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  1. It still happens on smaller ships! I've taken 2 different expedition cruises and i have gotten told where my cabin is when I am on the ship- and who my roommates are! They are so different than big cruise ships although i like both.
  2. YUP! Also, to be perfectly honest, I'll probably print it at Fed Ex, but just a copy.
  3. I like it too, but I was going to do a "how many days cruise are you going on" and do like $500/day. Each trip around the board would be a day so for a 7 day cruise, you would do 7 trips around the board, starting with $3500, and then tally up the money. THe railroads can be shore excursions (I was thinking a deck of each type, with a random cost amount), and maybe at the end everyone gets to see what kinda of cruise they would have had. I think you would need to have some incentive for spending money so people aren't just passing on everything, etc. Ok CLEARLY I'm way bored. AND I could make the typical monopoly property cards as well. The idea of having activities on the properties is what the Arizona edition has, so it fits within the theme I think. That way you get 2 games in 1 board!
  4. Let's think of it as a monopoly board with 2 variations. One, monopoly, and then another board game using the same board. I had a lot of ideas last night!! The variation may need to be tested to see if it works. That's the risk with making a new game.
  5. I was going to do casino as part of the chance deck.
  6. This....this is the brilliance I was looking for. I'm wondering, maybe a straight monopoly, maybe a variant. I have a while and a lot of brain power. What if I did it basically where each time you landed on something you paid for the experience... And then you get experience points for each thing you do. Experience points could be decided each game (bar drinks are 1 point for one game but the next game they could be 5). Hmmmm. Challenge would be making the same board work for both. I now have a project!!
  7. I do like the idea of Labadee and Coco Cay (I looked at the official one). We haven't been, but we are scheduled (last year it got cancelled). I was going to do captain and cruise director, but didn't want to "buy" a position. I will post when I'm done. 🙂
  8. So I made Windjammer the biggest because my father LOVES the windjammer. It's an unhealthy obsession. We don't do suites, so I was hoping to stick to stuff we have actually done. Where did the actual monopoly come from? Is that real???
  9. OK, you know I'm bored when I'm considering making a cruise themed monopoly for my parents (we are big board game people and I've gotten them into cruising RCL, and our cruise was canceled so I want to give them something to do). We've been on Radiance, Jewel, Harmony and upcoming on Brilliance (they like the same ships). What "properties" would you make? I have a list, but it's not that great and I'd love to crowd source. What I have is below: Brown (Dark Purple) § ? § ? Light Blue § Solarium § Central Park § Whirlpool Pink § Raspberry Collins § Nutty Scotchman § Drink of the Day Orange § Balcony § Promenade § Bar Red § Bridge § Galley § Engine Rooms Yellow § SeaPlex § North Star § Carousel Green § Main Theater § Aqua Theater § Studio B Ice Skating Dark Blue § Main Dining Room § Windjammer Stations § Harmony of the Seas § Jewel of the Seas § Radiance of the Seas § Brilliance of the Seas Utilities § Embarkation § Debarkation
  10. My bright side is that I don't have to be the one making the decisions on this. I'm currently arguing with my (elderly) (slightly compromised) parents about the measures that they are going to be doing during this outbreak. As long as they can't go on the cruise, it's a battle I don't have to fight. Off to another discussion on how "stay out of stores, I will do your shopping for you" does not go away if you're "anxious and want to get showerheads". Especially since they are for my house!
  11. I didn't read the whole thread but... if you don't have passports, you can get home from Mexico JUST FINE. You don't need a passport to go through a land border. You can get from Cozumel to Texas in like 30 hours of driving time, they have buses I'm sure. Although I think this mother only cared about doing things the way she wanted, not finding solutions so that this didn't get this bad!
  12. I really like the Raspberry Collins. It doesn't feel so sugary, just like a really good tasting drink.
  13. They are a PIA but you need to follow the instructions on the gift card (it should have an email). Send them in AT LEAST 4 weeks early. I usually get mine for 10% off, and I can go through a lot of hassle for 10% of a cruise cost.
  14. We decided on a very small full sized Parcheesi, 2 decks of cards (for canasta and all other card games), 10 dice for dice games, extra micro sd cards for our tablets with movies on them, and downloaded exercise videos. Books on the Kindle app. Uno and Phase 10 if it will fit. Maaaaybe (if odds are higher than normal, like I was cruising Asia right now) I would bring material to make a cross stitch project. I also realized that i actually came close to being confined to cabin for a couple days. I had gallbaldder issues right before my last cruise, and was throwing up. I didn't realize until after my cruise that it was the gallbaldder, so I had to say "yes" to the medical forms, and had to get checked out. Luckily the doc determined it wasn't norovirus so I was allowed to go on with no confinement.
  15. My mom and I were talking about this, obviously in light of the quarantine, but I realized that a norovirus case could also confine you to cabin. So what would you bring just in case? Let's say the ground rules are: nothing more than would fit in a gallon sized ziploc bag. Only things to keep you from going insane from boredom, medications would be separate. Must get past the ship security (no alcohol beyond what you can normally bring). Let's say there's a spending cap of $100 for supplying this. Assume you have internet but no streaming. No personal helicopters 🙂
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