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  1. From what I remember its $399 for the cruise
  2. And Seabourn seem way up there Seabourn Cruises ships capacity Vessel Name Passengers (Min - Max) Crew Passengers-to-Space-Ratio Seabourn Encore 532 - 638 330 63 Seabourn Odyssey 450 - 540 330 60 Seabourn Ovation 532 - 638 330 63 Seabourn Quest 450 - 540 330 60 Seabourn Sojourn 450 - 540 330 60
  3. Stickman I went through your posts on the Encore and found one of your photos of the theatre for passengers who have never been on the Encore showing how most people can avoid the posts as you call them Also just recently a passenger who went with an "open" mind made this post So every cruise line will have their hick ups
  4. What bugs me in the US is when I see the price on a sticker I go through my bank notes looking at each number on them as I dont know which President goes with each bank note, then go through all the loose change in my pocket to get the correct amount to pay and then the shop keeper comes up and says there is tax on that as well. In NZ the price you see on the ticket is the price you pay😀. Also our money is prettier than yours 😀
  5. I just looked 100 NZD to USD=62.888 US Dollars You wanna swap one of your dollars for one of ours?😀
  6. The way I look at tipping in the USA is that say a steak costs me NZ$30 with no tip in New Zealand and I pay US$25 with a five dollar tip the steak costs me the same in either country. Pity our dollar isnt the same value as the US dollar but thats life
  7. And go with an open mind unlike Stickman when we were on the Encore together See the good things on any cruise line like the old half full glass rather than a glass half empty We have been on lots of different cruise lines and cant really remember the things we didnt like of which I would actually post on Cruise Critic as those particular disappointments are part of that particular cruise line from too many passengers, food not the same standard as some cruise lines etc etc You get what you pay for
  8. And most Seabourn ships have Zodiacs, and have had them for years, which enable one to get into many more scenic spots and do exciting things
  9. Have a look at this as it explains what should happen To us this day was worth the price of the cruise
  10. 2aussie golfers Pretty sure Seabourn organized ours on the ship and from what I remember it wasnt expensive
  11. Stickman I am not sure how the booking system works from here with a TA, maybe through Aussie, as if you remember how you got my old cabin on the Encore through the large price drop after I paid the deposit and me getting nowhere. Once I saw the boss of the cruise line, from NZ at a travel show she seemed to take over upgrading me to that Penthouse suite for free. So who pulls the rank Aussie or NZ for us? As a PS I have to pay the final payment next week for our next cruise with another price drop after I have paid the deposit so here we go again and its a pity the penthouses are booked already so maybe an owners suite? 😀
  12. Stickman out of curiosity I clicked onto Crystal here in NZ and it said the Crystal site for NZ is under construction then it beamed to the USA site Most shipping companies here, I just clicked on a few, including the cruise line I use 😀 beamed me to Australia but that cruise line I use does have an office here. I think Princess was about the only one who uses NZ$ whereas the others went to USA or Australia so poor old NZ is left behind the rest of the world.
  13. You mean to say you wouldnt want to live there? 😀 We weren't allowed to wander anywhere, you had to go where the guide said, not go on the other side of the road etc etc, the Russian Immigration snarled looking at every word and detail in our passports each day we went ashore along with video cameras filming everybody who left the ship. You would think that we were going to pinch something as there is nothing there We flew into St. Pete for several days after the cruise and St. Pete is one of the easiest airports we have been through and we could go anywhere and do anything. We wondered if we were in the same country
  14. We thought Geianger was one of the highlights of the Norway cruise we did a few years ago We went with Oceania as our TA thought he was doing us a favour as Oceania went around the North Cape into Murmansk and the Solovetsky Islands. What a waste of 3 or 4 days going there
  15. You can see how much I know about coffee machines
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