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  1. At the Princess home page you can click on “Destinations” then “Ports of Call.” Select any port then read the description....i.e.... Note: South Queensferry is an anchorage port. Passengers transfer to shore via ship's tender.
  2. Thank you all for your answers. We have more OBC than we can use on an upcoming cruise, and I'm just looking at options.
  3. Does Princess take gratuities etc., out of non-refundable OBC first? If so, and one has military credit, will it really be refunded to you? Do you receive a check after the cruise?
  4. Now that is the smart way to do it!! Thanks for the excellent advice!
  5. When I first booked one of my flights I checked back after a couple of weeks (on the Plan a Cruise page) and saw a significant price reduction . I went into my booking, canceled what I had, selected the lower fare, and tried to book it. Got as far as the confirmation...suddenly said fare was no longer available. Immediately rebooked what I had before. Maybe that's the problem?
  6. Thank you! I'm just used to booking my own flights directly with the airlines.
  7. My EZ Air return flight home is now $200 less then when I selected it...from $600 to $400. The price has also gone down to $400 in my cruise personalizer. Do I still need to cancel the original booking and re-book at the lower price? Do I understand correctly that if I leave it alone, it could conceivably go back up to $600, whereas if I cancel and re-book, it won't go over $400? Thanks.
  8. Can anyone recommend a good Belfast tour company that will take us to both of those areas? I'm having trouble finding something online. We will be in port from 10AM-9PM. Thanks.
  9. The flight was far enough out, that I just cancelled what I had and tried to rebook. Unfortunately, the flight I wanted to trade it for (much lower price)..while listed as a viable choice and allowing me to get to the final "confirm" page...just came back as no longer available. So I rebooked what I had originally. 😥
  10. How do you modify a flight? My only choice when I log into my reservation is to cancel the flight. There seems to be no way to modify it, or add another leg...i.e. departure when I've already booked return. Help!
  11. What sailing will you be on next year? We’ll be on the Regal leaving July 3.
  12. Thank you all for your replies. At this point I’ll keep my fingers crossed that my experience is the same as all of yours.
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