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  1. This is such welcome news. After taking the "cruise to Travis" we've waited a very long time for some good news from Princess. We're booked on Grand (again, yes Grand - see some folks never learn!) in January and I pledged I wouldn't make another final payment before the ship had restarted. It will, only just, before final payment is due early October. We have no interest in returning to Travis and as such are fully supportive of the measures Princess has announced to restart in a safe manner. Look forward to seeing you all aboard.
  2. We did this trip a few years back on a Grand class ship (can't recall, perhaps Caribbean?). We're crazy for the sanctuary and booked it for the full cruise upon boarding. The staff strongly discouraged us for the reasons you cite. However we persisted and were rained out only once and truly cold only twice. That said, we sailed in June not May and had we gone one sailing earlier or later the weather would have delivered a very different experience. You should know that we also book the sanctuary on January sailings to Hawaii and sailings to Alaska. So perhaps we are as crazy a
  3. It'll likely be in Crown Grill. Here's a fun fact we learned not so long ago. The breakfast service "team" will be the same throughout your trip (individual members may have a shift off here or there). The Crown Grill / Sabatini's (or SHARE) teams alternate itinerary to itinerary so if you book a back-to-back you'll probably see new faces you second segment. We have perceived slightly better service when the team is in their "home location" e.g. when a Sabatini's team is serving breakfast in Sabatini's, likely because they know exactly where they put everything away the evening
  4. Hi OP we've sailed with NCL 3X and have done the Princess Hawaii run something like 7 times from both San Francisco and Los Angeles. Have also sailed Crown once in the Med. I'll weigh in on some of your questions though you've had a lot of good input already: There's no doubt NCL are more casual than Princess. That said, we prefer a bit more structure in our day and typically book fixed seating for dinner, same table, same service team every night, this wasn't an option on NCL On the other hand, NCL ships (at least the later ones) have many more alternate dining venues some gre
  5. In fact the very well marked CC entrance was on the port (opposite) side from the entrance for Anytime dining, the issue was, the CC entrance was shared with the check in desk for folks who had made same day reservations (to be honest I wasn't even aware this was an option). As I wrote, it was a bad setup that left CC passengers routinely shamed and reservation passengers vocally frustrated by all of the "cheaters". Service, once inside, was probably the best CC we've ever experienced. The check in process, not so much.
  6. Good luck trying to enforce fines if Federal authority imposes tighter restrictions. Sure, it'll go to court, but the cruise lines will argue they are doing what's required (Federally) to restart. Florida will argue states rights which is typically quite compelling, but perhaps not while a Federal emergency order remains in place. The state case is further weakened by the fact that the state of Florida (Texas and Alaska) have initiated litigation insisting cruising be allowed to restart. Congratulations, they won, albeit with a couple of short term restrictions. The court has
  7. When we sailed Royal in October of '19 all CC dinners were in Concerto, deck 6 midships. Occasionally (mainly on (dis)embarkation days (we did a B2B)) Allegro, deck 6 aft, was used for breakfast and lunch which confused many. Additionally confusing was that Concerto was used for reservation requests (not fixed seating, but tables booked for specific times on a given day) using the CC entrance to claim reservations. This created a massive log jam with CC and reserved guests lining up together. The lines split at the doorway, but folks backed up across the ship couldn't
  8. Simple: The Path Between the Seas, the definitive story of the building of the Panama canal. By David McCullough. Every cruiser should read it once, in all its 700 pages!
  9. Hopefully someone who's sailed on Majestic will comment, I'm game to learn. I expect however that this ship having been pulled from its original Chinese market, will operate for the most part like the rest of the fleet, meaning, I expect the space will in fact be Sanctuary like. We loved the interior of L107 but the large deck was essentially useless for our (very hot) Mexico sailing. The balcony could only be used before 9AM and after 8PM. We had a couple of nice sail in / sail out experiences but other than that . . . M107 / 108 with their extensive covering would be divine.
  10. My experience may help you. We sailed in L107 on Royal in October of '19. This is an odd cabin, but I'll not get into that, it does lie directly under the Sanctuary (which is called the Conservatory on Majestic). We never hear a peep, scrape or bump from up above. Your cabin is likely to be even quieter IMHO - why? At least on Royal the main entrance / exit to / from the Sanctuary was on the opposite (starboard) side. The port side, above your cabin, had a few loungers set up and that's about it. There were exit doors on this side, but they were mainly used by staff - very lit
  11. We have sailed these 7x times and loved them on Grand, Golden and Caribbean. Great cabins, great location. However, after being in one on Grands cruise to Travis, not sure we will ever risk not having a balcony again. Those days stuck inside were just awful.
  12. It is indeed a lovely perk, I'd go so far as to label it my favorite suite perk. After reading the thread I'll chime in on a couple of other points. As for requests beyond the menu, the suite host on several cruises encouraged us to "speak up if we would like anything else". I asked for avocado for an omelette and from the following morning forward they always had a few on hand. I didn't feel the least bit uneasy making this request and expect the host would have said 'no' if it had been unreasonable. Likewise, DW loves a chocolate croissant, these come on alternate mornings.
  13. At the present time yes, but friends of mine in Israel tell me there is much talk about initiating a vaccine passport program to stimulate tourism. Will that includes such cruises, I don't know.
  14. We've sailed out of Southampton 4x with Princess. Never were we given specific instruction (beyond the usual boilerplate email day prior to embarkation). On the other hand, doors to enter the terminal building were locked until a particular time (I'm thinking this was 10:30 or 11:00). Porters would not even accept a bag until that time or very near too. Similar (at least the locked doors part) as San Francisco pier 27. Once admitted, priority guests were given boarding group numbers with early groups generally herded closer to the security checks. That's one big d
  15. Once it became clear I would run out of meds I started making decisions. Things I took 2x per day, I started taking 1x (thinking some everyday was better than nothing for who knows how many days). Things I take 1x per day, where I have a couple different meds at work, I started taking every other day on an alternate schedule. Med 1 today, med 2 tomorrow, etc. Everything else I split pills if that was possible, but that doesn't work for capsules or very small things that couldn't be cut with a butter knife. Those simply ran out when they ran out.
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