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  1. I'm really not sure why you feel the need to point that out. The category upgrade is a red herring and means nothing. What does mean something to us is the slightly under $US400 in credits we received by booking under the sale. On two of those trips, factoring in the CAD/USD conversion, that translates into credits worth almost 20% of the cruise price. I'm happy for you that you have a better TA than we do, but I'm perfectly happy with the one that we have.
  2. Thanks SO much for those kind words. Have a great day....
  3. I absolutely agree, so are we. I started talking to our "personal" TA with this Agency weeks ago re the 3 Day Sale, and gave her the three trips and specific cabins we wanted. A full week before the sale, she put a hold on all 3 trips at the Princess rate at the time, grabbing our cabins. The morning of the 24th, she was able to cancel all three trips and convert over to the sale, keeping the 3 exact cabins we requested, the Princess price, so no price increase, and adding the Agency's four add-ons. For our three one week trips in Balcony cabins, we received $250 OBC, the TA OBC of $50, the lower refundable deposit and the coupon book (which adds about $US30-35 in value as it gives the free speciality restaurant meal; we'll ignore the free bottle of water ;o). Oddly, we also apparently received a free category upgrade from BF to BB, though I'm still confused as to whether this means anything, as we seemed to have requested a BB, and paid for a BB. In any case, this sale, as it has in recent years, worked out GREAT for us. Now, if we can only sail....
  4. Sorry for the confusion, we are talking about the same agency. I refer to them as a big box even though they are online and storefront. I do have to admit that, when we sat through their webinar a few weeks ago, I thought I had seen the same reference to cabin upgrades being part of the 3 Day Sale, but I can't find any mention of it in any of their advertising correspondence.
  5. As always, Google is your friend....
  6. I'll have to look into that more carefully. We have three new trips on hold with this sale, hopefully to be converted into firm bookings tomorrow morning when our TA calls in to sign us up. At no time have I seen any mention of the free location upgrade being part of the sale, though it was offered by Princess recently on various bookings I browsed through on the Princess site. All the Emails I have received from the big box TA about the 3 Day Sale make no mention of the location upgrade being part of the sale, any chance you have the link to where it shows, that would be greatly appreciated. And I'm certainly with you on the three Princess Plus add-ons not adding value to the 3 Day Sale when you have to pay for them, as is the case here. If they would offer the sale at the price of the Princess Saver fare, THAT would be a good deal....
  7. The "3 Day Sale" isn't a Princess sale, it's a sale dedicated to Princess cruises offered by the big 3rd party agency. You have to go to their site , not Princess' site to see the details. The TA in question has been advertising their 3 day sale for many weeks.
  8. Fingers always crossed ;o) Just checked again this AM, two days ahead of the sale, and the price hasn't changed. Not that I expect much, but our TA has told us a number of times in recent days that Princess have told them that the price won't change for the 24th. We'll have to wait and see.
  9. I guess my point was that I didn't see any price increase whatsoever. The price I see today on the Princess web site, doing a simple search for the same class of cabin in the same location, is exactly the same as it was two weeks ago.
  10. I just logged on and re-checked the price of our cabin that is on hold for us until the sale on Thursday, at which point our TA will cancel it and re-book under the sale terms. The price I see today is identical to the penny to what it's been for weeks.
  11. I just did a quick and rough check of the cost to ship two standard suitcases, 50 lbs each (sorry, SWMBO likes to travel fully equipped), from here in Montreal to Rome and back through the Luggage Forward web site. Total for the return trip for the two bags came to $US1900, or about $2500 Canadian for two bags. Is that possible? A similar booking from here to Fort Lauderdale and return came to a much more reasonable $US706 or about $930 Canadian. ;o)
  12. Correct, I am working with a 7 day trip in a std balcony cabin for two adults. Using one of our newly held trips, the basic fare, before taxes is about $CAD2900 for the two of us, exactly the same price as quoted off the Princess site and that price should not change once the sale starts. Using a CAD to USD conversion of 0.76, that comes out to $US2200, so the $US300 OBC works out to about 13%. Also, this TA has an in-house points program, awarding points for $$$s spent on cruises, hotel stays, etc. We typically book 2-3 cruises with them per year, and the points usually translate into a few hundred extra dollars per year to partially offset our pre-cruise hotel stays. The final benefit to using this agency, however intangible, is our relationship with our dedicated TA, who has been great to work with, very diligent and hard working.
  13. Assuming we're still talking about the big on-line and storefront TA that was the subject of the original posting, the OBC they will offer during their 3 day sale next week is "up to" $700, actual value depending on cabin class and trip duration. For the three 7 day trips we will be booking in balcony cabins, the OBC is $US250 per cabin per trip. They also give us $25/pp per trip as well, in addition.
  14. A bit more detail on leaving and returning to Canada.... https://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/why-can-canadians-still-fly-to-the-u-s-it-s-not-up-to-canada-1.5107317 https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/services/diseases/2019-novel-coronavirus-infection/latest-travel-health-advice.html#cruise
  15. Thanks John, good catch. I had simply looked at the invoice for the trip, dated a LONG time ago, and saw the November 9 date as final payment, forgetting about the new 60 day rule. Our final payment should be in mid-December. I'm busy online with our TA booking a bunch of new trips during the big 3 day sale, so I'll ask her to confirm the exact final payment date.
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