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  1. Does anyone know if Delta participates in this in FLL?
  2. Boarding next week and following along excitedly... Thanks for posting/sharing!
  3. I am not sure I agree. Questions ranged from what beverage do you want upon arrival and do you want extra blankets or hangers? Not sure what they would be marketing...
  4. We got the same email for our upcoming trip with a Sky Suite. I made my selections and am looking forward to sailing. 🙂
  5. Exactly the way I felt on the Oasis.... These apps are NOT ready for prime time.
  6. We are aggressive highlighters too. But we do make about half of them. 😉 But there are many distractions that pop up and it is all good.
  7. Last time I was on Oasis the app there was useless.
  8. Thank you both. Royal has the Daily Compass so I knew there would be something like that. I will be on the Equinox and it recently came out of partial dry dock. Not sure if that app works for that one.
  9. Is there a place to see what activities, shows or entertainment will be available?
  10. This thread has been very informative... I am now looking forward to our first suite experience even more!!!
  11. Is this the one that goes to Honeymoon Beach?
  12. Thanks for all the input... We are going to book Cosol's for our September trip. We had done a full tour of St. Lucia years ago but I can't remember with who. If we did the exact tour again I would be in heaven. Such a wonder island experience.
  13. I have to agree that many are complaining like they think Celebrity is pulling one over on them. Also, they didn’t shorten the dry dock reparations on purpose.
  14. We are on the same sailing and it is our first on Celebrity as well. Long time Royal cruisers with on Princess. Looking forward to the Equinox and all she has to offer.
  15. Just as an update... this seems to have alleviated recently. Although when loading the site it goes through some cycling where at first it does not recognize me then refreshes with me being logged in. It seems that whatever authentication process is being used is VERY sluggish. But it is working better now.
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