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  1. Thanks for everyone who replied - I learned something here
  2. While I realize it no one can probably give me an exact number, there are obviously a certain amount of crew needed to operate the ship even if no one else was aboard I figure there is the bridge crew (perhaps 2 shifts), engineering crew, (perhaps 2 shifts) and maybe some of the Department Heads / Senior Staff So if the ship normally has 1,000 crew members - maybe they are now operating with 100-150??? This is just something I'm curious about.
  3. As someone who has worked in customer service (not a call center) - This doesn't surprise me and I give Celebrity kudos for at least giving an auto-reply and trying to set expectations. What I can give as an example is if they get 1000 new "issues" per day (email and phone calls) but can only resolve 750 per day, there is going to be a backlog. Unfortunately I have found that it isn't just First In, First Out, that it is a mix of that as well as addressing new issues as they are happening depending on which "channel" they are coming from. So of the 250 that were left over from day 1 they may only get to 50 of them on day 2 and so forth. Additionally Celebrity has publicly stated that they have reduced their shoreside staff as well which means fewer people to deal with these items. I'm guessing they are just getting caught up with all the FCC / refunds from the first batch of cancelations, I am guessing they will have another grouping to deal with in the next few weeks depending on if / when they cancel additional cruises.
  4. Constellation is also showing as Not Under Command - Which either means they are having technical issues as it related to navigation or it might suggest that they have shut down their engines except for essential power hence the reason they are drifting
  5. @aftforsure correct it’s not going into the canal. Edge is doing an itinerary at the same time that does. Our feel was for the couple hours in the canal itself wasn’t worth the extra cost for edge
  6. @Wine-O When I look at current deck plans Deck 10 is currently the hair salon and acupuncture. https://www.cruisedeckplans.com/DP/deckplans/deckbydeck.php?ship=Celebrity-Constellation&deck=10 This even shows the modifications of them adding 14 cabins to deck 10
  7. We just moved from December 2020 to December 2021 - Interestingly the Aqua Class on Deck 10 are showing which aren't on the ship yet - so hopefully that is a sign that perhaps in 2021 it will get the renovations
  8. @My hero 6 Congrats on getting that changed - although you are on a different ship and slightly different ports - its the same number of ports / night / days - and even has the same "Name" I wonder what the magic combination is
  9. I guess the question is if Celebrity isn't sailing the EXACT same trip on the same CLASS ship what your options are. I believe one of the T&C is that a holiday sailing must remain a holiday sailing. It sounds like they are still figuring this out a bit - I'll post when I hear something - hopefully others will as well.
  10. My TA reached out to Celebrity last night - We are currently on a holiday sailing of Connie out of Tampa in December - for next year they are doing a similar (but slightly different) on Edge out of Ft Laud - Celebrity is not running the exact same cruise the following year - and we were told the prevailing rates line. I asked my TA to check A) what the rates would be compared to what we have B) If there would be any penalties - I believe we currently have NRD on the current booking C) What happens if we just wait under CWC use the future cruise credit This booking was originally made July of 2019 and transferred ships in January of 2020 so we are fine within the period of booking - it's all the other questions that come into play
  11. We've cruised the last few years in a suite with our now 6 year old - he has gotten the classic non-alcohol. My guess as minors they will get premium for the first 2 and classic for the 3rd In terms of a credit / comp I don't think they would - if they did I think you are more likely to get it to happen on board vs in advanced Just my 2 cents
  12. If they were do anything I would see merging Oceana with Azamara Club as I believe that the 2 lines draw similar audiences and with the exception of the 2 new builds from Oceana - They operate the same R Ships - This would give them all except one of the R Class ships - (the other is with Princess) I believe Royal has 11B in credit lines right now - It would be interesting to see if this model could work.
  13. Also they have been playing musical chairs between the ports / anchorage sites I think it's in part to take on fuel and supplies - they still have crew on board they need to feed
  14. My understanding was that since they had already cancelled the cruises for the next 2-3 weeks, that the constellation was going to go into drydock early. They as they left India on Thursday - They maybe "taking their time" getting to the drydock as so they can show that they've passed any quarantine period. While some countries have shut their ports to cruise traffic, I believe they haven't all shut to cargo. I'm not sure how the "dry dock" qualifies etc I did see the post on the RCCL board that was from the mother of a crew member. I believe during dry dock many of the crew has "time off" - perhaps it is that time off that is being cancelled also, from what I can see it is 3rd hand reporting and only a screen capture so it is hard to say all the details behind it. I know that the airlines have announced they are deferring plane delivery from Airbus and Boeing, however in my opinion I think the cruise ships are slightly different as they already have the materials purchased / staged - one reason for the ship not going into dry dock maybe a logistics issue of supply of items vs a $$$ issue We could speculate all day long. Until an official announcement from Celebrity comes out, I wouldn't worry to much about it as none of us have control over it and whatever it is , it is.
  15. pl281


    One of the RCCL ships is showing anchored off of Ft Lauderdale - I'm sure they'd much rather have them docked where possible - it's just a matter of space
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