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  1. Thanks for doing my homework for me Fred. Lol. Sometimes I forget we are a few seconds away from any information we may need via the internet.
  2. How much does a bucket of beer cost? Coors lite or bud lite. How often do they do a happy hr every day?
  3. We are interested in sailing on the Kdam in January but are a bit worried about having to pay for alcohol. I like a few beers and a few mixed drinks every day on vacation but the wife is content with 2 or 3 drinks a day. so we are still debating it. I would say we usually sail celebrity and if you really do your homework you can get some great deals. We just returned from a 11 day cruise on the Reflection in a 10th floor Concierge balcony with drink pkg and tips and $350obc for $2610 total. Looking at a guarantee suite on Kdam for the same price but zero perks. Haven’t booked yet but always like to try new lines and ships.
  4. The casino bar is about as close as your going to get. 3 screens of games on, usually soccer and basketball or football. Just down from there is a little theater where they show playoff games and bowl games and such.
  5. I would suggest printing boarding passes the night before. That will save some precious time at the airport. We experienced a lengthy delay a couple weeks ago off the Reflection and didn’t get off the ship until 8:30. We had a 10:15 am flight out of FLL. We had a ride waiting for us and we’re at the airport in minutes and had over an hr wait before we boarded.
  6. I would have loved to do the valet and not worry about luggage. Our flight was 11:25 and the cutoff was 11:30. They wouldn’t do it. We rented a limo, which actually turned out to be a Tahoe. It was $60 for the 2 of us total both ways. They were waiting for us both times with our name on a sign. It couldn’t have went faster and smoother.
  7. 11:37 shouldn’t be a problem for you unless something really crazy happens. We had a 11:15 flight on Friday morning and had some issues getting off the ship. The facial recognition system went down so we were delayed and backed up for quite awhile. We were zone 2 to get off and even with the delay we were off the ship by 8:15 and had our luggage and found our personal driver by 8:35. We were at the airport and sitting at the gate by 9:45. We did precheckin the night before which helps save some time.
  8. I was there yesterday as well and it was a complete fubar for 2 reasons. First of all we had an early flight and had zone 2 to get off the ship pretty early. So zone 1 was called and we made our way down to the gangway where there were hundreds of ppl clogging up everything in site. We were asked not to leave our open seating areas until our zone was called yet we saw zones of about every number standing near the gangway with everyone complaining. They made several announcements and yet no one listened. The second problem was the facial recognition went down right out of the the gate in the morning so of course the line never moved until they could figure out what to do. It was chaos that I have never witnessed in 11 cruises. I saw many instances on this 11 day cruise where ppl decided to make their own rules for whatever reason. But when you have 3700 ppl getting ready to disembark in a 2 hr span and there is a great system in place and then half the passengers decide to get off when they want to this is the result. It was quite frustrating.
  9. I do have a couple thanksgiving things to put up but wanted to mix in some Christmas as well. Probably not a.big deal on this cruise since we are the 2nd closest cabin forward on deck 10. No one will see it but crew members headed to the Bridge. I do remember getting a lot of nice comments the last time though. Thank You for the info!
  10. Does anyone go all out with holiday or other decorations for your cabin door? I found a thread on it a couple yrs ago but can’t find it now. 2 yrs ago we went the week before Christmas and I kinda got carried away with it and thought it looked really nice. This yr we are going the week before Thanksgiving on the Reflection and get off the Ship the day after. Does anyone remember if there are Christmas decor out before Thanksgiving or do they do it the week after?
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