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  1. I really do not understand the big Hoo-Ha over the pencils. Ours wrote perfectly fine, we used it on the sudoku's and notes we took during the cruise. We do not feel it is a big deal that crappy pens are gone. Even the top Hotel chains are replacing pens with pencils. Our favorite change has been found in a Hilton Hotel. They have replaced the plastic pens with a paper based pen. the less plastic we all consume, the better.
  2. Thanks for your review. It will be interesting to see what changes take place as Silversea is integrated into RCCL. From your excellent. balanced review I will stay with Celebrity and Azamara, especially for the time being
  3. That is the same menu we had. I do not eat lobster or the clam chowder, so I got the French Onion soup and the chicken. We loved the show and thought the food was also very good, way too much to eat, but very good. Glad you tried it and enjoyed it. As they say, to each their own. I never take negative reviews too seriously. I usually want to try for myself
  4. There are many threads on tipping. Many have offered ideas, some tip extra generously and some do not tip extra at all. It is all up to the individual and depends on what you ask the butler to do for you. We usually do not ask for much, do not eat in the room, and once in a while have a party in the room, especially if we are in the penthouse. We usually tip our butlers about $5.00 per day extra if they are attentive, friendly and responsive. Again, extra tipping is completely up to the individual, as was mentioned above $4.00 oer day per passenger is what they receive in the auto gratuities.
  5. It is not at all uncommon. Supply and demand makes prices fluctuate. If there is great demand, they will increase prices to what the market will pay. When sailing time gets closer, they will gradually reduce prices to fill the ship.
  6. Yes, all of they surveys get read and then sent to the specific ships for attention. We know this because on several B2B2B's we were thanked by the various crew members for our comments about them. We have also noticed subtile changes after comments were made.
  7. We always book Suites so our butler was always happy to exchange. However in talking with people not in Suites we found this not to be the case. I no longer talk about this with fellow cruisers on board just in case they are not able to exchange theirs...
  8. This is not always true. We have ben on several cruises where others have tried unsuccessfully to do this. It is another of those Celebrity things.....It depends on who you ask.
  9. It seems you can send it in anytime for a future cruise. The deadline mentioned above is the latest you can apply for the benefit
  10. According to the rules, NO. There are always exceptions to the rules, but for the most part, this has been enforced. I wouldn't try it, as I would not like to be stuck with the 2 bottles waiting for me at debarcation and having to pack them to take them home.
  11. They do not check. They have no way of checking.
  12. have a great time and a wonderful cruise !!!
  13. No one would ever know and people have definitely done it before.
  14. It is actually 5:00- 7:00 and unlimited drinks from a menu,. Any drinks not on the menu are at a cost. It is usually in a designated area unless there are too many CC members on board. If so, they usually just load your seapass with three drinks per day from any bar. Enjoy
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