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  1. I stayed in 7250 on the Quantum and the balcony was larger, but the one next to me was larger still (48 I believe). I would absolutely go for it. The one on 48 was probably 2x as big as the one on 52.
  2. On my sailing the beach beds and scuba diving equipment are also sold out.
  3. My family would really like to get to the port early and I was thinking that we could drop off luggage and then go eat breakfast at a restaurant in Port Canaveral before boarding for the Harmony of the Seas. What's the earliest time that they would accept luggage? When we did this in Seward, the luggage handlers only got there at 10am. However, it was a nightmare in Seattle to do luggage, so my mom gets nervous now. I'd rather not get to the port at 9am and have to wait, but I also don't want to hear the worrying about "lines" if I don't have to either 🙂 Thanks!
  4. I've had the waitlist work before. I put my uncle down on as a spare person on an Alaska cruise with my family because his wife was very ill. I put a waitlist request for a balcony room in case he came (only on one of the two next door to my parents). She passed away. DURING HER FUNERAL the waitlist came available. We took it. He came with us (we only asked him later) and said it was the first time he felt comfortable since her death. We believe she had a hand in it because no one ever has the waitlist work out!
  5. I read today that One Ocean lost their IAATO accreditation due to not paying dues. This is really not good, and my heart goes out to anyone who is supposed to be on one of their ships. I hope that they can find space on another ship at this late date, and that travel insurance helps them do that. I know when I went last year I was in such a narrow window, that I don't think I could have found another trip.
  6. My mom got one and LOVES it. She does have the humidifier but never had a problem with it running out, so I don't know what setting she has it on. She can fit it in her backpack so she feels "independent" when she travels (Dad and I usually carry all of her luggage, but she feels independent, it's so cute). Hers was $1500 I believe.
  7. I lost my card once. We were waiting in the area for a tour, and port security found it. They gave it back to my mom when we were ready to go back to the ship. It was nerve wracking though! I knew it as soon as we left the port.
  8. Hi! Clearly you haven't been on One Ocean. They distinguished on our voyage between the "crew"- the Russians- and the "staff"- the naturalists and photographer and doctor hired by One Ocean. Also, as for the pedantic comment about boat vs ship, we are on cruise critic. Normally I sail on the Royal Carribbean ships. They're ~20-35x larger by gross weight than the cute little Vavilov. There's no definitive break between the boats and ships, it's all about perspective. From wikipedia "Historically, a "ship" was a sailing vessel with at least three square-rigged masts and a full bowsprit. Ships are generally distinguished from boats, based on size, shape, load capacity, and tradition." I see no masts on the Resolute. Do you have anything to add other than misusing words?
  9. The company has been in trouble. Rumor is that it started when they ran the Ioffe aground (accidentally, sure) and then they lost off of those bookings. Then Russia took the ships back. The word on the street from One Ocean is "we signed a contract" but the rumors involve not paying. Apparently the RCMP "arrested" the boat in port this summer for some non payment. I've heard of a tour agent who is out $1 million (CAD) due to the One ocean mess. I loved LOVED my trip on One Ocean last year. I thought the staff was great, the boat was amazing, and that I picked the perfect trip for me. But, it was cheaper than other boats, and still small. The Resolute would not have been the boat that I picked because it was >100 passengers. Most of my friends from the sailing wanted to do the Arctic with One Ocean, but don't feel like we can right now. Maybe in a couple years everything will be fixed, but I doubt it. I wish them, and their employees good luck.
  10. I've been to Antarctica and we flew back home from KGI. In my (not so humble) opinion and seeing the price of $3600 I would NOT do it. Save the money and go back to Antarctica on a different (expedition if you can) ship. I paid 10k per person in a triple room (12k per person in a twin room) so yes, it was more expensive, but it was also 10 days long. KGI was basically a giant pile of mud and dirt and was so different than the rest of Antarctica. It almost felt like we were back in South America. Let me see if I can find pictures.... KGI: Other places: I'm guessing that "Antarctica" to you means the second set of pictures. If I'm being honest, I picked the best pics of KGI and some pretty boring ones of the rest of Antarctica. I assume you would get off the island and go to a different island- or at least one with actual penguins- and all penguins are adorable. But there wasn't a lot of ice around in January of last year at KGI.
  11. I had MASSIVE problems with GCs this time around (we cruise about every 6 months, and have used GCs from "another" site for 2 years). 7 hours on the phone in < 1 week. There's something screwy with their department right now. What are you trying to do? As for the price drop, I usually wait until a month before final payment before I apply them. I have never had the price drop by more than the deposit (which they can refund back to a CC) and the remaining balance after the $250/$250/$250 game.
  12. I love playing games, and if you really just wanted good game recommendations would be happy to help (Red 7, Ticket to Ride are favorites of everyone I know). But, might I suggest, shore excursions as opposed to games? Then you get to have the fun stories of "remember when dad got lost in Mexico", which is what people say are good bonding experiences. Heck, there are even "Amazing Race" type shore excursions. I would recommend letting everyone pick one at a different stop- the kids might be more adventurous than you, but you may enjoy it!
  13. It's more expensive for me to connect through SEA on the train than go on a non stop flight to Vancouver- and I live in America. Please check both prices for your situation. It also would be a 9+ hour travel day in each direction rather than a 4 and I don't think my traveling companions could handle that.
  14. Personally, I noticed a vast difference in my pictures as I went from an SX110 to SX 160 to a Nikon D60 to a D5500. If you are happy with the pictures that the bridge cameras take though, why not go with lighter weight?
  15. I know people very well who are allergic to perfume. They will leave the room if it's very perfume heavy. That restricts their ability to breathe. MOST people with serious, life threatening allergies will take the precautions to make themselves safe. There's a difference between being "banned" and making reasonable accommodation. For instance, I will land in the hospital if I have a down pillow. I don't think that they should be "banned", but you can bet that I have it on every room request, and have learned to say it in other languages. For me, I need a fair amount of time with an animal before I start to get the serious side effects. The shortest time was 15 minutes. I can tell if an animal is in the house in under an hour, even if the room has been deep cleaned. That's why I, personally, would advocate for the segregation of rooms (and for the person that asked, yes, I would do the same thing in a hotel that accommodates pets). I spend more time in my room/cabin and can't leave if it bothers me. On airplanes, I ask to be in a different row- the further away, the more time I can spend in the area. I would also leave the flight if they couldn't accommodate that. Remember that on an airplane, the "emotional support" animals should be in a carrier, so they shouldn't shed all over the seat or myself. I've also found that the ratio of "emotional support" animals on an airplane to a true "service animal" is about 100:1. If I end up on a flight with that one, in the same row as that one and could not be reseated to be as far away as possible- yeah I'll take the next flight. That risk to me seems very minor compared to potentially having an asthma attack at 30,000 feet. This risk is also lower when I'm flying internationally- most people don't want to deal with the hassle of bringing animals across international borders unless they have to. If cruises start to be the same, where I can't reasonably segregate myself, then I will stop cruising. I'm not asking for service animals to only be in 10 rooms per ship, but instead to make half the ship for service animals and half not. Like they used to have smoking on one side of the ship only. Then I can pick a cabin on the other side, and people who need a dog can pick one on the opposite side.
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