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  1. @Shana9136 Thanks for the cabin photo- same rounded bed ala Celebrity. I wonder if the Jewel's cabins alternate with bed by bath/bed by veranda as they do on Celeb's S & Edge class ships. We are looking at a 2B #9592. Thanks!
  2. Enjoying your travelogue- do you have any cabin & balcony pix? We are considering the Jewel for a 13-day itinerary next August...
  3. @notamermaid Danke! I so appreciate the time and effort you put into researching Federweisser and Zweibelkuchen for us. I have printed out your post above to bring with! I am hoping to get an earlier start to our journey to the Eifel on the 26th because I learned that the direct train from FRA into Frankfurt will cease operation for several months beginning at 19:30 on our arrival day. Originally I thought we'd spend the morning in the city before heading back to the airport to pick up our rental car. If we can get the car earlier without incurring a huge extra expense, we will have time to stop in Metternicht enroute, but, if not, we will make a day trip there from the timeshare. Barb
  4. Hello again and yet another question.... Are the cabin walls metal? I like to attach a map of our route when we are on ocean cruises and will pack our magnets if so for next month's Danube cruise.
  5. Re: Lyon Reading Host Jazzbeau's post about Lyon I am so regretting we did not make at least a day trip there when we were in Randan for a week several years ago. We did drive just as far to le Puy-en-Velay which is southwest along the Loire and recommend a visit there for anyone staying in the region.
  6. Hi Experts- Two more questions before we leave for Europe in 11 days but don't board the Illumination until 2 weeks later. Our TA is requesting that Avalon expedite our document package so we have it prior to departure. What happens if we don't receive it? My other question concerns luggage. The info I have thus far is that only one suitcase/piece of luggage is permitted per passenger for portage, but what about a carry-on bag, such as a backpack or underseat case? I know the old saying about "assume" but I seriously doubt those are disallowed. Please share your Avalon experiences with these issues, thanks!
  7. Thanks so much for your detailed review of your day in Cesky Krumlow, Pat & Ken. Fred is delighted to know it is a photographer's dream. And I could always shop for some Czech jewelry- I'm wearing garnets as I write! That Silhouette cruise was one of our best ever! I still have Dr. Koob's excellent website bookmarked and just re-looked at your bio. But we were not on the Summit w/ most of the gang😞...although we have re-connected with other Silhouetters on the Edge & Eclipse. So glad you had a great experience w/ Avalon. It's our 1st river cruise and we can't wait! Barb
  8. ☂️So glad I bought a black umbrella!☔! Let's hope the weather on our cruise results in umbrellas like this🌂!
  9. For 5 days out of the 365 in a year, why not book the cruise you are considering and determine for yourself if NCL may work for you?
  10. We've booked it for our upcoming Avalon cruise....would you please post details, e.g. highlights, lunch venue and menu, bus ride comfort, etc. Thanks!
  11. @Avalon Waterways So nice that Avalon has been reading this thread and posted with the good news that the Illumination is able to continue sailing! We have a group of us on the Nuremberg-Budapest November 7th sailing- it will be the 1st river cruise for most of us, including Dh & me, and the 1st Avalon cruise for 2 couples. We are looking very much forward to it! Barb
  12. @notamermaidThanks for the additional info- especially that the Illumination was fit to sail onwards. There seem to be way too many river cruise collisions this year and sadly, the one in Budapest that resulted in the loss of lives. We are in a forward aquarium cabin, which is mostly below the waterline. Starting to become concerned about escape routes should there be an incident while we're sleeping....
  13. How traumatic for the injured and all the other pax aboard the Illumination! I've emailed our TA to find out what she can in case our cruise on the Illumination departing Nuremberg on 11/7 is impacted due to damage to the ship. Any updated information will be very much appreciated!
  14. Our HAL cruise stopped at a private island, Half Moon Cay- another HAL ship was anchored there too. DH chose to stay on the Nieuw Statendam as basal cell carcinomas afflict him, but I was invited to join a couple from the roll call who'd been there before. It was a zoo for the quarter-mile of beach closest to where the tenders docked. Luckily the couple and I were mobile and able to walk far from the madding crowd to find a relatively empty place. Shade was hard to find there, though. That one private island experience was enough for me. I can't imagine how it could be enjoyable for those who are limited to certain areas of the beach. Even growing up on Long Island and spending many a day at Jones Beach, people have never been blanket-to-blanket like on Half Moon Cay!
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