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  1. I think that someone on FlyerTalk has a signature along the lines of "You call that a window seat? I'd break my neck trying to look out of it!" AIUI, you're right about what you'd need to do if you're across the aisle from each other. You can try to judge from photos what you'd need to do to peer over the top of the divider between adjacent seats, but I expect it's possible. One other thing that I think (IIRC) is a feature of the seat is that if you want to put it into bed mode, the seat/"mattress" has to be flipped over, for which you obviously have to get up. The other bit of advice which I've heard/seen is that if you do want to be able to sleep, make sure you get a seat further away from the onboard bar.
  2. Well, I've just had the opposite problem of that which seems to have been the most common complaint here. I replied to a new thread (the thread was new and mine was the first reply), and I was not automatically subscribed to it. I thought this was strange. I therefore went to my notification settings to see whether they were as I expected. I discovered that they had been reset. "Automatically follow new content I post" and "Automatically follow content I reply to" had been unchecked, and "Play a sound when I receive a notification" had been checked. I know that all three settings had been the other way around because I looked at that yesterday when trying to help with previous posts on this subject. So the gremlin is still at work.
  3. I've never flown VS in business class, so I don't have any personal experience of this. But I understand that this seat is not going to make conversation between seats easy wherever you sit. The passenger's feet point into the aisle in every seat, so across the aisle doesn't work for conversation. And if you're side-by-side on the same window side, you still have a high partition between every seat. VS' new seat is very different from this, but it sounds like that isn't what's planned for your flight.
  4. What does the service do for you at immigration? Does it just put you in the Fast Track queue, or do you get to jump that queue too? And how much do they charge?
  5. I believe that this is a complete withdrawal of landing cards: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-48297695 Were you told whether you were now able to use the e-gates? Did you use them? I have seen it said that today was also the day on which seven countries were to be added to the list of those eligible to use the e-gates (namely Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea and USA).
  6. This will be pretty conventional. You can easily buy a ticket covering both halves of the journey yourself: for example, New York to Seattle; Anchorage to New York. This is basically priced in the same way as round-trip tickets are, using half of a round-trip fare New York-Seattle-New York and half of a round-trip fare New York-Anchorage-New York. (Yes, those directions are correct.) If the cruise line books it for you, it will basically replicate that process within the contractual arrangements that it has with the relevant airlines. For short-haul trips in North America, frequently it now doesn't matter anyway if you buy two one-way tickets. But it's always worth looking at all the combinations to work out what's best overall.
  7. Yes. That's exactly the flight. What price are you seeing this for? Are you sure it's British Airways - British Airways? I would be surprised if you can easily get that for an affordable price one-way. I was thinking about a British Airways - Air New Zealand combination for that, which is priced using an Air New Zealand fare.
  8. On most airlines, one-way long-haul tickets tend to be expensive because airlines generally do not sell the cheapest fares on a one-way basis. For one-way long-haul travel after a one-way cruise, the cruise line's air travel can therefore be a good source because frequently they will have contracts with airlines that allow them to sell a one-way ticket for something like half the round-trip price. Have you yet tried this? What prices are you getting from the cruise line? There are potential disadvantages to booking air tickets through the cruise line, but to me they would seem to be small compared to the risk that Norwegian goes under a couple of weeks before you travel and it then costs you many thousands to buy a replacement air ticket. Another possibility is to take advantage of routes on which a stable airline does sell tickets on a one-way basis. The first idea that comes to mind is to use Air New Zealand between London and Los Angeles. A quick search shows a price of $546 for a one-way ticket on Air New Zealand from Barcelona to Los Angeles, with the first (Barcelona-London) sector on British Airways. You may then be able to get yourself home to Phoenix relatively cheaply, although as that will have to be on a separate ticket you will want to take steps to de-risk that last step. Is this getting any closer?
  9. Another place to try is https://boards.cruisecritic.com/notifications/options/ which IIRC is where you can set the default options for threads to which you contribute in future.
  10. Go to the thread concerned. To the right of the thread title, above the blue "Reply to this topic" button, there is a small box. If it says "Following", you are subscribed to the thread. Click that word and a drop-down will appear. Click the red button marked "Unfollow". If the small box only says "Follow", and clicking that produces a drop-down that does not contain a red button, then you are not subscribed to the thread. In that case, only the CC software knows why it decided to honour you with a bunch of emails about that thread.
  11. This is one of the reasons that I don't normally name the company that I use. I expect that all of them have given cause for an anecdote like this; with the thousands of journeys that they do, it would be impossible for things not to go wrong sometimes. What I haven't seen is anything that suggests that any of the "usual suspects" amongst London-based airport transfer specialists (ie between London airports and London) is a persistently poorer performer than the others. FWIW, Simply Airports is the company that we use when we (or guests, family or friends) need a London airport transfer of this kind. The company was recommended by a number of central London-based frequent flyers - the type who are doing one or more trips every week, some of them doing one or two long-haul trips a week - who all thought that it did a good and reliable job. Although we use them far less frequently than that, it's still usually a couple of times a year or more on average. And the company hasn't ever let us down, in either direction. The one time that it couldn't do the job, it immediately said so by email. When I called to find out whether it was true, the call centre said yes, and they were very sorry. But please would I try calling Just Airports instead, for which they provided the number - and Just Airports did an equally good job. That's why I normally simply refer CC queries to one of the "usual suspects", whose names are bandied about here regularly.
  12. A first question: Have you tried looking at the number one sticky at the very top of the forum?
  13. Truly, there is no "u" in Qantas! ;) Glad you are sorted.
  14. I wonder whether the operator might be flexible enough to accommodate this within its standard tour. Although Ata Rangi requires booking, it doesn't charge - so it would simply be a question of the operator getting you there at the right time and picking you up again afterwards. We're not talking about big distances between wineries. Although the cynic in me does wonder a bit about whether the wineries that are normally visited pay a commission to the tour operator ...
  15. Whenever I've sailed from Southampton and had a bag big enough to drop off with the porters, they've vanished with the bag before I've even had time to think about getting any money out to tip them.
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