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  1. Can anyone tell me if i can make the 11:30am SAS flight to Oslo? it seems like it should be possible but there is so little information when I ask google.
  2. People keep asking and they feel that there isn’t enough traffic. paul Gauguin has a board for one ship. Crystal had a board even once they stopped sailing.
  3. @grayjay that’s what I thought looking at the deck plans! It’s good enough for us, space wise. Nice to have a balcony. It would be great if those of you who took excursions could review them. Thanks so much everyone for the information!
  4. From my research, the northern lights are active around the equinoxes, so right about now. I thought it had more to do with hours of daylight (darker nights) but it’s more closely related to solar flare activity.
  5. I just booked the Northbound, for next September 25. We got a balcony cabin and it seems that there are just two? Should I call and see about getting the starboard side, if possible?
  6. I appreciate that you asked about this Jazzbeau. I think that people don’t know where to go, which is why they drop in here! I also think that there is a bit of, if you build it they will come. The luxury board doesn’t feel like a “home”. I think of PG. One ship and a lot of the same people, year after year. But it’s a home base. I have been here for nearly a quarter of a century, before there as a cruise critic. It was actually an AOL forum. I have a lot of hobbies and interests and pop in and out, depending on my travel plans. Given how busy FB forums are, I would think that the powers that be would be happy to creating more communities. I saw many people in the luxury group complain about this over the years. and I think Havila is going to be very popular with three departures a week !
  7. Also, who did you book through?
  8. Does the shop onboard sell warm clothing? Or maybe we can pick up a few things in Bergen beforehand? and yes, Jazzbeau, I am also thinking about the luggage service and having it sent to Bergen. Do you have a recommendation? It would be a few weeks from when we leave to when we get to Bergen. Thanks for mentioning this,
  9. Yes! Amazing cruise line, we loved it. Go over to the luxury cruise line forum .
  10. I am looking at this 7 night northbound next September. We want to tour Poland and the Baltic countries beforehand and I am trying to figure how we will have warm enough clothes for the cruise while traveling with just carryon bags.
  11. There is bound to be COVID. It’s everywhere now. I would agree with the earlier poster that the explosion in expedition cruising with new ships and captains new to the routes likely play a role. Last season there was the fatality on the new Viking ship in Antarctica. when we did that route we picked the ship that had done that route 100 times with a similarly experienced crew. It’s no joke.
  12. These are the least desirable cabins and are often the last booked according to both the information I read on here and also based on my last sailing, (only remaining suites in QG), I was trying to move my cabin. The configuration is awkward and the shades are pulled down every night as these cabins are under the bridge and interfere with navigation. I looked into this and did a search on the board and found this and more,
  13. Here is actually video from the zodiac. Also, one person was thrown into the water with the force of the explosion that took place and was rescued by the passenger interviewed, it is lucky that they were fit enough to survive being thrown into polar waters. Passengers reported that they were thrown several feet into the air.
  14. We don’t drink a lot and just ordered a bottle of vodka which was largely unused. Butler was quick to get beers and loaded me up with a full array of tonics . Elderflower and another variety that I am fond of. Lots. It takes a day to get the beverages ordered and up in quantity. Water galore. He even got us zip lock bags. Offered to make up lunches to take ashore.
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