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  1. Can you use your miles to fly from Ohio? Hawaiian Air partners with American so it should be possible. For us using UA ff miles departing at the end of April 2020 it was 22.5k each from CLE thru DEN to HNL; however, even for itineraries departing the same day as our booking, required mileage varied upwards. At a glance using the AA website with a departure date of 5/13 this is what they are showing for Economy Web Special from CLE to HNL (something new to me, cannot be changed and itineraries involve 3 legs and an overnight flight): 5/11-22k. 5/12= 33k, 5/13- 38.5k and 5/15- 49k.
  2. If you are game enough to plan a DIY pre-cruise Alaska itinerary then do it!! I suggest Hatcher Pass Lodge, which is just outside an abandoned gold mine, staying outside of Denali and booking a tour inside the park (or in the park at the North Face/Denali Lodge) and time in Seward, where you can book a Kenai Fjords tour on your own. For me pricing would determined whether I do a NB or SB cruise. Definitely spend time in Vancouver on either end.
  3. As a person who likes to plan ahead, I understand your desire to book NOW for a holiday cruise @Project-College. But...waiting until exams are scheduled will be a lot easier than stressing about when your college son's exams will occur. How concerned is your Rutger's son about all this? I'd let him do the cruise research and legwork regarding his test schedule if he isn't doing so already. He may be willing to cruise with another line if it better fits his obligations. I agree with posters who've suggested that your h.s. son skip a few days after his school is back in session in January. It shouldn't be a problem for him to approach his teachers about making up assignments he may miss in the day or two he's cruising.
  4. Much relieved to learn that mandated gratuities are included in final pricing total. On a $5900 per couple 11 night cruise that included drinks and dining I was mentally adding @$500 to the cost sans the DSC!
  5. Color me confused! With the Free At Sea, is the 20% gratuity already included in the total cruise fare or is it billed onboard? I am more familiar with another cruiseline that includes gratuities when the beverage package is selected as a perk. If I was a non-drinker the SailAway rate would be a no-brainer, but since DH & I enjoy wine or the drink of the day I'm not so sure it's for us. I will check into the wine packages available once I retrieve my log-in info.
  6. Good thing you weren't on our Eclipse cruise that docked in Puerto Madryn Argentina....roads out of the city in both directions were flooded and all Celebrity tours to Punta Tomba and Peninsula Valdez were cancelled the night before we arrived..... We paid for a private tour in advance in Puerto Madryn for Peninsula Valdes and guess what? It too was cancelled! Despite the disappointment for us and most of the others on our cruise, booked with the ship or privately, it was the tour providers that were hurt far more than we were.
  7. Don't lose hope...keep checking pricing and availability. Our B2B around the horn of South America seemed to be sailing near capacity until about 4 months out. Pricing plummeted and cabins were plentiful. For many cruises large travel agencies reserve blocks of cabins and then release them closer to the sail date. Good Luck!
  8. @Two Wheels Only Thanks for your prompt reply. We were in a mini-suite on the Pearl and looking at floor plans for those vs. regular balcony cabins on the Jewel, we would prefer to book a mini-suite. Good to know the DSC is only $15.
  9. What is the DSC for a mini-suite? From my research on Google, the NCL website and combing through threads on this board it seems to me that it is the same as for suites vs. balconies, but I haven't found anything definitive. Sure wish the search feature on Cruise Critic would return!!
  10. We decided to return our rental back to HNL. The cruise port is west of Waikiki by the Aloha Tower, so our plan is to drop our bags off at the pier and then drop the car back to Budget. We will either taxi or Uber from there back to port. If Oahu Jeeps has an office at the port or they will drop you there free of charge, it might be well worth the extra $60.
  11. We ran into a 12ish boy in St. Thomas Christmas week who was on the Edge. I was having Celebrity withdrawal as DH & I were on the Nieuw Statendam after our Edge Eastern Caribbean Inaugural. This young man told us he was having so much fun in the Celebrity kid's club. Totally unsolicited by us! On other Celebrity cruises, we have enjoyed the Kid's club talent shows even though we were sans any youngsters. If the kids you are bringing are device-addicted, just bring those along, but I suspect that the kid's club will keep them well occupied.
  12. IDK about the train, but when we rented a car and returned to the US from the Yukon, our passports were hand inspected by the agent and given a fabulous entry stamp that was of the White Pass steam engine. However, that was in 2008 so it may not be the case in 2019. I don't recall how long it took heading into Canada. FWIW, our trips to/from the border @ Niagara Falls generally have very long waits on both sides. But the traffic from Skagway to Yukon is much less.
  13. Should we sail on the Edge again, I would book a forward OV, veranda categories A & B, sunset veranda, or suite. While I liked the interior of our IV cabin, the "veranda" wasn't a veranda IMHO. And we did experience the A/C shutting down when the veranda glass was down and the glass accordion doors were open.
  14. Love booking thru that big box travel agency! Does NCL's PCC discount or give OBC to the cruise fare obtained on the NCL website? On our current booking we will receive a $900 cash card upon cruise completion of an 11,400k booking including taxes etc. Our local warehouse gives me actual cash so that works great for us since we prefer that to buying t.p. in bulk (joke).
  15. We've not returned but the family visited a few years ago. My DSiL might have the opportunity to work there again, but DD wants to wait until their youngest is out of high school!
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