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  1. pamrose228

    Jerusalem, Dead Sea and Masada in 1 long day

    Saw your cruise also but an overnight in Jerusalem was a must. Too much to see in too little days. As a matter of fact we have friends living in Israel and we are not telling them we are going .
  2. pamrose228

    Jerusalem, Dead Sea and Masada in 1 long day

    Explorer of the Seas October 2020
  3. pamrose228

    Jerusalem, Dead Sea and Masada in 1 long day

    Yes and I dislike it emmensely. No tour company listed just pay us $1300 for a van of 10. Nope. I have written to GTI, he seems to have similar tours at similar prices. Will let my roll call know the details. But I fear most of the pax on my cruise are Christian.
  4. pamrose228

    Replacement port

    Yes the problems are impacting all of France. A full private tour guides will not do tours anywhere in France from Le Havre. Yellow Vests are everywhere. I don’t know much about St. Malo though. What Cruise line are you sailing with? Are excursions posted?
  5. pamrose228

    Replacement port

    We don’t riot here. Our protests are peaceful and if you act out of line you are arrested. Not so in France. Guess you haven’t been to New York.
  6. pamrose228

    Replacement port

    Going on the NCL Pearl TA in May Cork Dublin La Havre Tilbury Belgium and Amsterdam. All excursions are up except for Le Havre. I fear the upheavals in France will skip this port. What other port is possible I say overnight in Tilbury or day in Liverpool. It’s very disturbing not being told what is going to happen in 90 days or so. Also I have $100 port excursion credit per port not fair if I can’t use it Pam and Steve
  7. pamrose228

    Jerusalem, Dead Sea and Masada in 1 long day

    This sounds more my speed. On shipmate I found three tours 2 from Jerusalem Jerusalem and Jewish Heritage... goes to Yad Vashem, Israeli museum, Knesset and Holy City In 10 to 11 hours Day 2 Dead Sea and Masada also a 10 to 11 hour tour Day 3 from Haifa Golan Heights , Safed and a kibbutz All three between 100 and 130 per excursion How do they sound?
  8. pamrose228

    Jerusalem, Dead Sea and Masada in 1 long day

    Is this $600 for two people or a small group? If for two people way too rich for me
  9. pamrose228

    Jerusalem, Dead Sea and Masada in 1 long day

    I will be on the Explorer of the seas for overnight in Ashdod and one whole day in Haifa. Want to see Jeruselum yYad Vadshem Masada iNd dead seas. Any reasonsabke tour guides. Oh yeah Shabbas starts at the end of my second day at jersulum tia
  10. pamrose228

    Le Harve to Paris Shore Excursion

    Two ports after Le havre, Belgium and Amsterdan. I vote for making Tilbury an over night. West End shows, etc. It the port next to Le havre
  11. pamrose228

    Just off the Armonia (Cuba/Christmas)

    When we were in Cuban last week we hired via the internet a tour company Cuban Connections who did everything for us. For two days no worries. Met us at the ship day one took us on a lengthly walking tour, then had a classic car waiting for us (Belair 54) for the rest of day and evening. Instead of Tropicana we went to the Le Parisean at the Hotel Nacional and the car and tour guide were there to meet us and bring us back to ship (at midnight) The tour guide also brought us back to the ship at 7 to freshen up and eat dinner and brought through Havana at evening at 8:30. Next day he meet us at 9 aa with a pink chevy 62 convertible. He bought us to sights that no big bus operator would bring people. e.g. we went to the site of the Cuban Missile Crisis with the downed American plane and the missile pointing toward USA. It costs us around 300 Euros for the 2 days but well worth it no extra taxis to the clubs, etc. Also the guide knew exactly the right place to buy cigars, rum, shirts, etc/
  12. Going on the NCL Pearl in April with be in Le Harve on VE day 5/8 from 6:30 am to 7 pm. Is it possible to do some some Paris in this day? Any suggestions for a reliable tour guide, trying to get a van together of 12 or so other pax. With a 5 hour drive back and fourth that will give us approx 5 hours plus to tour. Thanks in advance. Pam
  13. pamrose228

    Just off the Armonia (Cuba/Christmas)

    We decided to i go to the the show Le Parisean at the Hotel Nacional, Cost was only 35 CUC pp included a cocktail and a 3 minute cab ride to the ship. Thw show was indoors and brillant, not as big as the Trop show but big. A famous Cuban bonjo player show us his talent. It was all terrifric, and the Hotel Nacional on Saturday night is the place to go.
  14. pamrose228

    Just off the Armonia (Cuba/Christmas)

    Was just on the New Years Eve Cruise and lobster and filet mignon was offered on the first night which was New Years Eve from a special menu. The lobster was horrible very dry and chewy. The filet was not better.
  15. pamrose228

    Automatic gratuities guidelines

    It used to work that way. You tipped those who you felt should be tipped. When did you start cruising?