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  1. Here is a time lapse video for you of Milford sound https://www.takeabreak.co.nz/webcams/197/milford_webcam
  2. Now if you did more cruises you would remember where to find things on the site 😀
  3. Just tried and by clicking my Itinerary and Wish List then clicking itinerary again it will take you to the page you want I have had trouble finding it in the past
  4. Catlover54 are you leaving Sydney March 8th around Tassi etc back to Sydney on the Encore?
  5. My big worry is about the weather Saw on our news about the man who got hit on the head with a hail storm Sydney seems to be getting a lot of heavy rain recently Last time we were on the Encore at Sydney the decks got covered with very large hail
  6. Also here is the Encore at Auckland today I could have saved an airfare to Sydney by going on the ship to Sydney Its a time lapse video with the ship leaving about 6.30pm http://www.takeabreak.co.nz/webcams/61/auckland_queens_wharf_webcam
  7. Crcc we will be joining you on this cruise and I dont have any problems with the excursions which we have booked and paid for as Seabourn has always sorted things out if excursions have changed due to weather or other conditions where the booked excursion could not take place. . Missed a couple of ports due to weather and Seabourn gave everybody 10% off the fare they had paid towards a future cruise, of which nobody was expecting, where really Seabourn did not have to pay anything as cruise lines cant control the weather. I have lots of faith with Seabourn seeing us right This type of thing is why we now stick with Seabourn
  8. Serenity at Auckland today http://www.takeabreak.co.nz/webcams/61/auckland_queens_wharf_webcam
  9. We found it was handy to have a jacket or similar handy at all times while on board so that one can go "sight seeing" whales icebergs etc at short notice like while having dinner etc. Saves having to go back to your cabin to get warmer clothes so you can go onto the outside decks for viewing We didnt find Antarctica really cold, minus 6 I think on our cruise. We did have a lot of lunches under the heaters around the pool deck wearing the Seabourn supplied jackets as we didnt want to miss the sights. Coldest was going ashore on the zodiacs with the wind chill
  10. Congratulations on your 29 years of marriage Julie and Keith
  11. I just checked to see where the Encore is heading and found this Under sail??? Have been on the Encore a few times and never noticed any sails
  12. That would not surprise me and I would be disappointed if that was not the case, as Crystal ships theatres would have to be twice the size as Seabourn due to the numbers of passengers so able to have more room for larger stages for props, actors etc . Some of the larger cruise ships, 2500 or more passengers, we have been on have had really big production shows due to their size and space
  13. Thought I saw a photo of the Sun???? something at Kangaroo Island last week
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