying my appreciation to you for the information you provided re: the harbor master’s decision to delay Summit’s arrival as that was the part of the Captain’s announcement I had missed.




  3. On 5/9/2024 at 5:27 PM, D. B. said:

    Day 6.

    Summit was scheduled to arrive at Victoria BC today at 4:00pm.

    Then the Captain notified all guests that because of the sea conditions the harbor master has delayed our arrival time to 8:15pm🙁.





    Since I was in a "secret" space on Deck 3 playing MahJongg with roll call and FB players, we missed the part about the harbor master being the person responsible for our delayed arrival into Victoria when we went into the hallway to hear the Captain's announcement around noon.


    Happy for your win at the casino. I did pretty well with 3 little piggies.


    I do wish that port fees were refunded for missing Catalina as was done in the past if a stop had to be abandoned. The random people we spoke to blame Celebrity for missing Catalina and barely docking in Victoria and will likely not book this line again. Lots of lost revenue for RCCL due to zero ship excursions in those ports. That being said, every desk at Future Cruises was filled when we walked by the evening of the 9th!


  4. FWIW-

    The 5 Cinque Terre Villages are so crowded that a day trip is not as enjoyable as if you stayed in one of the towns for several days and visited the others from there.

    Portovenere, a world heritage site is an easy trip by public bus or boat from La Spezia. While there you can take an hour long 3 island boat tour (https://www.porto-venere.com/en/three-island-on-boat)

    Perhaps there will be an excursion offered to here, but we used the bus r/t. The stop was maybe 5 blocks from the pier.

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  5. 9 hours ago, ScottC4746 said:

    Thanks.  Actually I should have researched more before I posted.  As I was waiting for a response, our port city Ketchikan has a parish that will meet the ship and shuttle you to Mass and back to the ship.

    Yes, we attended mass there in 2021. It was just when cruising had re-started post-covid. Unfortunately the shuttle aka port-to-pew wasn't operating due to an outbreak in Alaska. DH and I walked from port to church. It was a good mile+ and we were shocked to find that Jackson St off of the main drag was nothing but steps! After mass, parishioners offered to bring all cruisers back to the Millennium in their cars. We lucked out as our host was headed to Cape Fox Lodge, where we happily left her and walked down Married Man's trail to port!

  6. 1 hour ago, sfpd3000 said:

    Sorry…just got off Crown Princess and am now just catching up on emails, etc.  I agree with what the others have posted.  900 Northpoint is just a couple of blocks from the end of the line / start of the line for the F streetcar.


    Yes the 30 bus will start at the Presidio Transit Center (next to Sports Chalet) and it will get you a few blocks of 900 Northpoint.  Or continue on to Chinatown and have dim sum there.

    Our Cruise Critic friend, who is from Hong Kong, initially recommended Yank Sing, but when I mentioned a few other options, she endorsed the Pallette Teahouse. When I was last in SF, Rebecca from Cruise Critic met my friend and I and took us to dim sum somewhere. It was a Sunday and my friend and I were the only non-Asians in the restaurant. I loved it, but not my friend. Luckily, DH ❤️dim sum!


    We do have a Chinatown in Cleveland and have had dim sum at BooLoong several times, most recently with a friend and her daughter from Wuhan, pre-covid. They are back home in China now and in her guarded emails, life remains difficult for them.

  7. @Buckybee

    We too are a group of 12! My friend who sailed the Constellation in February booked our next year's Apex fjord cruise for us all the day she boarded. If you or one of your group have a Celebrity or Royal cruise coming up, I suggest booking aboard for everyone because of the reduced deposit of $200 per cabin and the OBC of $200 per cabin. The total deposit for all cabins will go on that cruiser's credit card, so they will need to be reimbursed. Each couple has the option to move their reservation to a TA within 30 days of booking.


    My friend had a bit of a challenge because 5 couples wanted bed by bath IV cabins and we wanted porthole veranda #7123 because of the ease of quickly stepping outside when a perfect photo op occurred. She and the Future Cruise Consultant did great for us all!


    If no cruise is in the near future, find websites that will show all available cabins. Look carefully at the deck plans for jut outs/ magic carpet tracks, etc. that will affect forward and aft views. Have some cabins port and others starboard so that if there is a something exciting on one side of the ship vs. the other you won't miss it. Know your choices when you call Celebrity or your preferred TA.


  8. Thanks. Upon further review, Yank Sing will not be open on our port day in S.F. Instead we will head to Pallette Teahouse, 900 Northpoint St, B201A. Looks like Muni Bus #30 from the Presidio Transit Center should get us there? And then the F streetcar back to Pier 27?

  9. Especially for @sfpd3000, but others who know San Francisco well, please chime in!

    Current plan is for us to take the historic streetcar along the Embarcadero ffrom Pier 27 to the stop closest to the Bart Embarcadero stop where we will catch the 9:15 or 9:30 Go Presidio shuttle. We will either catch the noon or 1pm shuttle back to the Davis/California stop. From there we will head to Yank Sing (101 Spear St.) to meet our Cruise Critic San Franciscan friend for Dim Sum.

    She warns us not to take public transportation due to muggings, etc. and has offered to pick us up and drive us. I hate to ask that of her, but it's been over a decade since I've been in San Francsico and at that time used muni busses, the F streetcar and cable cars without a worry. But should we worry now?



  10. That is sweet that you wish to accompany your traveling companions. If their hearts are set on Berlin from Warnemunde, perhaps they should bite the bullet for the cost of the ship tour and go there without you since you've been there. As a person who coordinates private port excursions for us and our friends cruising with us, I know that I try to find a cost-effective alternative to cruise excursions when feasible, but sometimes the alternatives such as DIYing it to Berlin for a day just don't make sense.

  11. I am at an even # that leaves me only 2200 points until Zenith!

    I will keep doing whatever PUP activities come along in case I am still cruising when I reach my 100th birthday. Thanks to the charts and graphs of @mahdnc, if the trend of being able to earn Captain's Club points via PUPs continues, there is HOPE!!!

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  12. We initially booked Embassy Suites Logan Airport, but cancelled to save @$95 by switching to Hampton Inn Boston Logan Chelsea. Free Shuttle from airport to hotel. It's close to the Silver Line. Hilton Honors flex rate is $243.47 including $25.50 tax.

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