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  1. Depends which locations. They may purchase alcohol if over 18 in certain locations.
  2. The_Big_M

    El Cheapo Cruises Thread

    Yeah, it's not the greatest itinerary so not that popular.
  3. The_Big_M

    Mystery Island Tsunami

    Yeah, as long as the wharf is available, which it is, the rest is pretty much fine. Even if say the cauldron was damaged (unlikely), everything else would be available as normal. The low shrubs and trees won't be impacted to any great degree.
  4. Wow, so Victoria went over and above its expected contribution to cover for SA dropping their contribution. And the rail operator also co-contributed to reduce its funding expectations. I daresay there's no coincidence with the change of political leadership in SA this year as well.
  5. The_Big_M

    Sydney OPT - TRS

    It's not going to be open "all day" i.e. from midnight to midnight. It's going to be available at peak boarding time though which tends to be from around 11 a.m. on. If it isn't open at the time you arrive, you can just wait nearby for it to be attended, but I'm sure at 1230 you'll be fine.
  6. No. It costs them a lot of money too so they only do it to relocate for the season, not just long cruises with lots of sea days.
  7. Thanks! I'd take it that they're the transponders they're carrying, but they're not registered to a ship so you just see the beacon without it identifying the name, since they're just smaller local craft.
  8. The_Big_M

    El Cheapo Cruises Thread

    That makes it hard. Being restricted to less than school holidays doesn't give a lot of opportunities.
  9. The_Big_M

    Whos Cruising and When ?

    11 Oct … The_Big_M … Celebrity Solstice … Melb ex Sydney rtn 4 days
  10. The_Big_M

    El Cheapo Cruises Thread

    Another good school holiday deal. HAL Noordam, to the south pacific islands. 14 nights. 14 Jan. Inside is $1378/person - under $100/night. The best deal is Balcony - $1665, so $119/night.
  11. Yes, and the modern world is about outsourcing to established providers rather than building your own. When something is successful elsewhere they just adopt it rather than remaking the wheel.
  12. The_Big_M

    Sydney answer by year end

    Doesn't appear to be much of a useful side near to the existing OPT. You can see the harbourside land on sail past and there isn't a lot that isn't commercially built.
  13. Was thinking about that cruise. The one that got away.
  14. Could be small sightseeing craft. It is a Sunday, and also Summer, so number would be higher.
  15. Are you happy to rent a car? A fair few people do that to see the places they want there to suit.