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  1. I was going to ask about the news channel! Hopefully one change resulting from the new partnership will be making the TV channels more international. BBC Worldnews is a good choice. Our Dutch and Danes (in the English group) did not choose to go with the German groups for reasons that were not clear to me. They understood German well enough and English was. It their mother tongue, either! Our Antarctic trip was three weeks. How the restaurant managed a different menu every night without the ability to reprovision was noteworthy. Our last week, after South Georgia was all sea days. Thank you so much for your reporting, Floridiana.
  2. I was also thinking this. Maybe even some longer ones out of NY. Ships can reroute around hurricanes, so I don’t put that down as a worry. The Caribbean ports can use the income. i don’t think anything is going to be normal in 2-4 weeks. More likely we will be approaching the apex if we are lucky. I would be thrilled to be wrong.
  3. We also did the Black Sea voyage. Wonderful and unique ports of call that would be difficult to access otherwise.
  4. That’s good news. I don’t need a boatload of English, speakers. I think we had a group of 12 on our cruise in the English speaking group. Some of them were Dutch and from the Netherlands. Only four of us had English as a mother tongue. This was a few years ago on the Hanseatic. Several German couples socialized with us as well. That was all fine by us for almost three weeks, it was also a repositioning cruise at the end of the Antarctic season so we had a week at sea. A common language does not mean that one necessarily has anything in common. I enjoy meeting and talking with people from around the world.
  5. Princess and Holland America are part of the same corporation. Viking, I believe, was the first to make this decision. its inevitable that all lines will follow suit. Cruise ships are the worst place to be in an epidemic bar none as the populations tend to be older and more medically fragile.
  6. I was on a ship that was half full and I still was in the basement and got the cruise that I paid for. No complaints.
  7. I stand corrected. It’s true, absolutely that most ships are entering and exiting US ports without incident. But all it takes is for one person in 2300 to be sick and what follows is unpredictable. ( BTW The word quarantine derives from the Venetian practice of holding ships in the harbor for 40 days before allowing them to dock during times of communicable diseases).
  8. They aren’t going to stop sailing. But it will be a risk that there will be port closures and some fairly extreme rerouting with more sea days, especially on the early spring European cruises.
  9. The situation is so dynamic that it’s hard to know what will happen next week let alone months from now. There is no ability to predict the future. look, the US is barely letting ships dock. Given that people can be asymptotic and still spread the virus, it’s nearly impossible to have any certainty about anything at all. These islands need and rely on tourism. It’s hurts everyone when tourist dollars evaporate. There will be pressure to stay open for business. That said, at some point they will may need to measure an increasing risk against their less than robust healthcare systems. First world countries are struggling to manage this.
  10. I would offer a correction. Hapag Lloyd has brand new expedition ships sailing the Great Lakes, which have a third fewer passengers. They also have a great deal more experience at expedition cruising in general and the Great Lakes in particular. These are state of the art expedition built ships. That said, Viking is a very nice product.
  11. Just saw the first case in Brazil. Never a dull moment! Where do you conclude your trip, Floridiana? My guess is that they might not allow Italians to take the cruise, either now. We did have a passenger from Hong Kong on our trip. They did a health screening before boarding and took everyone’s temperature. Not that that really makes a difference but it gives the illusion of action.
  12. Partly, I think my husband was less excited about the Amazon than I was and took my misery in Botswana (it was 100 degrees and the temperature barely dropped until 2am) as evidence that we should go to Southeast Asia instead. (!?) I did book the trip to The Russian Far East on the Inspiration and enjoyed Cambodia and Vietnam, just now. Fortunately, we departed the states on 27 January so it was before the virus had reached a fevered pitch. Ended up being very pleasant as there were no Chinese tourists and the sights were very uncrowded. Many wonderful hotels with plenty of upgrades, I’ve never been in so many suites before ! Sad for the people whose livelihoods depend on tourism. Many of the guides have just cancellations going forward. This virus is taking its toll in so many ways even when there is no illness. People were so happy for our business. I’m here to help 🤣 Have a wonderful trip, Floridiana and let us know all about it when you return. I’m sure it will be wonderful and can’t imagine any health issues in the Amazon!
  13. Right! My reasoning is on the other thread. Hope you have a wonderful trip. When you return, please let us know all about it!
  14. We were booked for this cruise, Floriana! What happened was, once I read through the cruising A-Z handbook I saw the comment that the cruise ship temperature might be higher than some consider comfortable on the amazon. I had an email exchange with Germany, they were wonderful and even consulted with the captain. We had just come back from Africa, where Botswana was suffering from a heatwave. We had one accommodation without air conditioning and I realized that I couldn’t take a chance that I would be in a too warm cabin. I knew that my limits would be tested in the Amazon, but as long as I couldn’t the sure of a cool bedroom, I would be fine. The last two summers we were in Europe during heat waves and stayed in luxury hotels that had the European pretend AC that doesn’t work once the temperature really rises. We ended up on an Aqua cruise in Cambodia. While Cambodia was warm, it was manageable and the ship and out hotels had great AC for sleeping. In all we spent a pleasant three weeks in Cambodia and Vietnam. Fortunately, our flights were through Qatar and not Hong Kong! Crowds were down due to the lack of Chinese tourists.
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