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  1. I wouldn’t wait until Monday to call!
  2. I got a significant drop after final payment on my Princess cruise. It was refunded to my credit card. I did have to change cabins (balcony) and although it was a “lower” category I like the location better. It never hurts to ask. Ask really nicely. 😊
  3. There were several scooters parked in the hallway on Regal Princess in February. I was in a wheelchair due to an ankle injury and I couldn’t maneuver past the scooters down the hall in some spots. My wheelchair folded up nicely under the desk area of our inside cabin, one of the “sideways” ones on Regal.
  4. We took three 2-week cruises last year and have the same booked for this year. Love being flexible to take advantage of last-minute deals. The best part of retirement is not knowing what day of the week it is.
  5. Prices are phenomenal on that sailing and there are lots of cabins left. I do not see the “new bookings only” phrase in the fine print. You may not even have to cancel. I have gotten price drops even after final payment just by calling and asking. Three drops on my upcoming cruise. I did have to switch cabins because that category sold out while I was on the phone with them. I actually like my new cabin better. I have saved well over $800 and did not lose any OBC. If you booked with a travel agent they will have to call for you, and they should be willing to do so.
  6. I agree with posting to the Princess board, there is lots of discussion on the topic. Yes, you can buy drinks as you go and they will be charged to your account. We don’t drink anymore but when we did, we put the same amount of money as the package on our account in the form of purchased OBC. If you don’t spend it all, it is refunded to you.
  7. 1. Silver Moon catamaran trip in Barbados. Only 12 passengers with a very attentive crew. We saw some sights, swam with sea turtles and saw a shipwreck, were served a fabulous lunch and free flowing beverages. It felt like Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. 2. Whale watching in Alaska where we happened upon a pod of orcas who were ... very merrily frolicking in a most amorous way. 3. The Food Tour in Bergen where we tramped all over in the rain, popping in to meet chefs and eat amazing soup, fish, pastry, and reindeer sausage (sorry, Rudolph). Ended up with flights of beer and aquavit and a deep appreciation of the pretty city.
  8. As new giddy retirees we choose to cruise often and as inexpensively as we can. We book insides or GTY balconies and never pay more than $100 pp/per night. We don’t drink or gamble and have majorly downsized so we don’t shop much either. We will occasionally do a specialty restaurant or spa visit if we have OBC to burn. This is not a hardship for us, just the way we prefer to go. I had to chuckle at the lobster. Living in New England I wouldn’t dream of ordering lobster on a cruise ship. 🦞
  9. We were very pleasantly surprised on our recent Regal cruise that the library was quite well stocked, lots of new-looking books. Really a nice selection. There were lots of board games too, in the sturdy wooden boxes, to borrow or play there or in the Wheelhouse. I remember Scrabble, Yahtzee, Rummikub, and Mah Jong, there were other games too.
  10. My understanding is the move-overs are more commonly offered to those who live near the port and thus do not have to consider airfare. I have heard of people sailing a week or two later, instead of their original sail sate, for a full or partial refund.
  11. We were recently on the Regal and used only the medallion for everything; in fact we did not have a card at all.
  12. I’ve had ALL the way forward, ALL the way aft, high decks, low decks, in between. Motion doesn’t bother us at all (and we’ve seen some high seas). We often book GTY since it saves $$ and the whole ship goes the same places. Given a choice we pick mid-aft close but not too close to the passenger laundromat (Princess) and higher up to be closer to the Lido for morning coffee.
  13. Two weeks on the Regal Princess, booked in a GTY balcony. Started the cruise with $250 Veterans Credit (refundable), $250 Stockholder Credit, $200 credit from future cruise deposit, and $60 from TA. Three nights before we boarded we got a call from Princess with a move-over offer. If we would give up our balcony and move to an inside, we would get a refund of 100% of our cruise fare. Left the ship with a negative balance of $3,600; got a refund check in the mail a couple weeks later.
  14. I got a set of 6 from Amazon for like $25. They are great! I found packing them was easy (I’m a roller) and I just put them right on the shelves in the cabin, it worked great for us.
  15. On Regal and Royal (maybe others?) there is a Curtis Stone selection most nights. One of those is a seafood stew with clams and mussels and sea bass, with fennel and a creamy sauce. It is superb!
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