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  1. If you're staying near the 17th St strip near Port Everglades, there's Lauderdale Divers in the mall between the Embassy Suites and the Extended Stay. Small shop but they'll have masks and snorkels. If you're mobile, there's the massive Divers Direct superstore in Dania Beach, right on the I95, immediately southwest of the airport. They have pretty much everything you'd want.... Happy diving ;o)
  2. I've flown AC around the planet for decades, usually economy inside NA and business to the rest of the world. Bruce is correct in his comments. Rouge is a relatively new offshoot of the mainline carrier. An acquired taste, but is often the only way to fly AC to certain destinations. Fundamentally the same, biggest difference is no in-seat TV screens, they rent out Ipads for inflight entertainment. AC Business class inside NA is just bigger seats, with full service, etc. No lie-flat seats or mini-suites like on the longer international legs Preferred seats are certain seats in Economy that command a small premium in price to book, but either have slightly longer seat pitch or may be in emergency rows so much longer legroom and are usually farther up front. Premium Rouge is sort of "Business Class lite" with longer seat pitch, slightly wider seats and more or less full Business Class meal service. If you know which specific aircraft type you're booked on, you can check seatguru.com and see exactly what the layout of the specific cabin will be. Here's one for the Air Canada Rouge 767-300 https://www.seatguru.com/airlines/Air_Canada/Air_Canada_Rouge_Boeing_767-300ER_new.php Have a great trip !
  3. Same here, used NordVPN last November on the Royal, no issues.
  4. I guess it's pretty sad if people do have a recycling program and still dump paper into the garbage. In our case, our town makes it easier for us to recycle paper than throw it into the trash, and my wife and I dump at least 40 lbs a week of recyclable materials into our recycle bin. But to the point at hand, yes, I think Princess is using FAR more silly and wasteful packaging than they need to.
  5. Sad that your town does not have municipal paper recycling available. Our recycling bin fills up at least 5 times faster than our garbage bin.
  6. I've needed distilled water on a couple of trips, and never bothered pre-arranging. I just asked Stewart when we first met him/her and the jug showed up very quickly.
  7. ABSOLUTELY agree on the White Pass railway out of Skagway. It was an amazing trip and we will definitely be doing it again on our next Alaska trip. We did the long one, train from Skagway all the way into the Yukon, then bus back. Amazing.....
  8. Thanks for the heads up. When you say "...only done once", I take that to mean that they only ran one show per night, and not the usual 8 and 10PM shows? When did the shows start and how long were they?
  9. We've had two Medallion cruises, and the security issue is a bit more worrying than what you describe. If you steal someone's Medallion, (or if you find one lying on the deck somewhere), you don't have to "...walk quickly through the ship and listen for a door to unlock" All you have to do is walk up to one of the very many helpful electronic screens and touch the person's Medallion to the sensor. That immediately logs on to THEIR info and you are presented with their avatar and name. You then touch another of the on-screen icons ( IIRC it was called "Stateroom") and it then helpfully shows you another screen with their cabin number and a very nice map display showing the best route for you to take to go and open their cabin door.
  10. What is the power output of these new USB outlets? Presumably they can be used to charge phones, but we always leave our phones in the safe. Has anyone used these outlets to charge a full tablet. not just a small phone. I have a number of USB chargers, including a few that plug into an AC outlet, which do not have enough grunt to able to charge larger, power-hungry devices.
  11. We did this trip in Nov 2018, on the Royal Princess. LOVED the itinerary and will do it again for sure. We'd been to Aruba before on a land trip and this cruise re-enforced the island as SWMBO's favorite island anywhere (though I still prefer Grand Cayman ;o). We also fell in love with Bonaire and can't wait to go back. Quaint and quiet. As a diver, I can certainly see why it's rated as one of the best dive destinations on the planet. Strangely, we didn't care as much for Curacao. Though a big island with lots to see and do, we did find it a bit rundown as compared with Aruba. In any case, this is a great itinerary and you'll love it. ENJOY!!!
  12. Same results here. I checked our three booked trips (all under the big box TA's Sip N Sail from last June) Simple balcony cabins, 7 day trips. Prices under the new sale are anywhere from $350 to $600 more for essentially the same cabin. No deals here for us.
  13. Thanks for the feedback, sounds like we will have to wait until the Sanctuary is fully "assembled" before we can really confirm whether or not it will work for us. Doesn't sound promising, I have to admit, as one of the last things I want to see in the Sanctuary is a hot tub. We. too, are big fans of the Sanctuary on the Royal class ships, particularly that far forward area around the sofas. Please keep us up to speed and post photos if you can once the Sanctuary loungers have been put in place.
  14. Thanks for the photo. We're huge Sanctuary users and will be attempting to book when we board in April. Compared to the Regal & Royal, are there more or fewer loungers, and are more or fewer in the shade which we prefer, oand have some loungers been sacrificed to add more cabanas? I ask because I read a comment that Princess had "...doubled the number of cabanas" in the Sky's Sanctuary Thanks for the review!
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