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  1. With this whole mess I have learned, 1) TA's are really necessary. My wife is one & has been able to help people out through this time. She spent the hours on hold, knew the questions to ask & knew the people to talk to. Lesson #2 never trust Celebrity to protect your safety & health. They will lie to passengers & local authorities to protect their bottom line. Some of the changes that will be made to the cruise industry will be due to their poor decisions.
  2. I predict they will start cruising Sat. Not saying which month or year.
  3. Currently all drinks on the ships are free. This policy will be changed as soon as passengers board.
  4. We waited 30 days after our symptoms stopped. Not good enough for son & daughter in law. They are both nurses & recommended our doctor. They also say how good the doctors in their hospital are. All the doctors say the same as you. We are supposed to have them over for dinner on Wed. Ten weeks since our symptoms stopped. This all could have been averted if Celebrity had taken a few simple precautions. The same precautions they implement on ships that have norovirus cases. No instead the Capt. lied to us twice a day.
  5. Should have said last on Celebrity. Was not worth the extra money. I know RCL owns them, we enjoy RCL much more. The food was not better, entertainment was not any better, the Elite Lounge was a joke & service was definitely not any better.
  6. The one time we tried that. He still didn't want to do it. The police officer forced him to take us. Like you said, didn't see the problem.
  7. Called the County Health Org. same answer. One of the big box drug stores would do it, their record is horrible.
  8. We did our first Celebrity cruise in March. It will also be our last.
  9. If they cancel, yes you get a refund. Our May cruise we got our NONREFUNDABLE airfare refund within 2 weeks.
  10. Have done this several times. Taxis from one terminal to the next terminal is the hard part. The drivers don't want the short hop & then have to wait in the long line again. The terminal police have had to intervene for us to get a ride. Uber or such would be a better choice.
  11. We tested positive 2 months ago. Have tried to be retested(to see our grandkids). Doctors say no, we are cured. There are not enough tests for this.
  12. Maybe you should just buy a trailer & never cruise again. We enjoy cruising too much. We will continue to cruise & not worry about the sky falling. I heard the same things after 911 & 2008.
  13. 1) That isn't gong to happen 2) Have cruises booked through next year. Don't have to worry about that until 22. By then this will be over with.
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