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  1. Is there any significance to the inclusion of "Johannesburg" in the thread title? Do you need/want somewhere close to Joburg? Is that one of the places you will be in any event? Where else do you need to be, and when? Are you open to going anywhere other than the Kruger/Sabi area and the Pilanesburg area? And quite important: What is your budget? There are plenty of places that fall into the "If you have to ask the price ..." category.
  2. Then it would have come as no surprise to you that your bag was too big.
  3. It's actually against the CC rules to take a thread off-topic like this. You really should post separately about this (in this forum for London, and in the France forum for Paris). I would also suggest some research on these two cities, including looking at maps showing you where the "major attractions" are located. Lots of information available for free on the internet! In addition to which, the question is unanswerable because the "major attractions" of both cities are spread out across the whole of them.
  4. I don't want unnecessarily to repeat what Turtles06 has said, so I will just add that it's my constant view that a day trip to Paris isn't a profitable use of your time or energy unless you have a particular reason to go to Paris that briefly. I think that the word was more commonly used here a while back - maybe about thirty years ago?
  5. Why do you think there would be any real risk of getting a 2-3-2 business class configuration on a Cathay flight from New York to Hong Kong? An awful lot would have to go wrong for that to happen.
  6. But it's still in my (constant) view a waste of good sightseeing time and energy to do this. You don't really see anything of Paris, and the 8-ish hours of travelling could be spent seeing things in London. I have done it myself when there have been specific things to go to Paris for, and I would do it again. But I would not interrupt a first visit to London to do this for no particular reason - and I should say that I would equally not interrupt a first visit to Paris to do a day trip to London for no particular reason.
  7. Sadly, the number of experienced travel agents who can give useful advice about a trip like this is now pretty small.
  8. First, if you are getting a price of $6,000 per person on AA for the entire trip, then I think something is wrong. I have been able to use ITA to price an itinerary using AA flights for the long-hauls and BA flights for the short-hauls for the same price as BA is selling these - $2,178.13 per person today. (If you use that tool to price BA flights, the price will be stated as $2,206.13, but for technical reasons this is $28.00 per person higher than the price that BA will charge you for the exact same thing.) That, of course, means that you still get the saving if you buy the long-hauls and the short-hauls separately. The reason for this is that if you buy it all on one ticket, you are buying a through fare from Phoenix to Dubrovnik/Split and back. If you buy the short-haul separately, you will get access to BA's cheapest point-to-point fares. However, I can't immediately see a total saving as high as $500 per person; the total cost that I see (after deducting that technical $28.00 uplift) is $1,667.83 + $291.60 = $1,959.43 per person. So the saving by buying the two bits separately looks like it may only be about $200 per person (which is nevertheless not inconsequential). You've already been given advice about the technical position if you book these separately. If you do so, there's necessarily an element of risk. But I personally think that the risk is small, and you can reduce the risk further by booking the later London-Phoenix flight on 4 May. It's the BA-operated flight at 1445, arriving at 1735. This means that if the London-Split-London rotation doesn't operate on 3 May and not everyone can be rerouted, a rescue flight might be possible during the morning of 4 May. Alternatively, if the aircraft goes tech at Split and it can't fly again until the next morning, you still have a decent chance of making the onward flight. Like for all of the flights between Phoenix and London, you can book the AA flight number on that BA-operated flight if you have a reason for preferring to do so. There's also no reason why you can't book an AA flight or flight number in one direction and a BA flight / flight number in the other, if that makes sense for you. Personally, I would have no hesitation in booking Split-London on 3 May and the later London-Phoenix flight on 4 May. I would then also try to wangle a stay in the Sofitel overnight, as both flights will be at Terminal 5 and this would make the overnight stay dead easy.
  9. The TSA doesn't do passport control. It does security screening. Passport control = immigration. Reykjavik will be where you cross the immigration border into Schengenland (as the flight from Reykjavik to Copenhagen is "domestic" for immigration purposes).
  10. If you travel a lot, surely you'd already know that different airlines specify different maximum sizes for bags? In fact, some airlines have to specify different sizes for different aircraft within their own fleet.
  11. It's not an isolated case with any airline - they all do it. The main thing to remember about flying (on any airline) is that you never get to book a specific seat on the aircraft. Whatever you choose is never guaranteed; for that matter, you're never guaranteed to get a seat on the aircraft at all.
  12. I'm not sure that "miss" is quite the right word.
  13. I see that fyree39's immediate action worked! I'm going to find those orange feet hard to forget.
  14. Except that it's often not that easy without coordinated action from different cities and towns, which may not all share the same interest. The city or town that's interested in restricting tourism or imposing a tax may have no control over the port charges imposed by the port operator, which is often in a different city or town and which may itself have no incentive to restrict movements and perhaps every (commercial) incentive to get more traffic through the port. And even if you propose something like that, you may still get outrage from those who think that cruise ship passengers are a more desirable sub-category of tourist, despite often spending very little money:
  15. Using random dates to try what might theoretically be available (as we have no idea about when this is for), the first suggestion that came up was this. This uses Virgin Atlantic fares, so is probably bookable through them. There may be no availability for this exact fare on these precise dates, but this is intended only to show what might theoretically be achievable. It could be neither pricey nor difficult.
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