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  1. Especially for @sfpd3000, but others who know San Francisco well, please chime in! Current plan is for us to take the historic streetcar along the Embarcadero ffrom Pier 27 to the stop closest to the Bart Embarcadero stop where we will catch the 9:15 or 9:30 Go Presidio shuttle. We will either catch the noon or 1pm shuttle back to the Davis/California stop. From there we will head to Yank Sing (101 Spear St.) to meet our Cruise Critic San Franciscan friend for Dim Sum. She warns us not to take public transportation due to muggings, etc. and has offered to pick us up and drive us. I hate to ask that of her, but it's been over a decade since I've been in San Francsico and at that time used muni busses, the F streetcar and cable cars without a worry. But should we worry now? Thanks!
  2. That is sweet that you wish to accompany your traveling companions. If their hearts are set on Berlin from Warnemunde, perhaps they should bite the bullet for the cost of the ship tour and go there without you since you've been there. As a person who coordinates private port excursions for us and our friends cruising with us, I know that I try to find a cost-effective alternative to cruise excursions when feasible, but sometimes the alternatives such as DIYing it to Berlin for a day just don't make sense.
  3. @mahdnc Hope everything is OK with you and the Summit since you've not posted since you boarded!
  4. @mahdnc Bon Voyage! Looking forward to following your Summit sailing live thread. We board her in L.A. after she traverses the Panama Canal, so please keep her shipshape for us, thanks!
  5. I am at an even # that leaves me only 2200 points until Zenith! I will keep doing whatever PUP activities come along in case I am still cruising when I reach my 100th birthday. Thanks to the charts and graphs of @mahdnc, if the trend of being able to earn Captain's Club points via PUPs continues, there is HOPE!!!
  6. There are 12 of us next year on the Apex. Any tips on how to reserve dining for us all? 2 tables of 6 adjacent to each other would be ideal and since the menu for all 4 dining rooms is available, from any, being in just one the entire voyage would be just fine!
  7. We initially booked Embassy Suites Logan Airport, but cancelled to save @$95 by switching to Hampton Inn Boston Logan Chelsea. Free Shuttle from airport to hotel. It's close to the Silver Line. Hilton Honors flex rate is $243.47 including $25.50 tax.
  8. Google St Anne de Beaupre & Falls tours. There seem to be several half-day options that take you to both the church and Montmorency Falls by bus.
  9. On E-class, suites, sunset verandas and porthole verandas have typical balconies accessed by a sliding door. Perhaps you can switch to one of those categories?
  10. We've stayed at Ennio's and Premier Inn West Quay and found both to be fine. Ennios was convenient to shopping, restaurants and an easy walk from where we returned our rental car to Hertz. Premier Inn's add-on meal package worked well for just settling down in one spot after a long day of travel.
  11. We are sailing with you. Fingers crossed Summit makes it through the Panama Canal!
  12. Guess when I read excursion I thought it was a cruise tour.
  13. The reason we've chosen a veranda cabin is because we will have immediate access to be able to photograph scenery as we cruise the fjords. For those familiar with Celebrity Edge class series of ships, we opted for a porthole veranda cabin vs. the plethora of infinite verandas with their shades that cover the view if down, which they likely would be given late sunsets and early sunrises so far north.
  14. @PATRLR We booked the Rodne excursion independently when we were in Stavenger. Here is website: Norwegian Fjord Cruises - Rødne Fjord Cruise (rodne.no) Hope that there is availability when you are there.
  15. I plan on calling the big box TA to see if they accept AARP cards toward final payment. If so, I will be buying a bunch before final payment is due for the Eclipse next month. @Cruzinram AARP or Celebrity gift cards?
  16. I just purchased an American travel mahjongg set from Amazon. The tiles are the size of a thumb nail and clear racks are included. It's imported from China and the case(s) have a strange smell, so I am soaking them in hopes the odor vanishes. If not, I'll find another case. The weight is @2.5 lbs. $40. Based on roll call and FB posts, there is a good possibility to meet other players on Summit next month. Eclipse and Apex I am sailing with friends who play.
  17. Ketchikan does. They might even offer their "port to pew" shuttle service. Holy Name Catholic Church | Ketchikan, AK (holynamektn.com) We went to Mass there in Sept. 2021. No shuttle but kind parishioners offered to bring us back to the Millennium. Juneau has a cathedral. Cathedral of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary - Juneau, AK (juneaucathedral.org) Hope these links help. All I did to find them was google catholic church whatever port city.
  18. Mine not working after trying to log-in this morning for the 1st time in several days. Will try changing password. IT department seems to be going backwards these days! Reservation transfers requested well within allowable time limits aren't being processed without many phone calls to Celebrity. When mine came through 33 days after submission, it was with a new confirmation # and different cabin #. Back to the phone to obtain cabin originally selected. It would seem to me that all it would take to move over to a TA would be a few key strokes and a tap of the send button.
  19. I did finally check it all out. Pretty good deal if your booking is with Celebrity and before final payment. Purchase 13 cards, use to pay for a $6500 cruise and save $650! Too late for me since my Summit cruise is paid up and my remaining cruises are with a TA. @CruiseLifeIsTheBest Cannot use for deposit, just to pay for cruise per the fine print on AARP.
  20. Sounds intriguing! Do you have a link for purchasing them via AARP? Or is there a place to enter AARP member # on the links provided by @Jeremiah1212?
  21. We will be on the Summit in a little under 3 weeks. But I am not so much concerned for us as I am for my DD/DSiL who are on her May 24. This is their 1st ocean cruise and I so want them to have a wonderful experience and develop an affinity for Celebrity! I hope that all the issues being reported here are fixed by the time they set sail.
  22. So I went to reprice my Apex cruise for a $132 savings. Fees & Taxes charged initially were $162.85 per person, but are now at $118.76 per person. Celebrity rep says we are bound by taxes as charged on initial booking so our savings would only total $44. I never heard of such a thing! Is this correct? If so, why?
  23. We did our DIY self-drive Alaska trip in the pre-internet days! We rented our car in Anchorage and our northernmost point was here: Alaska Lodging | Camp Denali (which at the time stayed in its sister accommodation- North Face Lodge). I previously posted about the Hatcher Pass Lodge: Hatcher Pass Lodge – Alaska's Favorite Mountain Playground. We spent several days on the Kenai Peninsula staying in Seward, at a BnB, and Soldotna, where we stayed and played golf-Lodge Accommodations - Birch Ridge (birchridgegolf.com) DH fished a day and we also traveled to Homer while in Soldotna. From the Kenai Peninsula we headed to Valdez via auto train to the Alaska Marine Highway, but the auto train is no longer an option, instead there is a one-way road tunnel. Alaska Marine Highway System - The Alaska State Ferry With a shorter time you can focus on elements that interest you. The Kenai Peninsula alone would be worth spending your 4 extra days.
  24. Our 2025 Apex cruise departs on August 25 which is a Monday U.K. bank holiday. Will transportation from London be affected that day? Would it be better to plan time in London after the cruise which ends September 6? Initially I was thinking of arriving August 21 or 22 and spending those nights in London but am having 2nd thoughts about the timing because of the bank holiday. I recall being in the Lakes District over a May bank holiday and encountering great difficulty finding lodging and restaurants that didn't require reservations. Thanks for any insights, advice!
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