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  1. If I sign on with my Hawaii December 2021 cruise no problem. Now I try to sign on with my February 2022 New Zealand cruise using my conformation number I get a message “Your information does not match our records”. I’ll see what Princess says & let everyone know. Tom
  2. I’m trying to add a booking for February 2022 but when I add my booking number it says that my booking doesn’t exist. Am I too early? Tom🤔
  3. I’m going to be on the Miracle. I just checked & non of those are on the Miracle. Tom😀
  4. You need to contact the moderators if you want the thread removed. Tom😀
  5. I’ve asked John Hearld & he indicated that they tried it on a few ships before the Pandemic & it was very successful. He’s going to look into it. How do other people feel about this? Would you like to see this? All of the Princess ships have a dinn8ng room opened at embarkation. Tom😀
  6. I’m going to be on the Miracle. Do you know where the BBQ venue is? Thanks! Tom😀
  7. On Princess they always have one dinning room opened from 12 noon - 1:30 pm lunch on embarkation day. Does Carnival do the same? It’s nice to be able to sit down & relax rather than fighting all of the people in the buffet. Tom😀
  8. I’m not sure about Carnival, but on Princess they always have one main dining room open for lunch, so if Carnival has one that would be nice. If I’m allowed to board at 11 an & I can avoid the crowds at 2 pm I have more time to relax & start my cruise. Tom😀
  9. Question....Has wines by the glass been the same price regardless of what winery/vintage it is? I’ve got the ultimate beverage package so I’m wondering if there is more expensive wines to try. At the wine tastings anyone know if the wines we taste are only by the bottle or are some available by the glass. Thanks? Tom😀
  10. Can you explain “Early Saver price protection”? Thanks! Tom😀
  11. Thank you very much. That was just what I needed. Tom😀
  12. From my experience on other cruise lines you loose it. Here’s what I have done. I went to the casino & loaded a $100 from my OBC onto a slot machine. I played for a few minutes & then cashed out the money. Nobody said anything. Tom😀
  13. I didn’t know how to be creative so I used the first part of my email address. I thought about changing it but thought people might not know who I am anymore. Anyone ever charged there name on Cruise Critic? Tom
  14. When I log onto my cruise on Carnivals web site where does it show the On Board Credit that I have? Tom😀
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