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  1. I will have to remember my opera glasses.
  2. Mine is on my original booking confirmation. I am in UK. It may be different for you.
  3. When we went to Sardinia we did a tour that included a Nuraghi? Village. Very interesting history.
  4. Would your travel insurance cover any loss of deposit?
  5. We are considering the drinks package and have looked at prices as well as Ts and Cs. Does having to wait between drinks include when buying glasses of wine with dinner?
  6. Has anyone read where smoking will be allowed on the outside deck of QA? We are non smokers and would prefer a cabin over the non smoking side of the ship. I have looked at FAQ on the Cunard website and it is not clear.
  7. I had a similar experience to David63 , post 14, so I always book direct on the phone.
  8. We walked to a maritime museum and back to the ship via the market. It is a very pretty town. I felt completely safe as we wandered around.
  9. We were told that we could invite our son with us to WC and Senior Officers parties. He was only gold to our diamond.
  10. We tried Cunard Care once. We accepted their quote but they called back shortly after to say they had quoted for the wrong cruise line and it would be twice as expensive as we were on a Cunard ship! We took the option to cancel at no cost and sort it ourselves. We are in the UK.
  11. How is parking? I see that CPS don't cover Ambassador.
  12. We love Cunard but having seen the adverts for Ambassador we want to find out more. Has anyone had experience of this cruise line?
  13. Have a great trip. Looking forward to your updates.
  14. For 2 weeks we have 7 pieces of assorted luggage, plus carry on. 2 large cases, 1 medium 4 suit carriers for dresses, suits etc.
  15. I am in the UK. When we tried to upgrade we had to pay the rate applicable when we first booked.
  16. I like port because I get the morning sun on the way down, while I am getting used to the heat, and the afternoon sun on the way back.
  17. If everyone walks the same way round then you never meet other people. You can't have a conversation with somebody's back.
  18. Thank you. Nice to have an idea of prices as well.
  19. We are considering an Iceland cruise. Can anyone tell me what tours are offered by Cunard at Reykjavik?
  20. As well as making the cabin darker we haven't been able to watch the sea from the bed.
  21. Whenever I have been on board there has bern a notice at the Pursers desk saying that the ship is fully booked so it is unlikely that you could change your room once on board.
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