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  1. I stopped reading the article after seeing the words "as the corona virus winds down". What planet are they on?
  2. The Three Sisters in the Blue Mountains, north of Sydney
  3. I read this from a website called LoyaltyLobby. It says there is a new advisory from the CDC that cruise ship passengers and crew who disembark in the U.S. will no longer be able to board a domestic commercial flight directly after the sailing. Cruise ship passengers are advised that they have to undergo a 14-day quarantine before being allowed on any commercial flight, until then only private charter flights are permitted. This affects passengers with and without any symptoms of sickness, the sole fact that they have been on the ships is sufficient to ban them from regular flights. It then goes on for new regulations for cruise companies. LoyaltyLobby's conclusion is that this "rule will be impossible to accomplish. It will be very hard to identify passengers who take commercial flights regardless of this rule, especially if they are booking on their own. In what way passengers are liable and subject to prosecution for such actions is something they should consult an attorney for in advance." Has anyone else heard about these new rules? How long do you think this rule will be in effect for? Any thoughts? Arlene
  4. Hi there! Yes, we remember you! How are you? We retired in 2016 and have been on many cruises and land tours since then. On Friday we leave for two cruises: one around NZ and the other from Sydney to Singapore. Then we have two more later this year in Europe. Be well, Arlene
  5. You can get breadsticks in the MDR if you ask for them.
  6. Los Angeles does have a recycling programs. In a previous reply, I said that I wonder how many people actually recycle the Medallion paperwork and boxes.
  7. I think saving the environment is an important issue! Since this is a Princess Forum, I didn't want to bring up national and international issues.
  8. I just wonder how many people re-cycle the materials at home? Landfills are quickly "filling up".
  9. So Princess won't give us straws on cruises to be more "environment friendly", but yesterday I received my my medallion for an upcoming cruise on the Ruby that came with a lot of paperwork and boxes that I had to throw away. How "environment friendly" is that? With all the millions spent on preparing for this Medallion technology, doesn't it make sense to make these medallions more than a one-time use? Also, I know that Princess says that it allows for easier check-in, but in the future I will get the medallions at check-in to avoid having all the wasteful materials sent to me at home. Any thoughts on this? Arlene
  10. I am also GF (not because of celiac. My doctor recommended the diet to get rid of migraines and it worked!). Princess has delicious GF muffins for breakfast in the buffet. They also have GF cereal which is OK. I do not care for their bread. They also offer two varieties of GF desserts for lunch/dinner in the buffet. They are indeed very accommodating for dinner. I pack Schar brand GF breadsticks in my suitcase and take them to dinner to eat with my salad. By the way, if you can find Schar products, all their GF products are delicious. I can't find many of their products in LA, but when I was in Barcelona, one of the supermarkets their had an aisle full of their products. I found a lot of Schar products on Amazon and ordered a bunch of stuff for home and future cruises. Happy Cruising! Arlene
  11. Definitely go through the old locks. I've been through both the old and the new, and thought the old locks were much more interesting. I agree with Casofilia above. Arlene
  12. Princess does a great job in Alaska! I wouldn't consider the Solstice an "intimate" ship with a passenger capacity of about 2,850.
  13. We also sailed on the Crown in August 2017 to the Norwegian Fjords. We had beautiful weather and it was one of the best cruises we have ever done. ☺️
  14. My husband and I are Elite. As far as I know, we have never been given a time to meet, only a place (usually where everyone else is told to meet). We can go to the place and show our Elite room cards and we are given priority for the next tender. You don't have to leave as soon as the ship docks. Of course, if you have an excursion in a port with a tender, you have to meet where you are told to by the excursion ticket. I hope this explanation helps you. Arlene
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