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  1. There's an oversupply of flights in/out of Australia currently. As a result, prices are low right now, but there are capacity cut backs through this year as they cut supply to match demand. If it works as planned, prices will be higher next year.
  2. Perhaps you were, but another we were talking about fully inclusive travel insurance, including medical. Here all travel insurance includes a medical component, and that is the main reason people get it. There is no medical only insurance without cancellation. The cancellation cost is negligible so what's the point of excluding it just to save - literally - a few bucks??
  3. No, you don't in shops. Though, as always, you would to use an ATM.
  4. If for one, sure. For 5 though, not so much. That's $1085/day. You can certainly have a cheaper holiday than that pretty easily, including covering those 4 elements.
  5. As with seadog, wouldn't let location of airport be the main issue; just that if you have a choice HND is both closer to the port, and closer to Tokyo. Both have good connections though, just a little longer trip with NRT.
  6. A few others have similar e.g. P&O UK's program, but not any that have broad usage in the local market.
  7. As mentioned above, been around for a few years. One thing to be aware of is that unlike many other programs, there is an expiry on the status, so if you don't lose it, you'll lose it. I complained to their local office when they revamped the program to add that expiration (given how hard it is to cruise with them here), and they said they'd "look into it" though that was a few years back.
  8. I'm sure you'll enjoy the experience. A little preparation will go a long way, and the Japanese are unfailingly helpful if you're respectful.
  9. Yeah, the Easter/school hols bump up pricing at that time. Conversely, NZ as a destination then is less popular as it's not as warm in parts. Bumping up the price again is that RCL price Ovation at a premium as it's that line's newest ship here, with almost all their bells and whistles. So, all in all, that's a decent price by RCL standards for that ship. If you have 2 cabins well located, close together, it's probably good to pull the trigger. You could search availability but it's unlikely to get a lot cheaper; probably $190 is as cheap as it would go on that itin, but that's not guaranteed. And if bookings keep coming in, it could be harder to get your desired cabin locations so can make you wind up paying more to get preferred location.
  10. Should be a good experience. And there's enough well off Aussies to keep the river ships operating...
  11. A stock market is not solely a reflection of good government. Further, our deficit has hit a record high and doubled under this current mixture of party leaders forming this government so they have very poor form. Lastly on that point, there was nothing in the alternative policies that would have significantly worsened that.
  12. Apparently, forests, birds and waterways are bad things. I wonder what cruises there are to mining sites.
  13. Odd... can't find any reference to that anywhere. Got a link?
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