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  1. Our flight From the States To FCO arrives Tuesday morning around 8 AM (October 20th). There’s a train to Venice that leaves around 11 and we’d arrive around 3ish. If we get a hotel near the train station and rest up, we could spend the next full day in Venice before heading to Rome on Thursday. The big question for experienced travelers is this: is it worth the hours of train travel to see Venice for one full day or should we just add this day to our Rome travels? Also, is it possible to get through customs and to the train station by 1030ish? TIA.
  2. Flight home at 6 PM Friday 2/28/2020 out of Orlando. Suggestions for something to do that includes transport to airport from cruise port. Two 38 year olds, no kids (with us😁😁). TIA
  3. I’m interested in the post you found. Could you share a link to it please. We’re on it this Sunday.
  4. Funny, I called the Crown & Anchor and they said their was no change to the cruise and we were OKAY. Hung up, called again and of course, the next one said your reservation doesn’t exist anymore so you’ll have to book like a new reservation, without price protection or on-board credit. Let’s try one more time. Called back and finally got someone who knew what was going on. After 40 cruises, I had to laugh, but I would feel sorry for the first timer dealing with that. Oh well, bottom line we rebooked on the a Independence for January 24th and the price for our balcony was $100 cheaper and more On-Board credit.
  5. Have never traveled without travel insurance. Living in New England and traveling in January annually, we occasionally run into weather related problems. This year was no different but in a different way. We made our cruise and enjoyed the great Caribbean weather. However, for the first time, we couldn’t get home due to major storm closing all airports in my area. Next flight available wasn’t until four days later. We were “Stuck” in 85° Ft. Lauderdale for 4 days (home was at -5°). Contacted bosses about our delay, then Nationwide Travel Insurance. Great customer experience along with detailed info and policy info that resulted in full reimbursement for all our expenses from hotel, restaurants and Uber ride to airport. Even paid for extended parking at airport. $87 investment = over $900 extended vacation. (PS: received check within 3 weeks after claim made).
  6. Any suggestions on pharmacy locations?
  7. Cool info,! We just book 10209 on the Harmony in January. Didn’t know about the perks mentioned nor did I realize it was a balcony. Thought it was just a window view.
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