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  1. We don't always get what we want. If we didn't do things just because they didn't look good, we wouldn't have the Port Botany container wharfs at all, the Sydney airport, a whole bunch of things...
  2. You may be thinking ot the current longest flight, with Singapore Air, which only offers those two classes. Qantas is expecting if it goes ahead to have a 4 class build. This is so the aircraft can be utilised on other routes as well, and are not locked to one/certain routes. So it will have economy... though it's not an option I'd want to take. (Although they have said there will be some more space than at present, plus room for stretching).
  3. There's nothing to indicate that assignments are done by it, and given the way it is done, much to indicate it is done by humans. It automates the drudgery of contacting multiple people in a timely manner - there's no reason for automation of allocation, especially as that's a separate system.
  4. I also prefer Lyft. Unfortunately Lyft does not operate in Australia. There are other competitors, but not them. For ground car transport, Uber is the most available, as well as taxis.
  5. Only if you're alleging a bug in human activity since they're the ones doing the assignment.
  6. Royal Up is optional so would not require someone to be shifted. They only assign from royal up if there is still availability.
  7. Yeah, it was historically tough.. though Princess have seemed to make it viable so it may be more promising. But yields for Celebrity in Australia aren't so good this season either, in which case Melbourne will always come off second best.
  8. Even worse when you're delayed like this one was. I'm in the camp that's surprised the Perth-London flight has done as well as it has - although the big cutback in capacity is a massive help. Especially here where they will charge a premium for taking the non-stop option, it makes stopping even more desirable though even if they were the same having a break is fine.
  9. Probably travel just as fast, but usually means have to divert.
  10. Still can be two, just replace with another. All depends whether expected yield is sufficient.
  11. Could suggest possible deployment of one of the newer Edge class here.
  12. $1300 for a cabin upgrade for 20 days sounds reasonable. Each person's value and budget differs, but I think the pricing is reasonable given the space increase and class upgrade.
  13. Yesterday was more critical as the temperature spiked to 37, so things could have gotten worse. Today, temperature and winds are much better so they can manage without major risk.
  14. Uber relies on internet and ideally telephone, otherwise you create risk in contacting if issues arise. If you're not wanting to sign up for a service, but absolutely must use uberx, that falls back to free internet with the limitations and risks that imposes. Your call.
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