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  1. That's because they don't have the social distancing rules being talked about in effect on their flights. They have an exception because it wouldn't suit their business model...
  2. It depends on individual policy, plus the local situation. Places where there have been outbreaks or which are more rigorous in checking they do. Though places where there are no cases don't have a need so don't.
  3. Probably none. The health check takes the place of... the existing health check. And a temperature check on the spot is immediate, just the same as going to a restaurant or shop now.
  4. Exactly, hence not much point contacting them, as they can only toe the official line - which can dissuade people from the reality.
  5. I didn't see it as that onerous. The main things coming out for passengers are: testing upfront, wearing masks (as required*), and initial shore excursions need to be approved. *This will likely be pressured to be weakened as time progresses. And obviously they'll want to relax the shore excursions requirement as soon as they can, but there's not much they can do about that. But by going for shorter, local itineraries it will enable it to be relaxed as well.
  6. Yeah, until they're comfortable they can relax procedures. You can't put an end date on it.
  7. It's acceptable to use for other property too. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-05-17/behind-royal-caribbean-s-lifeline-a-shrewd-bond-market-maneuver (Or more formally:) https://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/884887/000110465918044035/a18-16360_1ex10d1.htm Of course, technically they are arranging some sort of finance, usually bonds for the long term or loans for the short term, to provide funding for the ships.
  8. Yet again, evidence you can't rely on what's told to you by their customer service/sales agents, and there isn't much point contacting them about such issues until something has been announced.
  9. All up in the air. All depends what the new world of cruises looks like.
  10. Agreed. And when people malign us "for not managing Covid" and act holier than thou when they shift the burden - plus have equivalent issues in managing covid of their own, it certainly rankles.
  11. Er no. Again you're trying to pass the buck. Why should a QLD resident have to fly into Canberra airport to return to their QLD home? Just so Canberra (or Darwin) has to do the processing. Nobody has said residents should not return to their home states. It's just some states are trying to pass the buck and get others to do their work for them. Yeah "long enough." By your definition that's pretty much eradicated. Which is not the Australian consensus - and as said unreasonable given we're doing your work for you. QLD themselves doesn't meet their own standard! But apparently others just "aren't good enough". So hypocritical. As for the last para, it's actually about scientific based reasonable assessment. When Vic had the same caseload as we had - and as QLD has - we had our borders open to both of you. It is only when they got out of control - to the extent they've unfortunately had to suffer their own extended lockdowns and everyone in Australia including themselves have admitted the severity of the situation, that we closed the border to Victorians. And they don't have a problem with it, and given they've locked down themselves, why would you suggest it is the wrong approach? Are you really suggesting that we should have our border open to Vic when they themselves are locked down??? Bizarre. Obviously, the situation with NSW is completely different. As said, we have the border open with yourselves even now with your number of cases not being controlled... and yet you never acknowledge that. Yeah, there's certainly hypocrisy...
  12. Funny that. The restrictions only apply to the states which have carried the burden of receiving the bulk of international travellers, and had coronavirus flowing on from that. It's oh so easy to sit back and blame others when you handle only a very small proportion of arrivals -- less than your share - yourself, and hence lean on others to do the hard work for you.
  13. That's the thing. Restaurant spending has completely recovered in QLD so those business aren't feeling the pain. In fact, they are even better off as not only that, they've had the Australian taxpayer subsidising their operations with labour cost (most significant cost) being paid by us under Jobkeeper due to the immediate downturn in March. That's why there isn't any internal pressure; they think things are great with the internal restrictions but making even more money. Of course that changes at the end of this month, but with business still generally good, they don't see any significant downside... I'm all right Jack...
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