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  1. I totally agree and if we had a choice - I’d get the key card. We lock our cell phones up too. No need to use them for their apps. Interesting how they sell wrists bands, bracelets and necklaces for the Medallion. Don't need anything special for the key card..... hmmmm
  2. I wish Princess was nonsmoking inside all ships like Celebrity. Hate the smoke in the casino and you can smell it before you get there! trust me- they would not lose money!
  3. That’s sounds like something I would prefer as well. where would we purchase it?
  4. Regarding the app and Princesses Intranet ......do you load the app at home prior to getting to the port? Or do you have to be on the ship to use their intranet? also, when you order the Medallion to be delivered to your home do you also order the necklace, bracelet etc at the same time. I know I’m probably over thinking all this - but with adding all the security concerns- I think I’ll miss my sea pass card!!!
  5. We are more forward and selected the deck so our 4 cabins could be closer. We have been very forward on a Celebrity cruise ( deck 9 ) and it wasn’t t bad. For motion sickness- which I never had until I got older😢Ginger gum and candy have worked well for me. The interest in show times ( we all enjoy the shows) is to decide what time to do dinner with the hopes of getting the same table once on board. Thank you fellow cruisers for all you input!
  6. So to confirm......in order to get apps you have to use their WiFI or a separate system? I really don’t want to be forced to purchase internet. A d you take your own picture at home and scan your pass? They don’t do it at the pier? ( we don’t have a scanner) Thank you all for taking time to give me info!!
  7. Thank you. I thought that we would have to go up a deck- that’s one thing I remember from our previous Princesses cruises. They are the only cruise line we have had to do that ... not a big deal but a less convenient.
  8. We will be sailing on Regal Princess in January ( 8 of us). Haven’t been on Princess in 6/7 years( although we have been on over 30 cruises). It definitely is a bigger ship than we are use to sailing. We have a balcony on the Marina deck- how is the motion on such a high deck? Also, I read somewhere that there is a dining room just for anytime dining.... which is it? And after looking at the deck plan, I noticed there is a big no usable space between Concerto dining room and Allegro dining room on de k 6. Are you able to walk from the Concerto to the Allegro without going up/down a floor? And finally, what are the current show times- 7 and 9 or 8 and 10.? Thank you!
  9. Can you just keep the Medallion in your pocket, purse to use it? Or does it have to be visible? Also, after reading many frustrating comments about “ check in” on line, can you still do it at the port? we will be traveling with 3 other couples- 8 of us- we will be able to locate each other? Thanks! I’m a senior who, although somewhat comfortable with computer technology - I am concerned about going from a simple card to an app and Medallion 😞
  10. Haven’t been to Princess Cays in a very long time so not sure what is actually provided. Last time we were there they provided chairs and I remember shaded area and a banana boat ride. We are a group of 8- last time there were 16 of us and we all had lounge chairs. Does PC have lounge chairs and do they offer various water rides like the banana boat? Do they still have a BBQ buffet? Thanks
  11. Does Princess offer luggage valet like Celebrity pick up your luggage the night before disembarkation and you don’t see it until you get to your home airport? We love not having to check/deal with our luggage - it’s all taken care of!
  12. Thank you to those who shared their more recent experience at this hotel and enjoyed it. We are 4 couples and we all had a good experience several years ago. Glad to hear it’s still a good place to stay. happy sailing
  13. This is the Florida Departure forum
  14. Planning on a pre cruise hotel and looking at Hampton Inn Plantation- anyone stay there recently? We stayed here several years ago and wondering if they still offer airport pickup ( Fort Lauderdale) and shuttle to port. Thank You!
  15. Been 6 years since sailing on Princess. How much is the Sanctuary and do you have to pay for the week? Or are you allowed to pay for several days? TIA
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