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  1. I do have Medjet Assist as a side backup alternative. Fortunately, I've not had to use it. A couple of requirements are that you have to be more than 150 miles from home, and you must have been admitted as an Inpatient at a "hospital". Clinic won't do. And there must be a serviceable airport nearby. Have heard of a couple of disgruntled users where 1 was on a remote island that didn't have an airport nearby and another who was in a remote location who clearly needed evacuation but there were no "hospitals", only clinics and no licensed professional medical doctors. I can clearly understand the frustrations regarding the second example, but for me, I don't foresee my fat arse being that adventuresome or remote. 🤣
  2. Make sure whatever travel insurance you decide to purchase waives pre-existing conditions. Cruise line travel protection policies do not waive preexisting conditions. The policy usually needs to be purchased within a short time after initial deposit.
  3. Is this possibly a Candian rule or law? I just went thru my TravelSafe policy (Purchased in Washington State in the US) with a fine-tooth comb and nowhere does it state the above. The only place where it comes close to saying that is in the separate "Tip" sheet I got from TravelInsuranceStore, where they recommend that as soon as possible, notify the insurance company so that they may get involved to assist if necessary.
  4. I’m sailing out of Europe in Aug 2025. 14 day cruise with 1 week precruise and 1 week post cruise. Have already started my “thought & ideas” document. Researching possible hotels, transportation, excursion options, transportation options to next port should we miss the ship during a port stop, etc
  5. Not sure what you're asking for. If I don't take a flight that I've paid for, I don't earn the mileage. My advice would be to do better research and educate yourself better on what insurance does cover and more importantly, what insurance does not cover. Here's a good link to begin that education Travel Insurance Frequently Asked Questions « Get the Best Trip Insurance Details, Advice (tripinsurancestore.com)
  6. I think it's disingenuous to downplay what the OP experienced. As with any profession, there are bad actors out there and the first line of defense, I would think, would be that the good actors acknowledge that and then do everything in their power to ensure the bad actors get buried under the prison.
  7. Went to Cancun during the pandemic. The resort (RIU) which is a Spanish (Spain) company offered a free medical insurance policy. I believe it was Helix (another Spanish/Spain company). The policy did state that before going to a hospital, one of the requirements was that we had to notify the insurance company first. As it turned out, my wife did require a hospital visit. (Trip and fall with broken wrist and facial lacerations). $3600 upfront payment required before treatment. The hospital did a great job. Because I wasn't thinking right due to the anxiety and more concerned about my wife, I failed to notify Helix prior to going to the hospital. They denied the claim. I was able to file a claim with my BCBS work policy which did have an international rider on the policy. They reimbursed about $2400. Moral of the story, read and understand the policy. Maintain situational awareness during an emergency.
  8. Have you heard of this program? It might be of some help with travel. Air travel and the Sunflower (hdsunflower.com)
  9. I always buy my insurance with the idea that in the event of a claim, the insurance company is going to do anything and everything to not pay the claim. My wife and I have medical conditions that have not changed in the past couple of years. Therefore, under the definitions, these should not be pre-existing conditions. With that being said, I always follow the requirements necessary to ensure that I buy the insurance that includes the waiver for pre-existing conditions. Gives the insurance company one less reason to deny my claim.
  10. I self-insure the cost of the trip but I do insure the potential unexpected medical emergency. I'm fortunate enough to be able to absorb the loss of the trip in case of needing to cancel. I cannot absorb the cost of emergency medical care due to a car accident, a moped accident, the zip line breaking, a stroke, tripping and falling down the Spanish Steps, etc. I do this by limiting the amount of coverage under "Trip Costs". Insurance companies price out their plans in $500 increments. I use the Trip Cost of $500. This way, should I miss a flight or so, I still receive 150% ($750) of trip cost under Trip Interruption or Trip Delay for hotel, meals, transportation, and still receive the max medical coverage of the policy. If pre-existing condition waiver is needed, some States require that you include 100% of all non-refundable expenses in the Trip Cost. Others do not. I see that you're in your 50's and in good health. Good for you and I wish you nothing but good health. However, in the 50's is when I slowly started losing friends who were also in good health. Things happen to good people.
  11. I'm not aware of one anymore. I know Nationwide was one but that stopped also. Maybe someone else is aware of a company that still does. Then again, maybe I'm not understanding what it is you want coverage for. Just the fact that the ship doesn't stop at a scheduled port. Or you're looking for coverage for a non-refundable deposit you place on an independent excursion that you may not be able to take when the ship can't stop at a scheduled port.
  12. But they don’t block WhatsApp
  13. I'd at least consider adding Medjet Assist. Discount available if you are an AARP member and purchase thru their link.
  14. Sounds like DEI works when it comes to running a cruise line. The passengers are diverse, all treated equally, and everyone, from bankers to bikers are included and made to feel welcome on Carnival. Maybe those cruise lines who market their ship within a ship programs (Yacht Club, Haven, etc) need to step back and re-evaluate the goals of open class distinction.
  15. No. Kids trying to put a half gallon of ice cream into a pint size cone
  16. My only question is are all legs of travel on Turkish Airlines? If so, then your baggage with be checked thru to Rome and all is well. If your onward travels from IST is on another airline, then check to ensure they have an interline agreement. If not, which happened to me, then your adventure may begin sooner that you planned.
  17. Not knowing what ports you will be visiting kind of makes it difficult to assist.
  18. One of the many reasons I enjoy sailing on Carnival.
  19. I agree with GeezerCouple in that to get the waiver for pre-existing medical conditions the policy must be purchased in a very short time frame after the initial deposit. Even a refundable deposit. Also, the definition for a waiver of pre-existing medical usually includes non-traveling family members. By that, I mean, if you have to cancel your trip or interrupt your trip to go back home due to a family members emergency medical need, AND, your family members emergency was due to a pre-existing medical condition, coverage may be denied if you did not get the waiver.
  20. Have you done a search on YouTube.com for the cruise port in Las Palmas? There seems to be quite a few that will show you the information you're looking for. I was there on a cruise just last October but for the life of me, I don't really remember that port area that well.
  21. Looks like I was mistaken. Note to self: If you're not 100% sure of the information, don't respond.
  22. Gosh, I've sailed out of Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Port Canaveral, Charleston, Galveston, New Orleans, Long Beach, Vancouver, BC., Puerto Rico, Venice, Amsterdam, and Southampton. Yes, the crowds, demographics, customs & cultures are all different. It's my job, (in my opinion), to be a Cameleon and attempt to adapt to the majority. No, in my opinion, sailing out of Galveston is NOT the friendliest demographic. The friendliest and accepting was Amsterdam or Venice. The least was Galveston and New Orleans.
  23. Unless I'm mistaken, Carnival waits until after the completion of a cruise before they upgrade you to the next level.
  24. Carnival buying their parts from Boeing? Or maybe following the Boeing quality assurance program? Said in jest.
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