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  1. We decided to pay the total a month before final payment was due. If we were to cancel before final payment would that be cash refunded or cruise credit? I hope not to cancel but need to know what is what. Thanks.
  2. Can you please tell me the site that shows what ships are in ports on given dates. Thanks
  3. Do we need to make reservations ahead for this “event”? Is it an every morning thing or just once or twice?
  4. Sprite Aide will work just fine. Thanks!
  5. Where might I purchase a bottle of wine near the San Diego port. Thanks.
  6. Can anyone tell me the cost of a wine package...how many bottles, etc. I’d appreciate any info. Thanks!
  7. They didn’t take our passports at all. Only had a customs check in Cobh...the day before we disembarked.
  8. Our weather was chilly.....in Orkney it was also very windy, we had some light showers on and off in Edinburgh. Everywhere else was sunny....still needed a sweater. We went on a similar cruise 2 years ago the first of May and had warm-ish sunny days everywhere we went. Layering is the key.
  9. We had Club Class dining which didn’t really work out for us. We eat earlier than a majority of British Isles cruisers and a couple of times we were the ONLY patrons in the dining room. So on nights we wanted to eat early we went to the buffet. Entertainment was good...enjoyed the two production shows. Two comedians...one great one not so much.,sorry can’t remember names. All of the staff we interacted with were outstanding, friendly, seemed to really care.
  10. Surely by September they’d have it under control. I’ve heard the first couple of cruises before mine it was even worse so MAYBE they’re getting it figured out. Rocklinmom...I’m from Auburn. I don’t know Thrak.
  11. The cruise was great, staff outstanding! Some glitches...TVs had to constantly be rebooted, the worst was the three embarkation/disembarkation ports ..Dublin, LeHarve, South Hampton. Princess tried to do it right but it was mostly mass confusion for passengers in transit. We got on in Dublin, didn't have customs check until Cobh. Customs went fast but some technical issue wouldn’t let some of us off the ship for awhile. Excursions were delayed. In South Hampton returning passengers from excursions weren’t let back on the ship..we had to wait i with “new” passengers. That issues was solved eventually, but we were sent to several different lines. I wouldn’t book another cruise with several embarkation/disembarkation ports again.
  12. Just off the Crown....medallions set up and working.
  13. Thanks for the info. I hoped that would be the case. Did you have any issues with the Southampton immigration that there have been complaints about? We leave July 2..I’m excited.
  14. Our sail is at 10 pm. Can you tell me what time to expect muster? Thanks.
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