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  1. We are a family of 5 and we haven't done hotel yet - but more than likely a marriott property
  2. We will be coming in December 2020 - Looking for a tour company for the day or 2 before the cruise - will also need airport transfers
  3. Just wondering what pricing you are looking for - I looked up leaving on the 21st on Expedia for 2 adults in premium economy and saw $2054 pp nonstop from MIA ($1656 with one stop) $1348 via PBI (2 stops Jetblue / Aer Lingus) $909 via MCO with one stop on Aer Lingus - this seems like
  4. Just did a quick Google Search try https://reservations.jet2.com/jet2.reservations.web.portal/start.aspx?lang=en&action=33&touroperatorcode=RCCL
  5. We just got back from the Edge (Barcelona to Rome) We had $3700/pp on american (RT) Business with tax/fees
  6. We are doing a cruise December 2020 from Melbourne - Looking at Air New Zealand from LAX (very good pricing for business class) just wondering if anyone has flown them / can give input
  7. First off I hope you have a wonderful trip - You may have to call celebrity (or a TA) to help with this as for example celebrity has Family Veranda Staterooms (which I think can do ) but require to be booked "manually" vs via a website system. In regards to deck / location, I generally like a midship (vertical and front/back) cabin when possible. If you get adjoining cabins, you maybe able to have the balconies opened up / connected (if you want) What some of done with the larger families is either do 2 adjoining cabins or a cabin across the hall. You may want to consider doing a 5th cabin with the 17, 19 year old and perhaps one of the other kids... Just a thought..... this can also help spread the perks you might take as the 3rd & 4th in each room don't get the same perks Last thing is once you do book it, check back on the celebrity site as they run specials from time to time and you can get your reservation repriced at the lower price (at least in the US) - for example earlier this year Celebrity ran a kids sale free promo
  8. 1) See attached photo of "coffee table" 2) Still the standard chairs / small table (you can see in reflection in attached photo) 3) The Lounge and Sundeck were GREAT - there were ALOT of kids on this cruise and in suites - the pool on sundeck is small - but the kids (including my little one) were well behaved 4) The only drink we wanted was Arizona Lemon Iced Tea - Our butler had to "hunt" for them but found about 8 cans over the week - apparently there was a provisioning issue with getting the tea - The concierges helped with one shore excursion and that was it 5) Luminae was great - My wife is a vegetarian and although they only had one dish on the menu for her (and didn't have the main dinning room menu as on the other ships - they gave us the next night menu each evening for the next night and we were able to adjust / request as needed 6) They did have the Daniel Boulud special items as well as the "standards" each night
  9. Date of Cruise: July 6, 2019 Ship: Edge Cabin #: 9207 Deck #: 9 Cabin Category: Sky Suite (S2) Cabin Location: Mid-Ship Bed Position: Near Bathroom - Facing Balcony Balcony Type: Traditional Balcony/Window Size: Standard Sized Balcony/Window View/Obstruction: None Balcony Overhang?: None Magic Carpet Issues?: N/A - Opposite Side of Ship Noise Issues?: At night I could hear a little bit of the music from out on deck Wind Issues?: None Connecting Cabin? Where Does it Connect?: N/A Suite Details: The sky suite had the the low round table - which was large enough to have 2 full place settings - but you had to sit on the floor - we didn't mind. Additionally this sky suite had the glass door installed on the shower / tub so there was no issue with water getting out. Advantages/Problems/Comments: The suite had a nice view forward. Looking back you saw the "bump out" Looking down you saw the outside seating of Fine Cut. If you hit the sleep mode for the room control - it gives you about 60 seconds and shuts off the lights - If you hit the all off option - it shuts off the lights in the bathroom as well. Would You Book It Again?: Not factoring in price yes we would book this cabin again Photos or Photo Links:
  10. This was not from the butler it was from Guest Services - There is a card on the bottle with his name even so it was specifically sent to HIM - There have been stories of young teenagers being in a room on their own. As I said if that had been done and the teenager got drunk and something happened. This board would be all over celebrity for not being on top of things..... Please understand the point was NOT to complain but to share a good laugh.....I gave constructive feedback to Guest Service so that in the future the are aware.
  11. Ok - 1) I WASN'T Complaining ...... We thought it was nice 2) The first words out of my mouth when I went to guest services was Thank You.... i mention to them that this was for my 6 year out of the fact that I read on cruise critic all the time about how minor children can be in a next door / across the hall room. And just wanted them to be aware that they delivered wine to a minor. If Celebrity delivered a bottle of wine to one of these rooms and the kids drank the wine because they didn't know. EVERYONE on this board would be all over celebrity about how could they do something like that. My point of this post was again that we thought it was amusing to get the bottle of wine (which we weren't expecting) and got a good laugh and thought others might as well. Someone had asked "what would I have liked" - So I answered that question - quite frankly I wasn't expecting ANYTHING
  12. Phoenix - It really is more an FYI.... I would have liked if they could have done a more age appropriate gift other than the wine...like a toy ship or a clothing item - it's no biggie - as I said we got a laugh out of it
  13. This would be a great thought except Mommy doesn't drink at all - and Daddy isn't going to do an entire bottle by himself - we will wrap it / pack it and bring it home with us
  14. So we are currently on the Edge in a Sky Suite and our son just turned 6 today. 1) Our butler put up a happy birthday banner / balloons over all the room while we were out today this was great 2) Our butler worked with Luminae to have a cake done for our son - he doesn't do chocolate or ice cream cake - The did a REALLY nice cake - I had just asked for a simple vanilla / yellow cake - they went above and beyond...... And finally.... since they had flagged the reservation with birthday celebration.... we can back to the room to find the attached photo..... I stopped by Guest Services to say thank you and suggested that they check the age of the passenger before just delivering a bottle of wine
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