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  1. Just checked into pricing for the cruise I was hoping our friends on the Equinox could book for DBiL/DSiL and it is up $400 also, but the big box is giving an additional $50 shop card- woo-ee!
  2. Thanks for the pdf link. I've been trying to reach friends aboard the Equinox who booked for them and us on Sunday, to ask if they'd book for DBiL/DSiL before the sale expires. So far no response from the cruisers, but if they can't be reached, only the Onboard booking credit will be lost, and DBiL/DSiL can wait until the 30th for the same sale!
  3. We did the Eclipse from Buenos Aires to San Antonio in March 2019. Our itinerary did not include the Falklands but we had booked a private tour to see them out of Puerto Madryn. Unfortunately, roads to Peninsula Valdes and to Punta Tomba were flooded and all tour providers including Celebrity had to cancel tours to those sights. We missed penguins on that cruise b.c. we'd booked something else in Ushuaia, which was our last opportunity for penguins. Punta del Este in Uruguay was also aborted because the harbor was closed due to high winds. Despite these glitches, that cruise is one of our favorites. So if penguins are your thing, I suggest booking tours to see them in more than one port, J.I.C. And to help guide your choice of Princess or Celebrity, check out each line's shorex offerings & pricing. Also look at the roll calls for each cruise- we joined other members for private tours that they'd organized in addition to ones that I coordinated. The more active the roll call the better the opportunities available!
  4. Yes, there is a 60 day window. Here is a link to the form Celebrity requires to transfer a booking to a TA: http://rccl.force.com/directtransfers/DTTCelebrity Although we've not done so, I've read that it pays to call around to various TA's after booking onboard and see which might offer the best additional perks. We just might try doing that to see if the big box can be beat.
  5. @laverendrye & @Host Jazzbeau Thank you both so much. I knew I could count on Cruise Critic members to help me out! Your blog, Host Jazzbeau, is helpful beyond the Dordogne because we will be visiting Rouen when the Jewel of the Seas is in LeHavre, and after the Dordogne, spend a week in Paris which will include a day trip to Giverny. From Paris it's back to the US.
  6. To the best of my knowledge river cruises only navigate the Dordogne as far as Libourne.... We will be on a land trip to the Dordogne region in the area near Perigueux & Sarlat-la-Caneda, If any Cruise Critic member has stayed in this area, what suggestions might you have for a central location to stay for 4 nights as a "hub & spoke". Are there tips for things that we should not miss- we are for sure wanting to visit a prehistoric cave sight, but which one?
  7. There are irregular "regular" verandas on the E-class ships. 1A &1B which are forward and toward the stern. The opening toward the sea is configured like a large porthole.
  8. Yes, do your homework before you go to make an onboard booking. You have free internet access to the Celebrity website when you are on a Celebrity ship, so you can check options before visiting the Future Cruise Consultant.
  9. Booked! My girlfriend just called from the Equinox. She saw that Future Cruises was empty so decided the time was right to make our reservations for the Millennium Pacific Coastal next year. I had emailed her our Cap't Club #s, and our cabin selections- ranked from the 2C Sweet Sixteens, to CC2s to OV Deck 7 at the bow. We lucked into adjacent Sweet Sixteens portside! Non-refundable $200 deposit per cabin, 4 perks + $200 OBC for onboard booking bonus. I asked her to clarify with the consultant about both reservations being cancelled if one couple bailed and she was told that our reservations are separate and one cancellation would not impact the other reservation. Had we booked refundable rates, the cost per cabin would have been higher and there'd have been just 3 perks!
  10. Hmmm- as I post, friends of ours are boarding the Equinox and will be booking a 2021 cruise onboard for us and them. We will be in separate cabins so won't we each have our own reservation #s? That shouldn't result in @Purplsmurf's scenario, shoud it?
  11. Thanks for confirming my doubts about the feasibility of this idea. In fact, after posting I realized that the sea day between Oslo & Bergen would mean 2 hotels nights, not just an overnight that I had originally thought. There are many things to see in Oslo, and I've a couple of activities in mind for our 2nd time in Bergen (Fingers X'd for sunshine!).
  12. The RCCL Jewel docks in Oslo at 8am on 8/25 (leaves at 7pm), spends 8/26 cruising to Bergen and departs from Bergen on 8/27 at 4pm. So as I'm pursuing Rick Steves' Norway Guidebook, I come across his "Norway in a Nutshell" advice which gets me to thinking we could theoretically take this rail & ferry trip on our own, spending the night at one of the smaller towns such as Aurland or Balestrand and then proceeding to Bergen the next morning. The big risk is that the ship has to skip Bergen due to weather, etc. Has anyone here done this journey on their own? I think our time in Oslo is too short for a day-loop tour. I will check into RCCL's shore excursion offerings, j.i.c. such a tour is available through them. Tusen Takk!
  13. I will definitely check into the Archive. DH & I were recently on a tour of Dachau followed by a visit the next day to the Munich Documentation Center. Never Again.
  14. Agree with all the positives and cautions posted about Roll Calls thus far. I am disappointed in the small # of participants on the roll call for our next cruise, especially since just DH & I are on this sailing without framily. On previous cruises we've sailed as a duo we've developed a ready-made group of friends before we even board, thanks to active roll calls with members who organize not just tours, but pre-cruise gatherings & shipboard activities, e.g. Murder Mystery at Sea (thanks, 4774Papa!).
  15. Thanks for everyone's input thus far.... We are in Kristiandand on Monday 8/24 so the train is not an option, darn. I have bookmarked the link to Tom's Port Guides. Kristiansand is our 1st port-of-call after leaving Copenhagen the previous evening. Barb
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