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  1. Thanks all. I’ve not traveled with youngers so really haven’t paid attention to what’s there for them. Agreed...they should be exhausted by bedtime!
  2. Taking a 17 year old young man and a 9 year old girl on ?Miracle to Alaska. Can you tell me what activities might be available for them on sea days and in the evenings. Thanks.
  3. I will ask on the ports board too, but can anyone tell me about this tour? Specifically, is it just on the bus all day with one stop for lunch or will we have walk around time and visit some of the site?
  4. Thank you for the link hpeabody. Much appreciated!
  5. We’d like to book and prepay our upcoming cruise excursions. If we need to cancel the cruise is that cost refundable? Thanks.
  6. Leaving Dublin at 10:00 pm....anyone know when they would have muster?
  7. Yes, a cruise from Dublin......it goes exactly where I want to go. Why not I wonder??
  8. We’re going on the Crown July 3rd. Do they/Will they have an operational Medallion by then?
  9. We’ll be on the Crown July 3rd. Will it be Medallion ready then?
  10. Thank you...that information is so helpful. And I will ignore Yelp...I really should know better.
  11. We’re flying business class. The airlines got poor reviews on Yelp. I don’t want to miss the cruise because of their being late.
  12. We’ve never flown on American Airlines before. We flying from Sacramento California...Dallas Fort Worth...Dublin, Ireland. What’s been your experience? Thanks.
  13. My sister and I booked a specific cabin, marked no upgrade. We were on the ship checking in...in Europe no less..and were assigned an upgrade that we didn’t want. We fussed with everyone to no avail. Mind you, we booked this with a TA nearly a year in advance and no prior notice was given.
  14. Thank you. Yes, I did mean Queensferry (oops)
  15. Is there a shuttle for transportation to and from South Queensbury and Edinburgh? Or readily available taxi service?
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