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  1. I just got a flyer in the mail on them. Only 98 cabins in the ship and all inclusive. They are offering some pretty interesting itineraries: Black Sea, Turkey , etc. Although I can’t imagine going to Israel or Egypt in August. Anyone have an inside scoop?
  2. Really no choice. Too many ways for that to go bad.
  3. Testing really doesn’t solve as many problems as one might think, based on what we have all seen of recent events, rather it gives a false sense of security.
  4. My last cruise and next cruise are with Hapag Lloyd which is a joint ownership with TUI and RCI. There is no board for them either. Even thought many people have asked and keep asking. meanwhile Paul Gauguin has its own board for ONE small old ship. They still haven’t folded it into Ponant. You would think that this would be a nice opportunity to clean up the forums and improve the categories.
  5. I think it’s a sensible way for them to test the waters 😉 Start small with a control group and learn. Being able to do any sort of travel now is a luxury. My next booked cruise is In 2022 on HL from Kamchatka to Alaska.
  6. Thank you all for the great suggestions! Curious as to why you prefer the eastbound voyage? We did a round trip and I found the westbound more relaxing with the extra hour. Loosing the hour at noon everyday made for an early lunchtime!
  7. The problem is that it will start to deteriorate quickly if it’s not maintained.
  8. Considering booking a 2021 summer or fall transatlantic. What experiences and/or advice can you offer? Usually I don’t book thru the cruiselines, tú in this situation (I live in NY) there don’t seem to be much that they can mess up. Also one way flights can be costly. What worked for you all? note- I did do a RT transatlantic back in 2016
  9. I recently booked Russia Far East to Alaska on the Inspiration for 2022. It’s the next cruise that I have booked . Time will tell. I have a new grandchild expected this summer and another daughters wedding in 2021. We will plan something last minute when the time is right, but it won’t be on a cruiseship. With my luck, I would be on the ship that’s on the cruise to nowhere. When I was in Southeast Asia in February, I followed the diamond princess saga. One day at a time here in NY where we have been home for two months, with over 60 dinners prepared in my own kitchen!
  10. You won’t have a problem. It isn’t that physically challenging, we had a woman who was in her sixties and blind, and she managed as well as anyone. It can be slippery on the rocks, and agree a hiking stick is a good idea. You don’t need to take long hikes to see what is of interest. South Georgia is amazing.
  11. I wanted to transfer my deposit from one cruse to another and was looking to avoid the cancellation fee to do so....
  12. I agree that it is only in the interest of the cruiselines to get that interest free loan from those willing to book and then wait for a refund or another offer that allows them to keep said interest free loan. This is multidimensional chess with many factors at play. I know that people are willing to take their chances. I see reports on a regular basis. I live in NY and a popular bar owner also took his chances and cruised and died, along with a co-worker. Who knows what ports will be open. Even if you don’t get sick, it’s not fun to be stuck on a ship for a month at a time (read about
  13. Everything has been very slow with them since they were bought. I have been working on booking in 2022 and it’s been slow going, typically two weeks between emails, at least. its an itinerary infrequently offered. It’s booking up pretty well, even within the last month or so,
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