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  1. My 10/4/2021 Canadian Adventure is still showing as bookable on the big box and scanner sites. Who knows?
  2. Princess, Empress, Duchess, Countess- title/schmitle. Unless it's Queen👑! Glad you were mistaken, Jonathan!
  3. Unless Celebrity has reconfigured its EDGE solo cabins, the rep you spoke to was wrong. My friend had a single infinite veranda cabin on the EDGE's eastern Caribbean inaugural. It was cozy, with minimal storage for her week's wardrobe and those verandas have an obstructed view thanks to lifeboats. Her savings over paying double rate for a non-solo cabin was negligible.
  4. No caption, but oh my! I think I know this couple!!
  5. I think I could live with ship tours only. But our next two cruises will be only US and Canadian ports so wonder if that will be a requirement for those itineraries. The big disappointment for us would be the port of Astoria OR if we are unable to DIY there. My sisses/spouses plan on driving from Portland to spend our 11 hours ashore with us! DH will likely go salmon fishing on the Columbia with the guys and our nephew for some of the time. And for Seattle & San Francisco the ship tours would need to be pretty unique since we've spent time in both those cities- already I've bookmarked some unique private tours for both stops. Regardless, we'd deal with any limitations if we could be cruising again.
  6. Even though the rest of us are bemoaning the covid cruise shutdown, at least it may give this dude some time to earn the $$ for a Deck Two Inside!
  7. Loving. loving, loving them all! Laughing, laughing, laughing so hard I fall!
  8. @Annicruise2014 When is your cruise and where do you sail from? If you have to fly from a US airport to another US airport your DL should get you on the plane in your married name, and your passport on the cruise in your maiden name. But if there is a foreign airport involved- even Canada- and you have to fly to/from that city, there could be a major issue for you if your airline ticket is in your married name and your passport is not. If you are on one of the first cruises permitted to set sail then waiting to apply for a passport in your married name makes sense. Have you called RCCL to ask how easy it is to change your name on the cruise reservation? If it's not a problem to do so, and your cruise isn't until 2021, I would suggest applying for a passport in your married name ASAP.
  9. We have a group of family/friends sailing (Fingers X'd) on the Millennium 9/9/21 out of Vancouver. Several couples are planning on DIYing the Canadian Rockies first- flying into Calgary, booking one-way car rentals, renting vacation condos in Canmore for 3 nights then on to Jasper for another 3 nights. We will stop overnight enroute to Vancouver....not excited about staying in Kamloops with a population of 90k...but have found a few other options. We hope to firm up our lodging options soon. We like being independent of set tours, but there are busoptions aside from the Mountaineer and Celebrity's excursion. Here is one: https://keywesttravelandtours.com/rocky-mountain-bus-tours/. I am sure you can find others including Globus. Check out our roll call! @BCHappyGal has posted some great tips for the Rockies and Vancouver!
  10. Based on where I live, it wouldn't be right for me to initiate a Hurricane Humor thread! However, look for this thread come December- BLIZZARD BUFOONERY And next spring-TORNADO TOMFOOLERY
  11. Wondering if Hurricane Humor might warrant it's own thread.....
  12. Have a wonderful voyage @Germancruiser! It is so uplifting to know that cruising is possible with safeguards and precautions in place. Thanks for keeping us avid cruisers informed!
  13. @sandebeach Me too! Can you post a link to where we can buy one (or more)?
  14. Another dating story: A guy, who'd just had eaten his favorite dinner- beans- arrives at his date's house for the first time. Dad comes to the door and tells him to please come in and have a seat while his daughter is getting ready. He does and is greeted by the dog who sits on the floor below his feet. Well, sure enough, those beans go to work and a loud stinky fart emerges. But luckily the dog is right there and the guy is relieved to hear the dad yell at the dog, "Spot!" Again a fart emerges evern louder and smellier than the one before. Again the dad shouts "Spot"! The young man is so relieved to think that the dog is taking the blame for his flatulence that he lets out the loudest, most odiferous fart imaginable. Sure enough the dad calls out the dog again! Only this time he says, "Spot! Move now before he craps all over you!
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