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  1. Same here! It seems like a dream, but its lager at lunch and G&T in the evening! Had my second jab yesterday, slight ache in arm but no headache today, it was very busy, didn't look like many people had chickened out.
  2. Our 53 year old son had not had any notifications so far, I suggested he rang up. He rang the national ine last night and had his jab at 9am this morning at the Boston centre! and his younger brother (51) is going on Monday.
  3. We were on holiday in Whitby a few years ago when one of the former Renaissance Cruises small 'R' ships anchored offshore and they tendered the passangers in. Not sure that several thousand pax descending on Whitby would be a good thing though!
  4. I had whooping cough in my forties, very unpleasant and 3 months off work. As for statins, the doctor recommended I take them around 5 years ago, but I opted out at the time . At my health review in 2018 I was told I must take them, and it took a while to find one without a reaction. On the night of March 2/3rd last year, I had an eye stroke, and now have severe double vision. So I now have expensive prism glasses, driving licence revoke by DVLA (try getting it back!), which has made life difficult, so I'm wishing I had taken them earlier, might of been OK!
  5. We really hope it happens for you, we celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary on Arcadia's maiden cruise in 2005 a very memorable evening ceremony somewhere of the coast of Portugal. All the more special as wife was diagnosed with cancer on our return. Today we are celebrating our 56th anniverary at home, no nice meal out tonight sadly!
  6. About 84% of the UK population have them, I'm one of the 16% not spending an average of 2 hours plus a day on one!
  7. Oh dear, I remember the days when Arcadia was introduced it was viewed as a 'big' ship! Love that class of ship, we enjoyed QE and QV too!
  8. In January 2017 we booked a cruise for that late autumn on Cunards Queen Elizabeth (the same T&C apply) , it was going to be a treat and we booked the cheapest Princess Suite at at cost of around £6000. As the year went on we saw the price fall and fall, eventually ending up as 53% of the price we paid. Naturally, I asked to cancel the cruise and be refunded as I considered this a 'substantial' change to our booking, and was ready to fight them. They offered us a substantial upgrade to a Queens Suite, retaining our OBC and free drinks package our TA gave us. Without doubt the best cruise
  9. I am afraid it is true about the nurses, my eldest grand daughter (20) is a trainee nurse, and has done that job. She does three 13 hour shifts a week, and unsurprisingly has had covid. She has now had the Pfizer vaccine which she had a flu like reaction like many others.
  10. Just shows how different we all are, that would be our ideal, we had a similar one in the Princess Grill on QE. With 4 children and 9 grandchilden, we like a bit of 'me time'
  11. I was evacuted to a village near Grantham in WW2, and one of my first memories was of hundreds of planes flying overhead, I assume it was either D Day or Arnhem. Found out years later, that my mum and a Land Girl at the farm next door would have the occasional Gin and Orange, MY orange juice! The happy ending was that the Land Girl married one of mum's brothers after the war.
  12. We have done a couple of 'cruise to nowhere' cruises, but very short ones! In 1991 we won a trade competition for a cruise on QE2, just a couple of nights out of Southampton round Lyme Bay and back, our first ever cruise! Had quite a lot of cruises on P&O after that, but fell out with them over a transfer of a cruise in 2009 and looked elsewhere. We went to a Cruise show at Excel and booked a cruise with Celebrity at the show, and as a bonus were offered an overnight stay on Equinox in Southampton proir to it going into service. Was a bit surprised that we actually sailed out, as we wer
  13. I had a NHS letter, booked online after booking first jab offered me a date for my second one, I go on April 10th. Friends across the road went to a local surgery, not as well organised and not given a date for the second jab.
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