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  1. ...and I only need another 1, 982 points for Zenith!!!
  2. Oct 2019??? That one would have sailed! We cruised in January 2020!!!
  3. The "agents" at Celebrity are well known for spouting misinformation...and your TA is probably just trying to appease you. Of course it has nothing to do with the size of the ship...and the economics issue is also not because of the size...Likely, they are looking at a half-full Edge and a half-full Apex...Yes, neither would be fiscally feasible...But moving as many as possible from Edge to Apex would give the a much more full...and fiscally feasible Apex...
  4. A little more explanation of why I think I can see what Celebrity is trying to do AS OF NOW: The email they sent to canceled customers gave them the option NOT of lifting and shifting to NEXT YEAR, RATHER to "rebook on any other Europe...sailing of the same ship class...departing between May and October 2021..."...and would also throw in a little extra bonus of $100 in OBC. This is VERY different from the lift and shift offers. Those were originally worded to provide for the same ship, same itinerary, same exact number of nights and only within a small window from the original sail date.
  5. I'm booked on two July cruises--Apex July 10 Barcelona to Rome and Infinity July 19 Rome to Venice... These were "lifted and shifted" from two July 2020 cruises already...We are hopeful that we get vaccinated soon and these cruises are still on...after all, they are still six months away... My take on why THESE are still "on" but other ships are not is this: Celebrity is not quite ready to cancel EVERYTHING as they are likely also hopeful enough customers--AND CREW-- can get vaccinated...and that things are a bit better in the destination countries...and they hope to be cruis
  6. I'd disagree...on virtually all counts... First, as to river cruises. We've done a couple of river cruises...They can be a decent way to get to places that you can't reach on an "ocean cruise", but they are a strikingly different experience...The most recent one we took was on Viking...a stretch of the Danube that took us to Prague...then from there by bus to Budapest...and then down the Danube to Bucharest...and a lot of smaller places in between...Yes, you GENERALLY dock "in town"...though it's not always that convenient a location...At times, the sights to see are still a bus r
  7. Okay...long ago I booked back-to-back cruises on Millie...a 14 night Japan cruise--April 10, 2021...followed by a 15-night TransPacific... Of course, back in October, Celebrity canceled both... I was doubly disappointed at the time...because 1) I was hoping that by April 2021, we'd have a vaccine and, 2) I couldn't fit the 2022 back-to-back into my schedule (holiday/family commitment conflicts)... But, heck, I DID lift-and-shift the Japan cruise to the Solstice March 27, 2021 (though the fun of doing 29 nights is gone--and I have to do LONG flights both ways now)... So, we
  8. A note, since it's been mentioned twice: If it's that Constellation itinerary, you won't need to get up early for the sail-in to Kotor as the itinerary says it docks at noon! BTW, the even better sail-ins are 1) Malta and 2) Venice (if they don't change it due to current issues regarding ship traffic). As to heat issues if cruising during summer: It's not much of an issue to me as I live in Southern California and our climate is virtually identical to most areas of the Mediterranean...So, I'm getting the same weather whether I'm home or on a trip...However, the note to everyone
  9. As part of our July 2021 plans, we are doing that 7 night Infinity (in reverse, Rome to Venice)...I like the itinerary--but, we're doing it as one of two cruises, so we get in 14 nights of cruising. To me, 7 nights is a little short. So, my vote would be the Connie. I looked up the 9 night Constellation itinerary: 1 Venice, Italy Overnight 2 Venice, Italy Departs: 2:00PM 3 Kotor, Montenegro noon- 7:00PM 4 At Sea - Cruising 5 Sicily (Messina), Italy 8:00 am-6:00PM 6 Naples, Italy Departs: 7:00 am-6:30PM 7 At Sea - Cruising 8 Portofino, Italy
  10. You really don't have to be old and retired to travel like that. We've been doing it for years...while both holding down jobs. I worked for a company for 23 years with a very liberal vacation policy...and my wife worked for the school district... so she was off about 6 weeks plus in the summer, three in December/January, a week at thanksgiving and a week at spring break...so we always took a LONG trip during that summer break. We have both now retired (early)...She retired the end of this last school year..and we figured that, now, we weren't restricted to school vacation times. We were al
  11. For me, I love cruising SO MUCH, that I always start my planning with that as a "base"...then, I add on extra time and work into the trip places I want to visit in addition to the cruise. THIS July (provided the Pandemic situation allows it), we have two cruises booked. Originally, they were back-to-back, but, with the move to 2021, the itineraries changed and we had to adjust it. So, what we now have planned is this: We are flying into Barcelona 4 nights prior to our 7-night Apex cruise. This allows us to relax, acclimate and take a day tour into Andorra one of those days. Th
  12. Seeing a couple of these comments, I had to add a few extra notes here. I HAVE been to LeHavre as a cruise port several times...also to adjacent Honfleur. We've tried to do something a little different every time. There are a lot of things one can visit out of that port...but Paris definitely isn't the one to choose. Many use the port to visit the Normandy Beaches and WWII D-Day sites. There are also a number of historical smaller towns nearby. One of our favorites from here is a trip to Rouen (where Joan of Arc was killed) and Giverny (Monet's home replete with lily ponds). The summer
  13. What is important is really a product of what is important to YOU...but MY take would be this: First, look at the itineraries...There are many different variations--Baltics, Norwegian Fjords, British Islands, Western Europe...and various versions of Mediterranean itineraries concentrating on different parts of the Mediterranean--Western, Adriatic, Greek Islands, etc. What is it YOU want to see...and where do YOU want to go. Personally for a first timer in Europe, I would look first at Mediterranean Itineraries...maybe a Barcelona to Venice or Barcelona to Athens long itinerary to get a
  14. And...as of now, my July 19 Infinity cruise, Rome to Venice, is still on...I only wish they'd change it to another ship--either a Revolutionized version or an S-Class. It will be hard enough getting on Infinity since we will be getting off Apex and getting on this one!
  15. With either itinerary, you are starting and ending in Rome...and visiting Athens and Ephesus...so those are a "wash"...So, the difference is really Rhodes, Santorini, Mykonos, Naples and two days (are they full days?) in Istanbul versus Olympia, Limasol, Haifa and two days in Jerusalem... I have cruised to all of these ports, many more than once...and I've visited Istanbul for multiple days pre- and post-cruise and Israel on a "land" trip. For that Edge itinerary, my view is that you can pick up cruises that visit Mykonos and Santorini all the time (I've stopped at both
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