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  1. Good point. It was built for the Asian market where bars are mostly deserted, so not a priority. I note this prize actually gives free alcohol at the dining room, during dining, which may help. RCL ships get crowded enough at the bars as it is in local waters.
  2. The legality side is true - but what if they get say 4000 applications for the first cruise? I'd expect them to use their selection criteria instead of just pulling random names (which would also be technically illegal). If you're applying, I'd suggest it's better to put something reasonable down for that question.
  3. All depends how you value them. I'm not a buyer at the current prices for the East coast... if they discount, then I might get interested. If they do get sold (which I'd be surprised if so, given they're no better than other prices) then I'm not fussed. If you're looking West coast where pricing is better though, different market at play.
  4. They have said a ship will do similar in China when things have cleared up. It's too early for that now though, so it doesn't make sense to send her back right away unless they were to just mothball her - but I figure some revenue here, is better than no revenue there. These ships have large loans against them so need income to keep paying the interest.
  5. The last bit isn't quite right. They are managing the free sailings including assigning who goes where. However, they are running the selection of who gets on via a competition where you have to provide id, and they will then select the best answers to the competition as those who get the sailing. The government was involved by advising which agencies would be eligible to enter.
  6. Sounds very strange. A lot of cost sending her here just for 2-3 cruises, then sending her back. Unless they just figured it was too tough a sell to make money at this late stage with limited itinerary options. As of yesterday they were still looking at putting her on other local Australian cruises for sale.
  7. No issue using the wash stations on entry and prefer them much over hand santisers, which are less effective and more wasteful. On balance, I'd see them as marginally less hygienic than using the one in your cabin, but not hazardous or a reason to avoid them.
  8. Though keep in mind last downturn they fell to about $15.00 You could lose a lot more than you gain in OBC...
  9. No worries, Roddles accused me of being paid by the cruise lines, and given the disagreements I had with him, I was just a bit incredulous. The first possible revenue cruise is a 2 nighter on 4th March, but as that's so soon, I suspect it's going to be a media/industry sailing. I suspect the first public cruise will be 11th March, so they would want to release them ASAP as that's very little time to fill her (and an off peak time). I think pricing will have to be very sharp to get good loads in such little time, especially as they are limited by the destinations this ship can visit (so they probably are going to the more common, larger ports instead of greater variety).
  10. They haven't been released yet, still being finalised.
  11. Yes, only two cruises have free offerings, the rest are still fully paid.
  12. Seriously? Just because you don't agree with someone? 🙄 If we're going to 'size compare' though, it's a much bigger step actually making a donation, which means spending your own money, instead of just giving away something cheaper, which is what the other lines are doing anyway. As for the latter comment, given the incredibly rapid sales with QE, price sharply and they'll sell.
  13. But pretty close doesn't prevent spread, especially as most are near high density centres e.g. Haymarket, Town Hall, Central. That said, I am not overly worried either.
  14. That's just a side benefit. The ship has been sitting idle, which is a revenue drain. Here's a way to make money... and then just add some PR to it (especially given RCL was the only major who didn't give any support during the fires, so were notable by their absence). You can be assured though that if she wasn't idle, they wouldn't be offering any free cruises and take away revenue i.e. the revenue op is the reason for the move.
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