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  1. If I am understanding correctly what you are saying is that you want to send a coupon which you have to your friend What you need to do is get the information, booking number of their cruise, their names, email address etc from your friends then you send the filled referral coupon to the Seabourn Club to get the $400 OBC each. Then you have a maximum of two years before the coupon you will receive from Seabourn expires Someone else might explain this referral system better
  2. Don't think there is an expiration date on the coupons from Seabourn but once you have given a referral coupon to a first time cruiser you have two years from the date of the referred guests sailing date
  3. Just remembered that we missed Lombok as they had a large earthquake there about a week before we were due to arrive so we had an extra day at Bali on the Dec 4th sailing
  4. tallulahcruiser there is this video that someone sent us after we got back home But as I said we didn't see any at Pink Beach
  5. We had the option of two tours with the dragons with Seabourn One was the short tour as I mentioned and the other was the longer tour which takes you further inland which others said was not worth it The Pink Beach tour was a separate tour altogether
  6. SKP946 you and I were replying at the same time and I was saying what you have said I have found by emailing a copy of the referral coupon to Seabourn then mailing the original one gets a reply the next day from Seabourn which speeds things up
  7. Tom_H you might be able to get a $400 OBC credit as a Referral as you are a first time cruiser with Seabourn if you are not getting any other OBC from Serabourn We have always used this $400 OBC Referral for unlimited internet as we consider this as "free" money which then it "seems" to cover the slowness of the internet. Another thing we have found is that our phones seem to work better than the ipads for some unknown reason, even down at Antarctica which surprised us
  8. We did the short tour of the dragons which was fine as it was hot early December From what we were told the longer tour only took you further inland The dragons live very close to the wharf
  9. We were on that cruise last year the heat was a bit warm for us Aucklanders but it wasn't as bad as we were expecting. It rained at Townsville in the afternoon which was okay as we were back on board after our tour. This rain was due to a cyclone passing through. We missed Airlie Beach due to the cyclone. The weather was beautiful without a cloud in the sky sailing into Sydney until it hailed when we reached the wharf, which we were told, caused a lot of damage to cars but that was over very quickly. We enjoyed the cruise
  10. Just flicking through and saw your post We did Komodo Island a couple of years ago with Seabourn We decided to do Pink Beach as Seabourn ran zodiacs out to Pink beach. The way Seabourn handled the snorkeling for some is they had rubber tubes so one could just actually float snorkel with the tide. We thought we might see some dragons there but the dragons live in a different area so we went back to the ship and then went on a dragon tour. I believe one should do both if possible Hope his is some help for you
  11. We learned that way back in Jan 2014 on the Quest and have always asked for the steamed vegetables since Also on that cruise another couple joined our table for dinner in the MD one night. They jokingly asked for Corned Beef with all the trimmings The waiter went away and came back in a few minutes apologizing that they would have to corn the beef and they could have it two days. The poor guy was joking and didn't know what to say. We ended up joining them for dinner a couple of nights later with the Corned Beef to help them out. We learned from this one doesn't make throw away comments on Seabourn ships as Seabourn will make it happen if they can
  12. candylover enjoy you cruise If you go to Komodo Island go to Pink Beach for a snorkel as a early tour, which is worth it, then go back to the ship to see the dragons in the afternoon
  13. Stickman if you were referring me as we were on the same sailing as you there is a little more to your comments like getting a cash refund if the price drops etc etc These are the facts of what happened with us We did a cruise with Seabourn Dec 2017 and due to poor weather Seabourn gave everyone on that cruise a 10% discount of what they had paid towards another cruise which was not expected surprised everyone I talked to as Seabourn can not control the weather. I can not see any other cruise line offering that which is one of the reasons we like Seabourn. Also while we were on board this cruise we paid a future cruise deposit of AU$400 each giving us 5% off another cruise When we booked and paid the deposit for the cruise Bali to Sydney on 5th March 2018 I thought the price was a little high but with our discounts I was okay with the price When the time came to pay the balance I saw that the price of the cruise had dropped about $4 thousand each from the original price we were quoted without our discounts so after a few phone calls through our TA Seabourn accepted we should pay the lower price than the price we were quoted originally in March. It was a bit hard to work out what I actually ended up in paying through all these discounts as I didn't know what the discount was for the poor weather discount along with the deposit I paid originally as I paid airfares at the time as I just got a finish price without spending a lot of time with our TA of which I was happy with Don't forget we had only paid a deposit not the full price which makes our case a little different than if we had paid in full in my opinion I am looking at booking another cruise for March next year and quite happy to pay a deposit now as I know Seabourn will look after me if the price drops in the mean time Hopes this helps you a little candylover As a PS I have always looked that if the price of the cruise goes up after I have paid in full I am not going to pay anymore money and if the price drops that is my bad luck as I can not have it both ways. I was happy with the price when I had booked otherwise I would never had booked in the first place
  14. A couple we know bought some friends on at Sydney for dinner with drinks and he was surprised there is no charge by Seabourn where when they have bought friends on with Crystal there was a charge
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