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  1. Enjoy this show by the Princess singers & dancers on the Emerald Princess in December of 2019 on our Panama Canal Cruise. Hope that this takes you mind off of things & is uplifting. Tom😀 9AC458DD-22C5-4350-966C-7D96504448CB.MOV
  2. Here’s a photo taken from the solarium while going through the new channel of the Panama Canal on the Emerald Princess in November 2019. A great place to witness the canal. Tom😀
  3. I’m doing fine. I’m involved with a Senior Center here & with the Oddfellows Organization but things are on hold for now. I’m booked on the Ruby in December to Hawaii from here. Interesting how someone could see the ship in Florida when it’s anchored here. How’s everything in the East Bay? Tom😎
  4. FYI....Here’s the page that shows it’s anchored in San Francisco Bay where it went after offloading all of the passengers except the crew.
  5. I’m curious as to how you saw the Grand Princess as it’s anchored in San Francisco Bay?
  6. Boy Carnival Stock has really taken a dive. In December 2019 it was $43 a share. Today it’s $12 a share. This would be a good time to by shares if you’re wanting the stock credit. You only need 100 shares. Let’s all hope that things will rebound. Tom😎
  7. I’m on a December cruise on the Ruby out of San Francisco to Hawaii. I have No plans to cancel. Princess is going out of their way to help people booked. Tom😎
  8. Local news reports say that after 2 weeks the Grand Princess will go to pier 35 which is the old cruise terminal. Tom😎
  9. FYI...It was a person that was on the previous cruise that went to Mexico. From the local reports their is nobody currently on the ship with the virus. The ship is being returned as a precaution because of the virus. It is presently out at sea until the CDC decides the next steps. Tom😀...I live in San Francisco & have been monitoring all of the local news reports.
  10. I have taken one cruise on the Majestic, Royal Class, & I was like you surprised as to the lack of venues for dancing or other kinds of music. The main place was in the Atrium at night. I’m aware that the Majestic was built for the Chinese Market but I can’t believe that the Princess people thought that the Asians don’t dance. Other than that it was a fine ship. Tom😎
  11. Here’s what I have posted & their response. I’m inquiring about your BVE program. I understand that Princess has discontinued this program. I have used it many times to introduce other people to Princess & to invite people to join me before my cruise. It was a great program that Princess had. It was also a way to visit a ship that I had never been on & wanted to see the ship before booking a cruise. Desired outcome: I hope that Princess will add back this program again. “We respond to all correspondence from our guests in the order we receive it, and a representative of our Customer Relations Department will contact you as soon as possible.” Tom😎
  12. Did you consider bringing a hand sanitizer to the dinning room & using it as necessary? Tom😀
  13. trbarton


    Remember you can buy as many as you want, of course, under separate names & yes they will all have their own FCD. I have done this before & we each had our own certificate. If their is more that one person in the stateroom & each person has a FCD they will all be applied especially if your all on the same reservation. A lot of people have several FCD on hand. Tom😀
  14. I’ve been out of both LA & San Francisco. Their is very little to do & see in the San Pedro pier. In San Francisco their is unlimited things to do around & near Pier 27 in San Francisco within walking distance. Yes I’m always amazed going under the Golden Gate Bridge as, until I was on a cruise ship, the last time I went under the bridge was on the USS Coral Sea, CVA 43, the aircraft carrier that I was stationed on. As other people have said their are a number of hotels near Pier 27 & it’s a easy walk or Taxi/Uber ride to the pier. And what a beautiful view from the top deck. If you can find the right cruise date in Fleet Week you will have a excellent view of the Blue Angels air show. Tom😀
  15. I used your link & will post any replies that I receive from Princess. Tom😀
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