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  1. Club Orange is great for Folks on vacation, having a private dining room just for club orange on the Pinnacle class ships.
  2. Also look Into the chase reserve credit card it cost $$$ but it comes with $20,000 per trip cancellation coverage.
  3. I would recommend in your case a Med Jet yearly policy as well which you can buy through AARP at a discount.
  4. Be careful with policies some have a limit on the number of days in a tip .
  5. If you compare Square Feet of the ship to the Max number of guests it holds. It's average for a ship that was built years ago
  6. I would call up the Holland American World Cruise department ( mostly Senior staff) and ask with a Please.
  7. Correct Only full fares count. Your TA might give you something, but the Base fair must be paid in full.
  8. If you tell your room Stewart they will do something special.
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