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  1. They are expensive! That’s why it’s a bucket list trip for me too. However, everything is included in the price, there are no extra charges once you are on, excursions and everything are included, so it’s not quite as bad as it looks but he’s still a dream for someday.
  2. Trying Virgin in September (wishful thinking?). I also really want to try one of the small Celebrity ships doing the Galápagos Islands. I’ve done most of the “mass market” cruise lines. I’ll try anything at least once, why not? I’d be happy to be on my least favorite cruise ship right now.
  3. troublemakers are always fun. No need to compare genies to slavery. If you don’t want a suite, don’t book a suite. Why even click on a thread asking about someone’s favorite thing a genie did if you have such negative opinions on them?
  4. Our June cruise got cancelled. We have a September cruise booked (not royal)- we won’t cancel but I have doubts it will go forward. We rebooked our Royal for next summer. We are still reading and willing to sail as soon as the cruise lines determine it is safe.
  5. So don’t get one 🤷‍♀️. No reason to post such negative stuff, no reason to even open this thread.
  6. We need some more positive posts around here these days! Our June 2020 cruise to Alaska was sadly cancelled, we were booked in a sky loft on the Ovation and had been counting down for a year. However, with the 125% FCC we were able to rebook for next year and upgrade to a Grand Loft which will make us Star Class. I’ve been researching the Genie service and it looks great! Makes waiting another year worthwhile. So, help me wait, and tell me the one thing you most enjoyed having your Genie for? The one thing they did that you didn’t even realize they would do?
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