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  1. I assume you didn’t use a T/A. Wonder of they would have made any difference? Tom🤔
  2. I served on the Coral Sea, CVA 43, out of Alameda. It was also in San Francisco for dry docks. Tom😀
  3. I’ve started a thread for the Carnival Miracle 10 Day Alaska from SF August 8, 2022 last year but nobody has ever replied. This is the 1st time I’ve never had anyone respond. Tom🤔
  4. I wonder what happens if you use the points for a statement credit & your cruise gets canceled? Tom🤔
  5. I have a cruise in February 2022 from Sydney around New Zealand. I’m waiting to see what happens. Hopefully there will be no restrictions then. Tom😀
  6. Curious....What about the International Cafe? For people that don’t use the buffet what do you think about that venue? Tom😀
  7. Can you imagine what would happen if you could not enter the buffet area unless you used the wash & sanitizer. You would need the ships security at those stations. Tom😀
  8. I have seen some postings of other cruise ships that are currently sailing & here’s what they did. Princess will probably do the same. 1. When you enter the buffet area there is a machine that you stand in front of that takes your temperature. 2. Then you proceed to a hand washing station. After that a hand sanitizer. All of this monitored by a staff person. 3. The buffet stations have a server that puts whatever you want onto a plate. No self service. 4. Of course masks required except when eating or drinking. 5. Tables socially distan
  9. If any suit against the CDC were to go anywhere it would take so long that our pandemic would be over. Tom😀
  10. The Explores Lounge might have one program & then dancing later. Club Fusion is another good place with different programs & usually dancing. The Wheel House bar also has dancing. For a real disco club there is Skywalkers at the top of the ship. If there is a special occasion there will be live music in the Atrium. One place that is usually crowded is the piano bar. Many places with a bar opened. Whatever ship you decide to cruise on make sure you look for a thread for that cruise I sign up for the Meet & Greet to meet other people from Cruise Critic. Any questi
  11. I’ve been following this for a long time. Read what I posted where they say “shortly”. This word has been used for a long time by both the CDC & some cruise lines CEO’s. I’m hopeful that things will change too but there has been many promises made that never materialized when it looked like things would change. I listen to a number of YouTube sites about cruises usually every day & they have the same concerns that I have. Look at these for another opinion....https://youtu.be/quBzVmINE7E Let’s keep our fingers crossed. Tom😀
  12. Are you aware that Princess will have a card with a QR code that you will need to read with an app on your phone to see the menu? Tom😀
  13. I’ve had this package before & unless things have changed the gratuities have always been included. Have you called Princess to ask them? If so please let us know what they said. Tom😀
  14. Here’s a good article about what may happen with Princess ships. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/24507-when-princess-ships-may-cruise-next.html Tom😀
  15. Yes it is the 150th Anniversary cruise. When I looked before I remember it being cheaper than New York which didn’t make sense. There is a YouTube site that I look at called Don’s Family Vacation & yesterday he mentioned this cruise & possibly organizing a small group & this caught my eye. I just looked again & it’s $190 more to Ft Lauderdale. I’ve booked with Princess with an obstructed ocean view with nothing really outside the window so I was thinking about that if on their web site I can figure out how I find that option. Tom😀
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