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  1. Maybe Dr. Oz will sign my clearance? Perhaps proof of a prescription for hydroxychloroquine will suffice? How about if I attest that I will drink at least two vodka tonics each day aboard ship? I seem to recall that quinine cures malaria as does the above drug so couldn't just drinking tonic (with gin or vodka added) work as well?
  2. A close relative and her husband are in their early 60s. They will be able to sail sans doctor's note despite the fact that he has suffered a major heart attack, had blood clots in the leg that required a month's hospitalization, is diagnosed with congestive heart failure, is significantly overweight and unable to meet the guidelines for flying of being able to walk 100 yards and climb 12 steps. She's had no major health issues but would have difficulty walking the length of the average cruise ship. Meanwhile, my DH & I who are over a decade older than they, walk 2-3 miles a day and (pre-covid) work out at the gym several times a day with high blood pressure controlled by meds will not be able to cruise again, unless this dr. clearance requirement is lifted. What physician would be willing to open herself up to potential professional and financial liability by signing off on this form?
  3. From what I understand, tests are not being given to people who are asymptomatic, much less many others who are mildly symptomatic. So one could be a spreader and not know it since tests are currently in short supply. Far more research into understanding COVID-19 is needed prior to imposing restrictions that may be unnecessary once a treatment or vaccine is found.
  4. I wanna cruise with everyone of you funny, funny posters!
  5. We are fortunate that Ohio's gov. & Dr. Amy Acton are giving us a daily reality check without providing false hope. I've the naive "feeling" that either a cure or a vaccine will be found by summer, but without those I doubt we will be even able to follow that Southwest Airline slogan- "Feel Free to Move about the Country," much less Canada, Europe and the rest of the world!
  6. So great that everyone is keeping the smiles going!
  7. So many terms on this thread that I am clueless about! I bought at $29 earlier this month, regretting that I could have bought for less. But I did sell yesterday at $34.50.
  8. Verse #2 So he came upon a young man With a cart full o' Scotts & Charmin Well the devil he lands On the poor man's hands And said, "Boy, you're in for some harmin'"
  9. Just want to repeat my praise for this thread. I confess that I have used the CVS post and the DIY outdoor bidet post to email to my non Cruise Critic friends. They appreciated them greatly! Now as a group we just need to finish the lyrics for the Devil Went Down to Walmart!
  10. So nice to see your photos and to know your family is enjoying the cruise and each other. Sadly, I fear our 8/23 Jewel cruise will be cancelled.
  11. We feel blessed to have traveled much of the world with Celebrity. Hoping that our RCCL Jewel cruise departing 8/23 proceeds- it's a 55th anniversary celebration followed by 2 weeks in Bordeaux, the Dordogne & Paris where our DD & DSiL are planning on joining us. The 9/9/2021 Pacific Coastal on the Millenium seems to be more of a certainty although who can say? May today's restrictions yield the positive outcome that's anticipated. Good health to all.
  12. So nice to see a humorous thread! I've seen some cute posts on FB. I wonder if Diamonds International will have those toilet paper earrings available when cruising to the Caribbean resumes. I want a pair with the tiny pearls.
  13. Saw that low was $29.01 yesterday after I changed my order to $19. I would rather that RCL, CCL & NCL stay afloat regardless of whether I get a good stock deal.
  14. Put in for 100 shares at $29 w/ mid-June expiry. We shall see...
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