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  1. My bright side is that I don't have to be the one making the decisions on this. I'm currently arguing with my (elderly) (slightly compromised) parents about the measures that they are going to be doing during this outbreak. As long as they can't go on the cruise, it's a battle I don't have to fight. Off to another discussion on how "stay out of stores, I will do your shopping for you" does not go away if you're "anxious and want to get showerheads". Especially since they are for my house!
  2. I didn't read the whole thread but... if you don't have passports, you can get home from Mexico JUST FINE. You don't need a passport to go through a land border. You can get from Cozumel to Texas in like 30 hours of driving time, they have buses I'm sure. Although I think this mother only cared about doing things the way she wanted, not finding solutions so that this didn't get this bad!
  3. I really like the Raspberry Collins. It doesn't feel so sugary, just like a really good tasting drink.
  4. They are a PIA but you need to follow the instructions on the gift card (it should have an email). Send them in AT LEAST 4 weeks early. I usually get mine for 10% off, and I can go through a lot of hassle for 10% of a cruise cost.
  5. We decided on a very small full sized Parcheesi, 2 decks of cards (for canasta and all other card games), 10 dice for dice games, extra micro sd cards for our tablets with movies on them, and downloaded exercise videos. Books on the Kindle app. Uno and Phase 10 if it will fit. Maaaaybe (if odds are higher than normal, like I was cruising Asia right now) I would bring material to make a cross stitch project. I also realized that i actually came close to being confined to cabin for a couple days. I had gallbaldder issues right before my last cruise, and was throwing up. I didn't realize until after my cruise that it was the gallbaldder, so I had to say "yes" to the medical forms, and had to get checked out. Luckily the doc determined it wasn't norovirus so I was allowed to go on with no confinement.
  6. My mom and I were talking about this, obviously in light of the quarantine, but I realized that a norovirus case could also confine you to cabin. So what would you bring just in case? Let's say the ground rules are: nothing more than would fit in a gallon sized ziploc bag. Only things to keep you from going insane from boredom, medications would be separate. Must get past the ship security (no alcohol beyond what you can normally bring). Let's say there's a spending cap of $100 for supplying this. Assume you have internet but no streaming. No personal helicopters 🙂
  7. I had a solo balcony on the Ovation. There were 12 on the whole ship, but they did exist! However, I went back to the inside rooms because of the 14 points thing 🙂
  8. Cut out some of the reply, sorry it took me a while to get back here. For the safety- I think that the Antarctica ships emphasize safety better, but I also agree that the guy was exaggerating so that we paid attention. I was also on a line where they had another ship run aground the summer before in the Arctic. The MOST important thing about safety is your ability to handle the excursions. For the cancellations they were Quark the year before (so Dec 2017?). I think the cruise did finally go, but was only 5 days, and didn't go to Antarctica. Maybe? We were delayed a day to fly into the Falklands, and then had 2-3 days where we couldn't land due to the weather.
  9. It's only 4 devices at a time. So you could have 3 devices per person, but keep logging out to only be on the one that you want to use at that time, and you don't need to buy as many packages.
  10. General thoughts are the only way to go is step on. That it's a poor substitute to do drive by unless you have to. However, I love cruises, so I'll give you a summary of what I think the differences are. 1) Size of boat. Bigger boat- more amenities. My small ship basically had 2 lectures/day, meals and talking to other people. When bad weather made us cancel some stops, we LITERALLY pulled out a puzzle so we weren't that bored. Bigger cruise ships can have all the amenities- entertainment, food whenever you want, spas, casinos, etc. 2) Cost- I was in a triple room, top bunk, bathroom down the hall for the low price of 11k a person. I worked hard to make it that low. Bigger ships are usually cheaper than step on cruises. 3) Safety- our life boat drill was amazingly terrifying on the small ship. (Seat belt in because you will just roll over in the life boat for 4 days if we have to evacuate). No elevator. Difficult to get on and off the zodiacs. Are you at a health that you would be ok with hiking a mile or so for fun up a hill? 4) Assurance that it will go. We lost 1 day of our trip for weather. That happens...less... on the bigger ships I think. Multiple families on my ship were on their second attempt because the first one was just cancelled outright. 5) Having a penguin waddle next to you? Or a penguin literally jump onto the zodiac (I was on my knees turned around taking pictures) and slap you in the face? That stuff is priceless. I also heard about the whole inner workings of Port Lockeroy from someone who was going down there. My trip was a once in a life time trip I'd like to duplicate because it was so amazing. I would only do a drive by cruise as that second time if my parents were coming with me (they aren't in exceptional health). Otherwise, I want to step on the snow, and just marvel at the penguins next to me. I think someone here did a huge thread with their pictures from their drive by, and it was what I saw on the ship, but the time on land was precious.
  11. Say hi to me! We will be on it too (it's easy to find me. I'm the 30 some odd who will have 2 60 some odds that I call my parents traveling behind her like ducklings).
  12. I had an RCL agent change my bookings to NRD without letting me know that was how they were repricing it. I threw a FIT. The TA is probably not throwing the fit that needs to be thrown to get it back to refundable, and hearing that it's "impossible". Or they don't want to wait on the phone. Or they did know it was going to be non-refundable, but they snuck it in to see. When I got mine repriced back to refundable, RCL went through every phone call recording to see if my claim (that I always requested it to be refundable, and was never informed) was accurate. It took probably 90 minutes of my time. Does your TA work by herself or with a firm? I'd escalate as needed. We are only talking about $200, but it's $200. A good TA should make you whole- assuming that they can't produce any call recordings saying that you agreed, or emails where you just didn't catch it...
  13. I stand corrected. It may have only been some that we saw. Or my leader may have been trying to sound more important. I did notice that this website did not list being an IAATO member that I could see, but had "scheduled stops" that are only available to IAATO members (like Port Lockery).
  14. I saw sail boats down there. Our guide said that they were not IAATO members and if they showed up before an IAATO member, the IAATO member ship wouldn't disembark. I thought that was rude. However, it does look like a great experience for a cheap price. (relatively)
  15. I spent 4 days on Mauritius a couple of years ago. I did go to Port Louis, but the highlights of my trip were: Scuba diving Seeing the Chamaral waterfall/7 colored earth (it made the background for my login screen recently!) Ile de Aigrettes- I actually saw wild tortoises. I had never seen them before- including in the Galapagos Pamplemousses Botanical Garden (closest to Port Louis) St Aubin Rum Factory. I drove myself all over the island- it's a bit chaotic but possible. I don't quite know what you're into, but 1-2 of those could be done in a shore excursion visit. I might pick 1, and then if there's another close by add the 2nd.
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