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  1. Your Captains Circle number is how you’re identified with Princess. That’s how they know who you are & your history with Princess. If you talk to Princess they ask for this number. It’s good to keep this number on file. If you go to look at your history with Princess on their web site this number will help. I agree about bout having to go through many hoops with the California DMV. I recently got a new card where I was asked about adding the veterans status on my card but I would have had to make another appointment to bring in documentation so I said no. Tom😎
  2. I just saw on the Princess Facebook site where someone mentioned that they were on a “Half Term Cruise” with their family. Has anyone heard of this term & can explain what it means? Tom🤔
  3. You’re very welcome. Yes I’ve mentored many people on CC as that’s how I’ve learned a lot of what I know. That’s what CC is all about. Tom😎
  4. FYI...On Princess it’s called M & G, (Meet & Greet). I’ve organized many M & G’s, probably around 12, & knowing whose the CD is helpful for addressing my invitations to our meeting. Tom😎
  5. Gimmer....You mentioned before that you had photos of the areas before the dry dock & that you were going to take photos after the dry dock of those areas. Do you have any photos to post? Thanks! Tom😀
  6. Andrew Kadillac is no longer the CD on the Majestic. He left at the end of the repositioning cruise that I was on in March/April. An Asian woman was his replacement. Andrew also has let Princess for now but he may return. Tom😎
  7. I’ve never had to wait very long. You may have a driver that has never been there before. Tom😎
  8. Here’s my experiences with UBER. The pick up at LAX is with a lot of people & drivers. I call the driver & let them know what I’m wearing so it’s easy to find me. The turn off for the cruise terminal is tricky as it comes up fast. I’ve found that many drivers have never been there before so you need to keep watching for the turnoff otherwise you’ll have a ride across the St. Thomas bridge. I’ve also had to direct the driver once off the freeway as to how to get to the cruise terminal. Returning you may find drivers that have never been there before. Do not use the Pool returning from the terminal. I have never had any problems using UBER to & from San Pedro & there is a spot at both LAX & San Pedro for UBER/LYFT. Tom😎
  9. We have requested a table for 2 with no problems. On our last cruise their was a row of about 5 tables for 2. We had a nice table near a window. Their was a couple next to us & we talked to them occasionally. It was fine for us since we could just talk to ourselves or talk with couple next to us which we enjoyed. Tom😎
  10. Here’s why I’ve done this. First if I want a certain stateroom & I'm not able to reach my agent so thus my going onto the Princess web site. Second I’ll contact my agent to see what perks/price they can give me. With this information I can decide to transfer my reservation to my T/A or keep what I have. If your booking is with a T/A everything regarding money is done with them. Tom😎
  11. I saw a video he posted where he said Australia. Tom😀
  12. If you look at what I posted on post #14 you will see a detailed list. Gimer will hopefully post before & after photos as he took photos of the areas they’re working on while in Dry Dock. Tom😎
  13. Anyone know why their is no schedule for one of its newest ships, the Majestic? Tom🤔
  14. I’ve been on Facebook & their are many Martin Cruise listed. Do you have a link to his page? Thanks! Tom😎
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