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  1. I’m trying to add a new booking to my Medallion App but it doesn’t recognize my booking number. Anyone had any problems doing this? Thanks! Tom😀
  2. Thanks. Nothing there the name Cruise Critic listed. Very Helpful. Tom😀👍
  3. How do you go to the Safari menu on a IPad? Thanks! Tom😀
  4. I trying to sign onto CC. Now using my phone. Not sure what’s going on with my IPad. Perhaps I’ll delete the app & reinstall it. Tom🤔
  5. All of a sudden I can’t sign on from my IPad but can sign on from my phone. Anyone had this problem? Tom🤔
  6. Remember that for this cruise boarding may be different since there are no passengers onboard. So we don’t know how that will effect when they start boarding plus this will be the first Medallion cruise from San Francisco & the port staff will be experiencing something new vs the cruise card. I’ll be posting what my experiences are. Tom😀
  7. They us to suggest different boarding times but that was never in-forced. Now you pick your group & as soon as you hear that the options to select are opened. Go to your Medallion App to pick your time. It appears the earliest time is 11:30 am. . My October 31st cruise I’ve got group A 11:30 to 12. I’ve also heard from some people that Princess weren’t checking their time. I plan to arrive around 10:30 am & see what happens. Either I’ll be allowed into the terminal or made to wait outside. My cruise is the 1st out of dry dock so no passengers on board so we’ll see what happens. Tom😀
  8. Here’s what’s at the bottom of my page on my I Pad pro. I don’t see anything that says “CHAT”. Am I missing something? Tom🤔
  9. I’m on the October 31st cruise on the Ruby after dry dock. Anyone heard about the Ruby? Tom😀
  10. I’m on the October 31st cruise on the Ruby & have had no problems booking any excursions. Strange that you get that message. I’ve never seen that message before. Tom😀
  11. I’m on the October 31st cruise from San Francisco on the Ruby Princess & I just looked & all categories of staterooms are available. Like other people have said there is no way to know in advance how many people will be on any ship. Even if someone reported the number on their cruise it could change from one cruise to the next. Tom😀
  12. I live in San Francisco & no Walgreens do the test here. I would have to drive somewhere else to get the Walgreens test. Here’s what they say….Test results for travel purposes cannot be guaranteed in time for travel. There is a CVS here that will provide the results in 45 minutes & they told me that I could just walk in but I will make an appointment. Kaiser is going to test me but won’t guarantee how soon. I’ll get the results. Tom😀
  13. I get this message…We could not locate the item you are trying to view. Perhaps someone can explain why this link doesn’t work. Tom🤔
  14. It leaves at 6 pm today. Look at this app…https://sfport.com/sites/default/files/Cruises/Docs/2021.pdf…to see the schedule for cruise ships in San Francisco. The Medallion is a device that is about the size of a quarter. It does some of the things your cruise card did but more things. When you’re near your stateroom it automatically unlocks your door. Great if you have things in your hands. You can also order drinks/food & it’s able to locate you. If someone is looking for you it will show them your location. It’s not perfect & people have had problems but it still does more than just having a cruise card. You could still ask for a cruise card once on the ship but why would you? From my reading about people using the Medallion there are more things that it does vs the problems some people have had. It’s usually mailed to you in advanced, mine is in transit, for my October 31st cruise. It’s free & will come with a lanyard but their are Accessories you can order to wear your Medallion. I’ve bought a holder, from Amazon, that the Medallion will fit into & clip on my belt. Look on You Tube & you will see some good videos about using the Medallion. Any questions please ask. Tom😀
  15. You don’t say where are you departing from? In San Francisco there is a CVS location with the results in 45 minutes. Tom😀
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