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  1. I think that a huge part of the problem with trying to get the numbers to go down is the lack of enforcement of the restrictions that have been in place for many months. Has anyone in the Toronto area watched or listened to the traffic reports throughout the day? There are thousands of cars on the roads and we are supposed to be under a stay at home order. The fact that there are traffic jams, etc. certainly points to the fact that no one is listening or following the rules and the virus just continues to spread. There are so many areas that need to be improved and enforced and yet nothing
  2. Then you will certainly have something to look forward to in the years ahead. Our HAL cruise did stop in Sydney and it doesn't look like Louisburg is too far from that port. Enjoy all of your cruises! Barb
  3. Based on past experiences with a cruise that has two days in port before setting sail, we had to be on the ship before 5:00 p..m. on the first day and then could come and go as we pleased. We enjoyed the overnight in port and then set sail at the appointed time the following afternoon. In Quebec City, the dock is adjacent to the old part of town and so an easy stroll to enjoy the old part of the city. Barb
  4. We did one a few years back with Holland America. It started in New York City and ended with an overnight in Quebec City. We stopped at different ports in the US on the way up and then hit PEI, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick in Canada before going on to Quebec City. As on all fall cruises, everyone is hoping to see the beautiful fall colouring but you cannot be guaranteed that the colour show won't be early or late. It was a wonderful cruise overall and we would do it again if the opportunity came up. With ships not being able to cross the border between Canada and the U.S. this year, I wo
  5. Believe it or not, we here in Southern Ontario are expecting some snow tonight and through the morning on Wed. April can be a tricky month in Canada but as we have already had some wonderful spring weather, this snowfall is just another cruel blow. Back to the topic of interesting experiences on cruises with tablemates. One year, my husband and I were seated on the first night in the dining room with two other couples from the States who were traveling together. One of the men had a coloring book and crayons with him and after introductions were made, he continued on with colo
  6. Nice to see a forum by and about Canadians. My husband and I have cruised over the last 25 years and are looking forward to getting back on a ship. We have two cruises booked for Aug. of 2022 and hope that the virus has settled down around the world and things can get back to a more normal way of life. We have both had our first shots of the Pfizer vaccine and will get the second dose in July. Ontario is in quite a bad state at the moment, with most of the Covid cases centered around Toronto and Ottawa. We are short of vaccines and everyone is anxious to be vaccinated. What a mess! The
  7. My husband and I hired a tour guide to take us around the Isle of Wight for a day. Her name is Sarah Lang and you can reach her at sarah.robinlang@gmail.com. We only had one day on the island and we told her the sights that we wanted to visit and she made it happen. She was very informative and easy to deal with. If you are going to be more than one couple, then dividing her cost between you all would be an inexpensive way to see the island. Barb
  8. We used a wonderful tour company called Custom Irish Tours and had Derek Smith as our tour guide. We did the Beautiful Meath County Wicklow tour and it was a wonderful day out of Dublin. Go to info@customirishtours.com for more information. Barb
  9. My husband and I cruised to New Zealand from Sydney in Feb. of 2018 and the crossing was very rough, so much so that we missed seeing Milford Sound as the ship had to slow down to avoid the heavy seas from doing any damage to the ship and also for the passenger's comfort. We experienced the same type of seas in the Bay of Biscay en route to the Canary Islands in Oct. of 2019. In March of 2021 we had very heavy seas around the Cape on our South American cruise from Buenos Aires to Santiago and therefore had to go through the Beagle Channel instead of continuing around the Cape. Is there a be
  10. Thanks for that suggestion. I hadn't thought of using Rome2Rio although I've used them before and found them to be very helpful. Barb
  11. My sister used bus transport from Edinburgh to Leith and said it was an easy run. I was just wondering if I could get public transportation to Leith from the South Queensferry dock without having to go into Edinburgh first. It would add an extra 25 mins traveling time if done that way, so was hoping that there was some form of public transportation right from where the tenders leave us off in South Queensferry. From my additional research, it doesn't look to be the case and between getting into Edinburgh by train from Dalmeny station, time in between to change to either another train or bus
  12. In Oct. of 2019, we embarked the Sapphire Princess out of Southhamptom on our way to the Canary Islands and had a wonderful cruise. Our weather was great throughout and we didn't miss any port stops. We did mostly private tours and if you need or want names and contact numbers, I can provide those for you. We did some rocking and rolling crossing the Bay of Biscaye but the rest of the cruise was smooth. Barb
  13. In 2019, we used Dave Bezant of Southampton White Taxi Excursions for day tours outside of Southampton and for transfers from hotel to ship. You can reach him at dave.swte@gmail.com. He was punctual, willing to make a route from places that we wanted to go to and very knowledgeable about the area. Barb
  14. By contacting the visitor's bureau of Edinburgh and by some further research of my own, I have found that there is no direct rail link from the South Queensferry dock to Leith. We would have to go into Edinburgh and then change to another train that would take us to Leith. We'll have to do more searching to see if we can come up with the most economical and time related way to get to see the Royal Yacht. Barb
  15. Does anyone know how I would get to where the Royal Yacht Brittania is birthed from where we tender in South Queensferry. Years ago, tartanexile gave excellent advice on how to get from the dock into Waverley Station in Edinburgh and we're hoping that she or anyone else will answer with advice on how to get to where the Royal Yacht is. We will be there in August of 2022. Thanks in advance. Barb
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